Monday, April 14, 2014

The weekend that I was in the front row!!!

Whew... what a weekend... it was jam-packed!  Of shopping, of worship, of pictures, of singing... I'm exhausted...  here we go.


* Yep - as I mentioned, I took off work & worked from home on pictures.  I literally sat at my computer from 8 am - 3 pm ... I did stop though to have lunch outside because it was a perfect Spring day.  The dogs appreciated that because when you're home, they stick next to you & that way they could enjoy the fresh air.

* Headed to Women of Joy - Session 1 ....

I'm #1 !!!!  (There's actually a joke that goes with that)
But here's all our GCC group
* The first speaker of the night was Sherri Rose Shepherd.  I was so excited to hear her because she does the books, "His Princess" ... come on now, you know I'm all about a book that says you're a Princess.

* You are Beautiful... Look at yourself with God's standards - not the worlds. 

* There is just something about worshipping in a mass crowd of thousands of people.  I never get tired of it.. ever...

* Ended up getting home about 9:30 & was able to talk to Ricky & see him for a little bit since I didn't see him at all during the day.  We ended up sitting up talking until midnight.  I needed to get some sleep for the next day!


* Back to Women of Joy for the next 2 sessions....

* Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel Ramsey Cruze, is just adorable.  I love she's speaking to a new generation about money.  She is all about making your kids WORK for their money.  Knowing what 'earning' it is & then appreciating it because you earned it.  Something the future generations don't understand.  It's about "entitlement" to them.... nope.... not good values.

* Don't be a slave to the lender... chains are heavy to carry around when you're a slave

* The next speaker was Margaret Feinberg... what an amazing inspiration.  She's battling breast cancer but like she says, it doesn't take away her spunk. 

* Margaret wrote a book called "Organic God" & she said the word organic means, "Developing naturally - without being forced or contrived" - isn't that what we want our relationship to be with God?  I love that image!  Makes me appreciate all my organic ways even more :)

* Got to meet Charles Billingsley... & I was actually speechless.  I wanted to tell him how much I love his song, "When I Don't know what to do" & wanted to tell him how much it has touched me since I heard him sing it at Women of Joy about 3 years ago... but when I got up to him, I just was like, "Hi.......(crickets)....." so not like me...
Maybe I felt like I was betraying Steven Curtis Chapman & that's why I was SPEECHLESS!
(Get it?  Get it?  All my SCC peeps will get it)

* Break time... & we got a big chunk of our group to head to the mall together.  Lunch at Red Robin & shopping... it was some good times...

Thanks Toni for taking pictures of lunch :)

* We were smart & headed to Brookstone after a few hours & took the time to sit in the massage chairs.  Ahhh... felt like heaven... until I woke up on Sunday & couldn't even TOUCH my upper back because it was so tender.  It was like a Swedish massage therapist took me to town!

* Starbucks for an Iced Coffee to get me through the evening...

* My car load?  We were SERIOUS about getting at the next session early to get a seat.   The CHRIS TOMLIN CONCERT!!!  We were listening to his CD's in my car at lunch time & were even more pumped up.  So we got to the doors a half hour early, got a prime spot & we were ready for the doors to open.  It helped that we had 2 young girls that had on tennis shoes & ready to BOLT when the doors opened...

We were about 5th in line... excited & counting down to the doors opened!!!

* YES YES YES YES YES!! We got the front row!!!

*  While we waited for the concert to start, Tina & I went around to check out the booths. I got to meet Sherri Rose... & we got to talk about being a Princess :)  She was just PRECIOUS in person.  So real.  & she said I had pretty hair, so I REALLY liked her.  I especially loved her because when people were taking her picture, she was telling them to hold the camera above her to thin out her face. haha!  A girl after my own heart.  By the way, she's GORGEOUS!  I mean stunning!  She is after all a former Miss America!  I can see why... beautiful inside & out!

Appreciate she liked my hair when my hair was THIS much of a mess


* I honestly can't say enough about Chris Tomlin.  Granted - he's no Steven Curtis Chapman... but he's pretty amazing!  We had so much fun worshipping together - did I mention - IN THE FRONT ROW!!!!

* At one point, we got to go up to the stage & yes, I could have touched his shoes... I took off running so fast, I threw my flip flops to get to the stage.  I was afraid I was going to have to walk out barefooted.  But all was well :)

I said this perfectly described how my night was
CRAZYYYYY wonderful!!! :)

* Headed out & got stuck in some of the traffic of Thunder Over Louisville which was getting ready to start.  I despise traffic.

* I was exhausted & PUMPED UP from the night.  How do 2 things exist at the same time?  Its possible.


* I ended up not going back to Women of Joy for the last session.  Ricky was nervous that he would have to lead the small group by himself in youth & I was good ending my weekend conference with the Chris Tomlin high, so I just decided to pass on the last session & go to church.

* Beautiful day... we took the kids out for a game of dodge ball.  Nothing that screams the love of Jesus like throwing balls at each other's faces!

* Had to run out & do some errands ... hello Target, my friend.  It was such a beautiful day... even felt like a glimpse of summer.  Temps in the high 80's... What is this thing called "warmth"?  ... I say that because its supposed to drop & we're getting snow flurries again tomorrow.  Seriously.

* Stopped by to see my parents & ended up helping my nieces make a redneck slip N slide with a tarp... you do what you can do for entertainment in the country.

Things are greening up! 
The horses appreciate that

* Pictures, Pictures, Pictures... I edited for 5 hours straight.  Wedding photography ain't no joke people.  No joke at all.

* We ran down to the gas station to pick up something real quick & I talked Ricky into taking Sydney with us.  She needs to get out & enjoy life when she can right now.  Ricky said he was so glad we did it.  She just laid on his lap in the back, with her head towards the window taking in the wind... you can feel the 'happy' coming off of her.

Sydney watching the door for her daddy to come back out

* Once Upon a Time... I just love Hook... I'm so glad they've made him into such a main character.  He's gotta have a happily ever after with Emma - right?

* I think I fell asleep in 0.8 seconds after my head hit the pillow.....

So how was your weekend?  Busy?  Relaxed?  Get to sit in the front row of Chris Tomlin concert?!!!? :)


  1. Oh, my goodness...I could barely take in all the excitement! I can't believe you were on the FRONT row! Lucky you! All of your pictures just scream FUN! So glad you allowed us to be part of it! :)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! So glad you enjoyed it! I love that picture of Sydney. She looks so happy!

  3. Your weekend sounds amazing! So glad you had such a wonderful time.

  4. This post made me smile :) and exhausted all at the same time! Sounds like some serious fun and worshipping was going on! Sweet it!

  5. Lucky, lucky you! We saw Chris Tomlin live in 2007 and I would love to see him live again ... hopefully he'll be back in St. Louis before too long.

  6. So glad you had such an awesome time! I love the extreme close up pic... hahahaha... classic! :D

  7. How awesome to be on the front row for Chris Tomlin. I think you appreciated that : )


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