Monday, December 03, 2018

The weekend we head into the last part of the year....

It's official - we're into December.
I can't believe it... & counting down. I want 2018 behind me. ... which speaking of "behind" - its surgery week this week for me.
Cue the nerves & the anxiety & I just dont want to talk about it. Actually, I can't. Not without crying or getting choked up.  It's crazy how it instantly spurs tears.  So we'll not talk about it - & know a post is coming Wednesday about it ..... stay tuned for that fun post. (Insert big sarcasm face!!!)

At least I had one last good weekend where I could walk normal & get around....

Friday, our friend invited us over for a game night since they knew I was going to be laid up for awhile.  Send me off with pizza & games - that's how you do it!

& also, these two cuties...

We are so excited for our framily too for their new house. We got to check it out & especially love that they are now just 2.6 miles away from us. We actually clocked it to find out.

Chasity & I won our usual boy vs. girl game we play every time - Password. Anyone else play this?  This is a game we've had FOREVER. I actually still have the game from the 70's when I was a kid.  Jimmy Fallon actually plays it sometimes on his show now & I love to see more people learn to play the game.  But yeah, Chasity & I are the winners ONCE again. GIRL POWER.....

& then they taught us the game Monopoly Deal.  It's a much faster way to play Monopoly. Ricky was all about this game.  I told Ryan & Chasity they created a monster. It's all Ricky has talked about since playing.

Image result for monopoly deal

We ended up not leaving their house till 1am...... Who are we? Young kids or something?  This is where being 2.6 miles down the road is nice instead of 35 minutes away from each other.

Saturday, it was just a lazy day for me.  I did a lot of laundry.... some cleaning... some knitting... some Bible studying.... a lot of coffee drinking....

We even took Bruno on a little outing to visit my mom.  Not sure if he knew he was in a car ride, which he used to love so much, but his ears would perk up when we would say, "Wanna go bye bye" - not sure he realized he actually WAS in the car moving when we said it.

I spent the rest of my Saturday trying to figure out my new air-fryer.  Ricky had been wanting to try one out - he's a french fry connoisseur... they are never 'crunchy' enough for him - or golden enough.  We didnt have any frozen fries so I pulled out some potatoes & hand cut some fries & gave it a go....

It wasn't too bad.  I think there's still a learning curve for me to have - but I'm trying to find some good  ideas on how to use it now.  Anyone have any tips or tricks or ideas for it?

I ended up using the rest of my Saturday night watching a Holiday Baking showing The Food Network. I get so caught up in all the holiday baking stuff.

Image result for food network holiday baking championship

& I guess because going to bed late the night before & sleeping in a little bit & drinking 3 cups of coffee... and add in the anxiety of the week.... I just could not sleep.  It was 2am when I finally got a little sleeping... & it was nearly 2:30am before I finally drifted off.  & then was up at 4am. UGH!

Needless to say, Sunday was full of coffee......

Image result for no sleep coffee

I headed to HSM - which left me choked up when I had to say bye to the girls. I wont see them probably any more for December since they dont have class the last 2 weeks of the year. Unless we get together outside of church - which is possible - I wont see them before the holidays.  Needless to say, we were all choked up when I was leaving.....

I then had to run to the grocery to get all the stuff I need for my colonoscopy prep this week & then some snacks knowing I'll be tucked in the house after the surgery.... didn't I say I didn't want to talk about this? UGHHHHH....

It was kinda funny though .... & awkward. The poor cashier asked me as she was checking me out, "Have any plans for this beautiful day?" & I was like, "Oh, yeah, I gotta go to a funeral".... the cashier was dumbstruck & was like,, "Oh, um. oh"... I guess I shouldnt have said that, but I didnt think anything of it when I said it, but the poor little cashier, you could tell was so speechless & didnt know what to say. Leave it to me to make a simple thing like checking out of the grocery into an uncomfortable & weird experience.....

Image result for should not have said that gif

But I did head from there to my old church to go to a memorial service for a man who was a big part of our community & a big part of our church.  There was a horrible accident the weekend our electricity was out in town from the ice storm & he was hit by a car on the highway as he was walking.  Everyone in our town knew him from walking the road.  So tragic.  Our little town has felt the loss of this staple of the familiar face we all saw on a usual basis.

The memorial service was so nice though.... & its always good to see our old church family. I always say that our church family comes together in the times of need.  We always support each other. No matter how much time goes by.  That's what church is all about.

& then it was time to start cleaning up my bedroom. I'm trying to get everything laid out so I can have everything around me I'll need when I'm stuck in that room for recovery.  Important things like my computer, & yarn & books. :) I just need to move the Keurig in there & I should last for a few weeks - I'm sure of it.

So how was your weekend?

Have you ever played Monopoly Deal or Password?

Do you like lazy weekends or 'live it up' weekends?

Tell me you make situations awkward without thinking too (please) haha

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