Monday, January 22, 2018

The weekend that we watched the snow melt away.... Praise the Lord!

FINALLY!!!  Above freezing temps!!!

YAHOOOO!!!! It honestly felt like Spring... & it was just in the 50's.
I say JUST like it was nothing - but it felt like everything after spending the last few weeks in single digit temps.

Friday, leaving work, it felt wonderful walking out of the building & not having to hide most of my face running to the parking garage.

I, however, was running. I had to get home & grab up 2 of the dogs & get to the vet's office.

Ernie went for his next round of shots - rabies & parvo... & we took Bruno with us because he was having issues with his ear.

pacing the floor in the vet

Poor guy - I cant believe I'm saying this - once again fell down the steps while we were at work.  How he keeps doing this is unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. We have a gate in front of the steps.  & a basket holding the gate in place - & a weight on the other side of the gate making sure it's not movable.  Jokes on us - its totally movable.

We looked back at the security camera & Bruno someone managed to get BEHIND a chair, leading his nose to get right on the exact place of the gate that he could nudge it open & ended  up on the OTHER side of the gate. I still dont know how he managed to get BEHIND the chair that lead him there. .... & he fell down a flight of steps - for the third time in a year.  WHAT IS HAPPENING????

Well, when he did - he apparently busted his middle eardrum. OH MY POOR BABY.  It was oozing & swollen & just left him shaking his head & tilting his head to the side as he walked.  The vet said he was probably in some pretty good discomfort with the swelling.  She gave him some anti-inflammatory & an antibiotic shot to help with infection... & he'll go back in 2 weeks to get checked.

& with him already being totally blind & now not being able to hear, he's just not barking any more to let us know when he needs to go out at night. We catch him when we're home & awake... but when we're sleeping - he's confined to an area of the kitchen & every morning, there's pee. He just can't hold his 17 yr old bladder any more & he just wont bark.... so we've tried diapers this weekend. & hey - they really worked out well. He wasn't too happy at first... but I think he'll settle into them

Saturday, we just enjoyed another day of relaxing at home.

I say relaxing, but it was a busy  morning for me. I got a lot done around the house, a lot of laundry, got ready for Bible Study & put on another crock pot dish for dinner & then finally got to sit down & relax & enjoy watching the snow melt & finish reading a book.  Alll - the life.

Melt away snow... melt away

.... I am in love with this picture of my boys....

& of course, Harvey loved the weekend where our neighbor was out. He just cant get enough of him.

Sunday, forget sleeping in.

I had a puppy jumping on my face at 6:30am... sigh....

If you have to be woken up, I guess there are worse ways.

I ended up going to MSM - so excited to see my girls as always - & then left from there to get back to my Joysters!  It was our first meet up since before Christmas so it was so great to be back together - starting a great study - & to have one of my dear friends join us. 

We know how to snack!!!

I left from there & ran to Kroger & took advantage of the Click List again - I'm in love with it....

& then I got home & meal prepped some salads for the week.   Today is a big day for me... training starts for another half marathon... oh wow...

I wasn't sure I was going to do it... but alas... I'll talk more about it later.

But anyways, I spent my Sunday night doing catch up things to get ready for the week & when I'm only home a few hours & its time to get ready for bed, Sunday just flies by....

& BAM - Monday is back!  But I'm so glad its a Monday that's above freezing & no snow! 

How was your weekend?

Did you get a warm up?


  1. That picture of your babies in the crate...SO PRECIOUS!! Cutest ever. I am SO happy the weather warmed up. Goodbye snow. Don't come back! Have a great week!!

  2. Definitely happy to have more milder temps this weekend!! That spread you had with your friends looks amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Poor Bruno-buddy. How do dogs get into such weird places?? I was also giggling last week about the IG images of Ernie escaping and having free roam of the house while you were working. Tricky little pup!
    Love all the doggie pictures!!

  4. Oh Poor Bruno!! He looks so cute in the diaper. That was a great idea. It was a warmer up here this weekend as well and it was amazing. Felt like spring. It's crazy that a high of 40 can make people so happy! haha who would have thought?

  5. You sure do know how to snack! And I LOVE the pic of your sweet boys! They are so precious....and so are you! Happy Monday!

  6. I detest snow and was thrilled to see all of it leave my back and front yard.

    Hugs and thinking of you and Bruno. Having an old man dog is so hard.

  7. Poor Bruno! I hope he's better soon. That's good news that the diaper is working pretty well. I love a Wrinkle in Time! I was just thinking I need to re-read it before the movie comes out.

  8. Poor Bruno! Oh that little old man. :D I hate to say it, but he looks so cute in his diaper! Hopefully, he is feeling better now. Love the pic with Ernie and Harvey together in the crate. So dang adorable! Glad the weather is warming up and the snow is melting!

  9. I hope Bruno is doing better. I showed my sister a picture of Ernie and she loved him. She's the one that just got a new pup around Thanksgiving. He's adorable too.

    Loved the weather this weekend. Actually was able to walk our Lucy some. She loved it too.

  10. Poor Bruno! Gracie had a lot of ear issues when she got older and I hated seeing her in so much pain with them. I hope that Bruno gets to feeling better. The steps aren't his friend! You girls sure do know how to snack, I need in that picture! Love the boys together in their crate, makes my heart smile. Hope you have a great week.

  11. I could almost not concentrate on anything else because I am so enamored of the first photo.

    Anyway Gus is aging rapidly and it's hard to watch, especially since we just lost Geege in September. I know I will have to make that decision for Gus sooner than I'd like.

  12. Great photos! I love that you had such a good weekend! Amen!

  13. that picture of the two boys is previous! Thank goodness you have that security camera. Something like a broken eardrum would be so hard to even diagnose or know what they heck happened. Poor guy!

    Those cupcakes at your bible study look amazing!

  14. Oh Bruno. I just want to give him a hug.
    Glad it warmed up a little.
    I have the same copy of A Wrinkle in Time, but I didn't read it until about 6 years ago because I had a student reading it.


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