Monday, April 28, 2014

The weekend that was full of 'babes'


* Had to stop by Target & meet a friend who has become a new Mary Kay dealer.  I was thrilled to see her - she was one of my bride's years ago & I just love her & her husband.  I'm excited because she's actually in a wedding I'll be doing in July.  Have I mentioned how much I love meeting people doing photography?

* I never mind HAVING to stop at Target :)

* This Target has a Starbucks - double bonus!!!

* I got home & only had 30 pages left in my book... I COULDN'T STOP READING!!! The dogs were like, "you've been gone all day... you must give attention to us"... so this is what happened until I finished my book...

I'm missing one... Zoe was like, "I'll be waiting outside with a rope to toss"

* As soon as I finished this book (Dorothy Must Die) - time to charge up my Kindle, because I downloaded the prequel... (No Place Like Oz) ... I'm obsessed with these books & now have to hunt when the next book comes out... & put a countdown somewhere to remind me when it is!


* The goal was to sleep in... my eyes were open at 6:30 ... no fault of anyone.  The dogs didn't wake me up, Ricky didn't wake me up.  My body just must be used to waking up before the crack of dawn... DANG IT!!!

* Did my first double work out with the T25... I thought my legs were literally jello by the end of it...

* Headed to do a baby session with the cutest little super hero... They have this little baby's room totally super hero & as soon as I got home & showed Ricky his rug they had, Ricky was on Amazon ordering it himself.  Super Heroes come in all sizes.

I'm was excited how my crafty project came together...
Ricky's gonna want a cape & mask now... watch...

* Babies that are a week old are so tiny... you forget how small they are...

* As soon as I got home, we had to turn around & go to a new thing our church is having called "Married People"... it's a program to strengthen marriages in a fun way.  It was awesome.... & PACKED.  I was excited to see so many faces there.

* The thought for this time is 'our tone'... how we talk so differently to strangers then our spouse.  They mentioned that you should rethink how you say things & then rephrase it... their example used "Hey Babe..." in front of everything they rephrased.  I told Ricky so I knew when he said, "Hey Babe" to me, I knew he really just wanted to yell at me...


* So I used my first "Hey Babe" just hours after our first marriage lesson ... haha... its true.  We were getting ready for church & I had got a small tote & organized Ricky's cables & USB cords. I look down & see the tote open & the cables everywhere.  I was like, "RICKY!!!"... & then stopped & said, "Hey Babe...." in the softest tone.  We both BUSTED OUT LAUGHING... I finished it.. "Hey Babe.... do you think you can put everything back in the tote when you're done with it"... Butterflies could have come out of my mouth, my tone was so sweet.  Ricky said, "I gotta high five you on that one. I'm impressed you did it" ... we laughed about it for 10 minutes. Success on day 1 ... ask again on day 23 :)

* Such a beautiful day... I love when we can take the Merge kiddos outside & enjoy small group.

* Headed to another baby session...  a girl this time.  I was geared up for bow after bow after bow... girls are so fun.

* Momma brought out her pearls ... be still my heart... I love a girl in pearls... even if she's 2 weeks old...

This is her just relaxing with her pacifier while I'm setting up the next shoot
... she was pure perfection the whole session....

* So fun to see her big brother, who I did his baby pictures as well... they grow so was even more fun when he randomly ran out while I was doing his sister's pictures & he was buck naked.  I make everyone feel comfortable around me :)

* This little angel is actually our cousin on Ricky's side new little daughter... so hello.. a new family member?  That's a girl?  I take my job seriously... must always be the first one to get them a Belle doll....

Doesn't matter the baby doll is bigger then she is

* Had the weirdest run in with a lady on the way home at a gas station.  She was in her van crying & asking people where a church was.  I asked what was wrong & she said her grandmother had died & she was driving up from Danville, KY to Bloomington, IN & took out so fast, she forgot her purse & didn't have any money.  Now, this lady looked really well dressed, her van was nice, she looked seriously upset.  She said she called her pastor at home to ask what to do because she wasn't married & didn't have anyone at home to help her.  He told her to find a church & see if they could help her out.  She said she had asked the lady in Thorntons gas station if they could help & they refused. .... I don't know... I ended up telling her to pull forward & I gave her $20 of gas...  She hugged me, was very thankful & said that would get her to her family in Bloomington & took off.  .... Ricky thinks I was scammed somehow... I don't know if I was or wasn't... I just felt like I did the right thing.  I guess sometimes you never know if you were taken or not, but I feel like God knows my heart regardless....

* Storms rolling in... the smell of fresh rain is just perfume for my soul

* Pictures, pictures, pictures... I was on edit mode... full force...

* Watched my Sunday shows... Once Upon a Time, Resurrection & Revenge.  Which Revenge... gross.... (If you haven't seen it yet, move on....) ... but I'm instantly such a critic now. Would you really stand that close to a helicopter with propellers going?  Would they have them on knowing people were walking to the helicopter?  Doesn't the police notice how many people the Grayson's have called 911 to report dead & NOT think something fishy? ... I'm thinking way too much anymore... but I totally believe everything in Once Upon a Time! ;)

So how was your weekend? 
Did you get to spend it with cute babies?


  1. Well the helicopter would have covered up the mic that Paschal had on so he wasn't smart about that. And it seems like everyone has killed someone or tried to kill someone on the show except Emily...who is the one trying to get Revenge. :)

  2. I'm a big fan of Starbucks in Target too, makes grocery shopping fun :) I loved all of the baby pics, they look great!

  3. No babies on my end, but I enjoyed seeing your pictures this weekend.

    I agree with you on the woman. My hubby and I have helped people before and wondered if we were taken. But we've decided if we feel we are supposed to then the rest is between that person and God. We were obedient and the rest doesn't matter.

  4. Oh, cute babies!!! :) I was blessed to spend my weekend with two super cute babies. And a house completely torn upside down while Bran worked on tile. ha!

  5. Oh my gosh - cutest babies!! I love when Targets have a Starbucks AND Pizza Hut... heaven right there!

  6. Target + Starbucks is the best combination! I think you did the right thing with helping the lady. Hey if not, you're only out $20 ;) And that baby girl, I die! She is sooo cute!

  7. oh my word, the sweet little girl in pearls!!! sooooo cute!

    I LOVE Once Upon a Time!!! and I am so loving this season with the wicked witch!! Very sad next week is the finale.

  8. Our Target has a Starbucks, too... gift AND a curse!

  9. Oh those sweet babies!!! Precious! That marriage thing at your church sounds great! And I laughed out loud at your "hey babe" moment. :) I completely agree that God knows your heart no matter the intentions of others. I've been in situations where I've helped others only to later feel I was completely taken. But my heart was sincere & I believe He honors that.

  10. Wow! Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Those baby pictures are precious. Our Target has an Sbucks too. I love it! Happy week to you :)

  11. Love all the baby pictures you shared. No babies in my weekend. ;-)


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