Thursday, April 10, 2014


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. 
Have you used one to say "Thank You?"
- William A. Ward
04.03.14 - Cover

We had rehearsal for the wedding I was photographing on Saturday
& it was a monsoon outside.  And with this being an outside wedding, it could have been a disaster, but they had these beautiful tents set up.
& while it was still muddy & squishy inside, at least we weren't drenched.
Side Note - leave it to me to find the one tiny pin hole in one of the tents & have water drip right down my shirt in between my boobs...
04.04.14 - 2 months
Yep - I talked about this yesterday too
but we're 2 months out since we got the news
... & she's still beautiful...
& she's still fighting
& we're still thankful
04.05.14 Beautiful Wedding
Obviously I have a ton of pictures from this wedding day but I remembered to take one picture with my phone so I could make note of how thankful I was for the day.
The weather cooperated, the family was wonderful, the Bride & Groom are just amazing people.... I can say nothing bad about this day.
(I never tire of wedding dresses)
04.06.14 God's NOT Dead!!!
I needed & wanted to just get home & work on pictures after church, but Chasity told me, "You need a break" so we headed to the movies with her & her husband Ryan.
I'm so glad we did.  I just loved the movie.
Loved spending time with friends.
Loved the break.
04.07.14 Dark Hot Chocolate in my favorite mug
Starting on pictures & it was a cold evening... so I break out my favorite mug with some Dark Hot Chocolate that I found at Target. I actually found 2 - the Target brand & Starbucks has one as well. 
What I love about this mug - the other side says,
"Just like my laundry pile"
.... truth is truth....
04.08.14 Greetings
Sydney is always excited when I get home...
but there's nothing better to her then when her Daddy gets home.
I took her out so she could have one on one time greeting him
(Sometimes its hard for her to get to him when the other 3 are vying for attention)
Her little fragile body goes into boost mode & she takes off running to him.
It's quite precious
04.09.14 Iced Coffee
Since Starbucks put up the calorie count on their drinks, I have been conscious of what I drink.  I saw on their menu the other day a lower calorie option - Iced Coffee.
I thought, Eww.....
but I was DYING of tiredness yesterday on the way home & thought, I have to get something or I'm not going to make it through the night.
So I thought I'd try the iced coffee at McDonalds - even if I took a few sips & had to throw it away.
Little did I know I would be finding my new Go-To-Drink
It was AMAZING!!!!
& the calories are decent for a large amount of drink.
Caffeine me UP!


  1. I just love that picture of the one-on-one time Sydney got with her daddy. Precious!

  2. The iced coffees from McDonals's are great, and WAY cheaper than Starbucks for sure. Your sweet dog has captured my heart, so precious.

  3. Looks like a pretty dress and I think those tents are so awesome looking.

    I'll say it again, Sydney is a beautiful dog.

  4. Awe... so cute how excited she gets for her daddy! :D

  5. I'm so glad I never drank coffee to get sucked into the high calorie versions of them. I'm sure that would add up in weight and cost.

    Water for me.

  6. Love those pictures of Sydney. So precious!

  7. I've really been wanting to see God's Not Dead! I've heard so many good things about it!

  8. Oh, I want to see that movie!! Robert & I have a date night planned next week, maybe we can sneak that in too. Oh Sydney, how she melts my heart!!

  9. I think I need that mug in my life too! So cute! And so happy to hear your pup is still doing well!

  10. Sam's sells bottled Starbucks Iced is delicious!!!! and less expensive :)


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