Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 29 & 30!!!

I usually do it the day after, but I'm going to finish up on the final day of November...

(is it REALLY the final day of November?)

It's been really fun looking back at each day & finding things to be thankful for.  Especially on those days where it didnt feel like it was a great day, its a good thing to MAKE yourself search for things to be thankful for... because they are always there.  Big things, small things... things you take for granted... the surprises... the highs & even the lows... the smiles, the tears... Gratitude in everything...

November 29 - Thankful for TIME

This is one of those blessings in disguise... one of those things that is hard, but is good...

Since I'm not a parent, its hard... the world, other people - they can make you feel less then a person, less then a woman, since I dont have any children of my own.  Its funny how people treat you when they know you're 39 years old & you've never given birth.

...Funny how people judge you on how well your uterus works...  who knew?

But God takes ashes & turns them into BEAUTY... no matter how the world or anyone sees me, He sees me as useful..

& I try to take that extra time that I would devote to my own children & I like to invest it in God - particularly in other people's children.  Its why I love working with the Youth Group at church...

I feel like people who do have children are so busy in life (Dont see how some of you do it all) & I have this extra time that I can use to bless others... & in the end, I am super busy... & actually have no free time at all... but I feel its what God would have me do with all the time I have on this earth... working to serve Him anyway I can...

November 30 - this is the final one & such an easy one -
Thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ!!!!!

All of the things in this world would be for nothing if it wasnt for the hope, the grace, the mercy, the eternal life we look forward to because of, & with our Savior, Jesus...

He is everything...

He is in everything we have to be Grateful for...

He is my Savior...

... & He is why we head into the Christmas season after a month of gratitude... to celebrate His birth!  Hallejuah!!!

Keep searching every day friends for things to be Thankful for - especially in this Holiday Season we are approaching!!!


  1. You may not have given birth, but I am sure you have invested more time and love into children who may have never have received that kind of attention otherwise. God is surely using you, Rebecca, and the kids whose lives you touch are blessed in so many ways.

  2. Oh my! Once again you have taken the words right out of my mouth!! So many times I've thought this but not been able to put it into words as perfectly as you have! It's seriously like you're running around in my head lol!

    I am so thankful for you and your friendship, even though I've been a terrible blogger lol, and I do hope to get back to blogging soon! You are such a wonderful blessing!!

  3. Though you have never had children of your own, it's very apparent how much you care about children, in general. You have such an open and giving are a world changer!

  4. You remind me of my sister. She's never had her own children, but has grandchildren through her husband. She pours so much of herself into them and also into my girls.

    God bless you (as I know He has) as your continue to give of yourself.

  5. I never wanted kids so I haven't spent a lot of time worrying about what people think about my uterus (actually, I'm kind of obnoxious about it unfortunately - & that's not kind to the women who would have LIKED to have kids & couldn't). Of course, I'm not really good with children either so most people can see right away why I don't have any. You, on the other hand, are Momma to all those around you. I'm glad you see it as a gift because you're doing fabulous things with that gift!

  6. RJ,
    You pour your life into so many young people and you change their lives for Kingdom's sake. You are truly one-of-a-kind my friend.

    Thank you for all you do and all you are!!!

    And I am SO thankful for the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!! If it weren't for Him.....oh my, I can't even express the pit this girl would be in. ICK!!!

    I love you so ~~ have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  7. Honestly: some of the women I know who have never had their own kids are the most loving, giving people I know.


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