Tuesday, December 04, 2018

One Sentence a Day - November 2018

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November... a month full of Thankfulness... 
& gearing up for Christmas to take over everything...
Let's do this!

1.  The.rain.wont.freaking.stop!!!!!!! #mudeverywhere #6inchesofrain #wherestheark

2.  Spent Friday night at home alone when Ricky went to the UK Game with his friends & I got to enjoy a quiet house doing my Bible Study. #oldladystatus

3.  A perfect fall day when I got to go walking, enjoying the sunshine & fall colors & then had dinner with our framily & grandbuddies. #doesntgetbetterthanthat

4.  Chris Tomlin lead the worship at our church!!!! #HeisWorthy

5.  A dreary day, after the time change, calls for a stop at the library to self love my soul. #givemebooksasmedicine

6.  Election Day!!!! #Votedbeforethesuncameup

7.  Back to HSM Small Group time & loved the discussion tonight with the girls on Peter stepping out of the boat to Jesus, but still sinking. #Isthatawinorfail?

8.  Why did I buy all that Halloween candy on clearance? #justmakingmefatter

9. The cold wind felt like it was tearing my skin off!!!! #notreadyforfrigid

10.  Got up at 6am for a early morning Breakfast date. #notnightpeople

11.  You know you gotta love a small group of teen girls when the topic of conversation turns to constipation. #keepingitreal #theybroughtitup #notme

12. Dancing with the Stars bites with their voting system when the best dancers gets voted off.  #somessedup

"Dancing with the Stars"  contestant Juan Pablo Di Pace and his partner, Cheryl Burke were eliminated from the ABC reality show Monday night.  
Article right here

13. I cant believe I went to bed at 7:30pm #givingupontheday

14.  HSM Home groups canceled with an ice storm coming in. #isntitstillfall?

15.  Woke up at 2am with no electricity & every road was blocked with downed power lines & downed trees. #ThanksiceStorm

16.  Still no power #thisisdumb

Friday night in my house - complete with a winter coat & flashlight

17.  Spent the morning in the dark & cold & FINALLLLLLLY got power on around 2pm #60hourslater

18.  So sad to see my dad's covered wagon destroyed from the ice storm. #haveimentionedhowbadthisyearsucks

19.  How in the world did one of the worst dancers on Dancing with the Stars WIN the show? #aggravating #whoisBobbyBones

20.  Stayed up late to watch a gender reveal on Facebook. #twinboys

21. Confused the heck out us when our Thursday newspaper with all the ads was in our mailbox Wednesday evening. #whatdayisit

22.  Survived the first Thanksgiving without daddy. #feelssowrong

23.  Ventured out to do some Black Friday shopping & I just ended up with some yarn. #priorites

24.  Grateful they have mammograms on Saturday now. #needallmyworktime

25.  Got my Christmas tree up. #2strandsoflightsout

26.  How was it 70 degrees yesterday & snow with temps in the 20's today? #makesnosense

27.  Annual exam time! #gettingallthehealthstuffdone

28. Got to enjoy a little break in life & go to a Night of Worship at church with some of our HSM girls. #peacebestill

29. Two people out sick at work left me doing the deposit & changed to my desk all day. #nolunch

30.  We are so happy for our friends & their new house, especially because its only 2.6 miles from us. #princessplayingsoclose

So here we go into our final month.... it's going to be a doozy, that's for sure.

What was the best part of your November?

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