Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thankful Thursday #199

I had a big post planned - I've had a lot of good blessings in this hard week....

but as of Wednesday night, when I'm getting this post together, I am struggling.


& I just need your continued prayers.

I've ran into some issues with my healing.... most importantly, I am developing ANOTHER abscess.  On the opposite side where the surgery was.

So if this abscess keeps developing, then its another surgery to clear that out & then the chances of yet another fistula, which is another surgery. - to say that I'm looking on the negative & worst-case option is an understatement. It's what my year has been.

My mind, my body just doesnt feel like it can take it all over again. & it feels never ending.

I'm trying to get in touch with my surgeon today to see what I can do.....

But today, I am just thankful for your ongoing prayers.  
They matter.
I know they matter.
& they mean more than gold to me at this point.

So please continue to pray

& let me know what good things are going on in your life - because I NEED to know good is still out there for everyone else.

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