Thursday, April 24, 2014


"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone" ~G.B. Stern
04.17.14 My Snuggly Puppy
This is me trying to do work on my computer editing pictures.
Harvey literally is the most loving, sweetest dog I've ever met.
When you sit down, all he wants is for you to hold him, love him, kiss him
It gets kind of irritating at times, but then I just have to stop & appreciate his sweet personality. 
I've realized it's a good thing to stop for a minute in life to just get love & to give love.
04.18.14 Best $10 spent!
At the race expo, I paid $10 to have someone tape up my low back.
Can I get this lady to do this every week?
My back pain was so minimal during the race.... & even now!
The tape is STILL on!
One part of it has come down & I cut it off this morning, but the low back part & 3 of the strips are still on
... & its been the best week for my back!!!
I've always sworn by this kinesiology tape
... I'm even more of a believer now!
04.19.14 Half Marathon Baby!!!
You all KNEW this was going to be my thankful thing for Saturday!
& now, I'm looking at Fall half Marathons
... I'm telling you - its addicting...
04.20.14 Easter Skit
So proud to be in an amazing skit for our Easter services
with such cool amazing people.
It was neat to do it with some of the people who were in it when we did it 7 years ago
(I can tell I'm 7 years older doing this skit)
But it was also cool to see the next generation of awesome teens stepping up to do such an incredible job.
On a day where we celebrate Christ rising from the dead,
I'm also thankful for the Hope of Jesus fighting for us always!
04.21.14 GO MEB!!!!!!
I literally was standing in my office FREAKING the HECK OUT
watching Meb coming down the last few miles.
When the guy behind him was like 6 seconds behind, I felt like I was running for my life myself...
I seriously was in tears when Meb was pumping his fists & crossed first!
I love Meb!  I read his book & so love that he's such a strong man of faith!
I saw the commentators get choked up & one of the men who train with him said, "He's an amazing runner & an even better man"
So glad to see someone like that win
Especially to see the USA win!
When the National Anthem played & Meb got teary?
I was a mascara running mess
04.22.14 BEEEE-UUU-TTI-FUL DAY!!!!
Its true... Spring actually exists...
& we're feeling it.
Time to get outside & soak it all in
... & do a lot of playing with one energetic puppy....
04.23.14 Straight Hair!!!
It was my hair appointment day... I honestly don't know how they get it so straight.
I will say, I didn't even attempt to try & straightened it before, so that's my hair fresh out of the shower & let down after being up in a bun over night :)
I'm also thankful for the feeling of someone doing my hair.
It makes me want to go to sleep every time..
I probably would sleep if me & my awesome hairdresser didn't have to catch up on all of our TV programs.
We talked all things Scandal, Walking Dead, & Nashville
Ya know - important things happening in the world
 So what are you thankful for this week?


  1. Sweet puppy! And you inspire me running all these half marathons! You go, girl!

  2. We both shared puppy snuggles today :) Your hair looks great!!

  3. Your hair looks awesome! I wish I could figure out how to get my hair as nice as it is the day I leave the hair salon! Congrats again on your race & I love that quote you posted at the top of this post :)

  4. Our Bella is a lot like Harvey...she really knows how to show her love and affection for you. I adore that about her. Yes, when Meb crossd that finish line, I got the biggest lump in my throat, as well as when my nephew crossed it. Very proud moment!

  5. Your hair looks so good! I swear they use magic potion at hair salons. I can never get mine to look like they do! Congrats on your half marathon finish! :)

  6. so cool watching meb!! and love those puppy snuggles too.


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