Thursday, December 01, 2011

Shoulders & Knees

So I was off today to go to back to a doctor for my shoulder...

Yes... the same problem I've been having since JULY!!!!

I've gone to the doctor twice, to a chiropractor, to a massage therapist (which I WILL go back for that... it was the only thing that brought relief), & to a Physical Therapist.

Today's stop was to an Orthopedic Surgeon..

He did x-rays (can you believe I never had any xrays done????) & then pushed & poked & pulled on me.  He said he didnt think it was at all my shoulder (which the PT said)... he even told me to stop doing those exercises, he doesnt think they are doing anything... nice...

He went back to what the chiropractor said, he said it was the Bicep Tendon that was having the issues.  And all the popping that is happening is Bursistis...

He said he's seen this enough to know what it is, especially after seeing the xrays of my shoulder & rotator cuff & that all looked just fine.

So here he comes with a shot... & then he tells me this shot is to make the bicep rupture...


My first thing I said was, "I thought you didnt want anything in your body to ever rupture"

But he told me that being... um... "older"... it makes a difference.  If I was 18, he would try to save the tendon, but being older, he said it would actually bring relief if the tendon just ruptured.  Apparently, its injured & tight & causing all the pain.  If it just ruptured, it will cause a buldge in my arm, but he said the pain will be gone. 

He came at me with the needle & I was like, "WAIT - I have more questions"... but he answered me all for me & reassured me this wasnt his first time ever seeing this. 

He went on to explain how Brett Favre had a similar thing & he went on & played for years after so it wont cause any loss of strength... which worried me...

So I was just talking a million words a minute to distract myself from the shot... & he did it...

Now, we wait.

He said it'll probably hurt before it gets worse... & hopefully it will rupture...

6 weeks is when we will know something.

He said hopefully the pain will go away... & if it doesnt, or if it goes away & comes back, then the next step?  A MRI to get a deeper look at the tendon & then surgery.  He said he will go in & cut the tendon if it wont rupture on its own.. how weird is that?

I dont want surgery though... praying this takes care of it...

And while I was there, I had him check out my knee too...

Runner's Knee... nothing serious... just the side effect of running on "older" knees...

It made me feel like a "real" runner getting a dianogsis like that...

& I was tired of all the talk of my "old" body... geez...

So we wait... pray that my bicep tendon ruptures.. (how bizarre is that?)  & pray that the pain goes away & this is the end of doctor's visits...

... my wallet, my health insurance company & my stress level would appreciate it...


  1. WHAT??? WHAT!!!!!?????

    Crazy talk!!!

    I'm so sorry. I have never heard of this. I hope everything gets better for you friend. Did the shot hurt?

    I love you friend ~~ hang in there!!!


  2. Wow! One of my best friends was just diagnosed with bursitis in her shoulder yesterday!! She is allergic to most of the anti inflammatory meds so she got a cortizone shot and her doctor said she should have some therapy and it should get better. No mention of the tendon rupturing for her. Strange! Hope that it gets better for you and there's no more pain or doctor visits!!

  3. Did Ricky know what he was getting into when he married you? Just asking.
    p.s. of course I hope that you feel better soon.

  4. So, how many times did he remind you that you're getting OLD?
    I've never, ever heard of bursting a bicep. You learn something every day.

  5. Yeesh, if you're old, then I'm dead. ;)

    Sounds like he knows his stuff, take comfort in that.

  6. I would have done the same thing, "You're going to WHAT?!?!"

    Sending prayers, good vibes, good ju-ju and anything else that may work your way! :)

  7. None of that sounds like any fun. In fact it sounds scary and painful. I am sorry you're going through all of this and will be praying for it to rupture and give you relief from this constant pain.

    By the way, thanks for the compliment on my bald eagle pic. I had the most amazing morning watching this eagle and another one if you can believe it. That one circled around twice in front of me and I thought I might pass out from excitement he flew so close. It was truly magical.

  8. I have never heard of a doc. wanting to get a bicep tendon to rupture...with a shot, at that! OUCH! Oh, you know you're in my prayers, girl!


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