Thursday, December 12, 2019

Blood draws & blood oozing... that's a week for you! {Thankful Thursday #250}

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This week I am thankful for:

Alternative way to work
We had a wreck that had traffic all sorts of backed up one morning - of course, the morning that I'm running late. Google said it was going to take 48 minutes to get through it. OH HECK NO... so while I hate paying a toll & driving more out of the way, I'm glad for an alternative way to get to work when I have to.  Made it just 1 minute late that day!

Fast Blood Draw
Usually when I go to the hematologist office, its a waiting game. Even for the most simple of things.  When I had to go this time, there was no one in the waiting room & the receptionist told me no doctors were in so it would be fast. She was right - I was in & out in under 10 minutes. Nice!

Good Sticker
There is one man who works in this doctor's office that he is just the best ever with the needle. I literally dont feel the teeniest bit of pain. Can I take him to every doctor's visit please?

HSM Shopping
These girls... they are something incredible. They pulled together their money & came up with so much to bless our little 1 yr old angel for the Holidays. They were just beaming picking things out & imaging this little girl's Christmas morning. What hearts these girls have!

Dr. Pimple would have loved this
Warning - this one is gross!.... last change to turn away....
So the other day I went to pick Bruno up in the morning & felt something under his arm. It felt like a fatty tumor or something - it was HUGE.  It looked funny too - so I thought I was going to have to get him a vet's appointment.  Came home from work & it had gotten even bigger. The skin was stretched on it & it just reminded me of a big tick - how that skin stretches gray?  So I was trying to feel it to see if it was hard or soft - when I noticed a little blood coming out of it. I was going to call the vet to get an appointment & went to get a wet rag to clean the blood up - when POP! ... Seriously - POP! It made a noise.  & then all sorts of blood came gushing out of it - with like a CORE from the middle. It was like a lava flow.... it all just poured out - & his skin went right back to normal - it didnt bleed any more - it was just like a build up of SOMETHING... & totally fine. we cleaned it - it didnt even fizz with peroxide - it was just like, all out & totally good. Glad it wasn't a bigger issue... & yeah, we're keeping an eye out to see if it comes back.

Christmas Party Host
What would we do without awesome momma's & dad's of youth kiddos?  So grateful for one of the mom's to open her home & host a Christmas party for the HSM group!  She had it going on from food to games & had it all planned out for 3 hours we were together.  This sort of thing is like #GOALS to me.

& she does it all with a smile!!! FOR REAL #GOALS
Good Christmas Fun
Just having fun playing games & hanging out with these girls... fun all year long - even more special during holidays.

Warmer Day
It's just been so chilly & cloudy the past 2 weeks, but on Sunday, we ended up having a day that was near 60 degrees.  I'll take that temp in December any time!!!

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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