Thursday, December 20, 2018

Just blessing beyond blessing... {Thankful Thursday #200}

Made it through another week... & a lot to be thankful for.

Yes, I'm still in pain.... but making it through. Just trying to tell myself that its going to get better. Because it is, right? It's just gotta.

Just a quick update.... I did go to the doctor to look at the spot that hurt to see if its an abscess. Of course, I know they can't really TELL unless its about ready to rupture - but the doctor did not think it was an abscess - but she gave me antibiotics just in case to try & steer it off.  - which I think is weird, because abscesses dont go away fully with antibiotics. They only go away if they are drained.

Yes, I am an abscess pro & savant. Thanks 2018.

I did take the antibiotics - which made me sicker than a dog (just what I wanted to deal with) - & the pain is still there.

So I'm just trying to ignore it - & live with it - & wait to see if it blows into something bigger or if it goes away.  Heck, I'm used to this sort of living.  It's what I've been doing since April. I was just hoping the surgery would be the end of it.  Guess life had other things in mind..... but I keep PRESSING ON.  All you can do, right?

I do go back to the doctor on the 26th for another check up to see how the incision is healing & how this spot looks... so we'll see.

Moving onto the thankfulness! - because there has been a lot the past 2 weeks.
I always say, in the worst of times, there's always something to be thankful for - & I've definitely had blessings poured over me..... so let's just check some out

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Clear colonoscopy
I am just so glad that was something I didnt have to worry about. No polyps, nothing to give any worries about. WHEW!!!!

My Brother
For Ricky to take off for my surgery & the day after, he wasn't able to drive me to my colonoscopy. My brother stepped in & was able to take me & even offered to stay to take me home (Ricky was able to leave work early to get me home) - but I am so thankful my brother, who has so much on his plate already, took the time to make sure I was taken care of.  Stepping up to the big brother duties, even after all these years.

Clear mammogram & PAP 
I had all that taken care of a few days before my colonoscopy just to make sure everything was OK - especially because they found a spot in my breast 2 years ago & they keep an eye on it - but everything came back good on both!!! I dont even have to go back for the 6 month check up on my breast but can wait a year. That's such a fresh breath of relief.

Still so glad they were able to do the full procedure & not do the seton with another surgery down the road.

Care Packages
OK... I just wanted to cry. I think I may have actually. The day after my surgery - we get 2 packages on our front porch.  The PRECIOUS - ADORABLE - THOUGHTFUL - SWEET - CARING Audrey Louise had sent me 2 boxes. One from Amazon Pantry - full of snacks & treats & a case of vegetarian soup!  Ricky was digging in immediately in the snacks.  ... & not only did she think of me & the hubs, but my fur babies. She had sent them a box of treats & toys & bones to chew on.... I'm telling you - I have never been so speechless.  I never have thought about sending Amazon Pantry packages to someone who is stuck in the house for awhile - but what a genius idea!!!!!  Thank you so much Audrey!!!    I just want to hug her so tight, it takes her breath away.  She's truly an angel!  The joy of the Lord shines through this one y'all!!!

I would have taken a picture of my Amazon Pantry box - but Ricky dove into it faster than I could get a pic

Mug & love
My sister in Christ, Kelly - she just has the most giving spirit to her.  She had her daughter drop me off a bag & I was so excited when I saw another Starbucks mug in there - from Maine - where she just returned.  The collection still grows!!! But not only was there a mug, but some homemade banana bread - which I basically devoured myself & then a gift card to the grocery.  Y'all - I realize over & over again that I just dont have the mind to think of these things. How USEFUL was that!  Especially when I can order groceries from the bed & just have Ricky pick them up in the Click-List way?  Thank you Kelly for keeping us fed during my down time!!!!  I LOVE YOU!

HSM squad
My girls... they are just the most precious thing to me. On surgery day, they each text me scripture of encouragement & reminders to NOT FEAR.  I read them over & over again until they took me back to surgery. & then they sent me a basket full of things to keep me comfortable while I was home.  My favorite thing in the basket? They got a journal & they each wrote a note to me in the front pages of it.  This journal is going to be one of my prized possessions! ... I am so thankful for Rachel - my partner - who drove the basket out & is just loving on the girls so well while I've been out. I just miss them all so much & cant wait to hug all these sweet girls!!!

Sunday delivery
Our Nashville gang surprised me with a delivery too - all the snacks!!! All the HEALTHY snacks!  It was funny because our door bell rang on a Sunday & Ricky was shocked they delivered it on a Sunday - but what a fun surprise that was! & so thoughtful.  I just love my Nashville gang.  My belly really loved them too :)

My work
OK - are you sick of hearing it yet? How much I love my job? ... I am just blown away how amazing my coworkers & work is.  They had sent me flowers & I got so many cards from coworkers with the kindest words of encouragement & well wishes.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people.

This pic doesnt show the beautiful white huge flowers in it - but I was looking at the ribbon when I took this
... & also on pain pills :)

Every night - every single night - Ricky would bring the mail in & I would get a card from someone - sending me well wishes, prayers, encouragement. It just truly lifted my spirits like nothing ever before.  I AM SO BLESSED!!!!.... & then a few Starbucks card came by way & I just know you all get me :) haha.... I cant wait to make the trips back to Starbucks. Has anyone checked? Is their stock dropping with me being out of commission? HAHA ... Thank you so much Jen & Tanya!!!! ... & thank you to EVERYONE who sent me the cards.  I have saved them all & just read them over & over again.

Able to make the funeral
So this is so heart breaking.... but I am thankful for it.  Some of you may have seen, that one of our friends passed away last week.  Totally unexpected.  She had a heart attack. Gone - at the age of 49.  I just can't believe it.  She was in my wedding - & I was her matron of honor.  She actually was standing next to me when Ricky proposed to me.  Me, Ricky, Tammy & her husband Tony - we spent so many years doing everything together. The holidays, vacation, phone calls every night.  We were so close.  Time takes its toll & we didnt stay as close when Ricky & I moved to Indiana - but Ricky always stayed in touch with Tony (they've been close friends for so long - they were each others best men at both weddings too) ....& now, Tammy is gone. I just can't believe it. I still hear her voice in my head. Keep seeing all the fun times together.  ... but her funeral was Tuesday & I am just glad that I am off work so I was able to attend. It was the first time I put on make up or even got dressed in something other than sweats in the past 2 weeks.  & it was tough. But I am so glad I was able to be there. Just to hug Tony & her sweet kids.  Please pray for them.  Her kids are in their 20's.... I told Ricky that I'm still devastated at loosing my daddy - but I see I had 46 years with him - & here's these 2 kids who only had their momma for such a short time.  Heart breaking.

My hubby
I honestly dont know what I would have done the past 2 weeks without him.  Heck, I dont know what I'd do with every day without him - but to have him take care of me the past 2 weeks has been just indescribable.  I cant even wrap into words all he has done... but I am just thankful this is the man I married. The one who took the vows, "in sickness & health - for better & worse - for richer & poorer" & has really applied them.  & probably my favorite thing of all - every morning before he'd leave for work, he'd come in & kiss my forehead since I didnt have to get up.  Truly, my Prince Charming.

What are you Thankful for this week as we head into the holidays?

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