Tuesday, December 03, 2019

One Sentence a Day {November 2019}

1. / Fri - Spent the last day of our vacation in the doctors office but had to laugh when I saw a friend who is a nurse there & my sister in law & brother in law in the waiting room. #placetobe

2. / Sat - Had to go inside a grocery story to pick up some things so I could use some gift cards that I have & cant use for Click List. #remindedmewhyIhategroceryshopping #remindedmewhyIloveClickList

3. / Sun - Daylight Savings has begun & I'm already miserable. #darkby6pm

4. / Mon - Back to work after a vacation makes a day go by in a blur #alltheEmails!!!

5. / Tues - Had a Coffee date set with the HSM girls & then only one was able to show up, but things like this, I feel God plans because we had some really good conversations on friendships & family. #teensneedtobeheard

6. / Wed - Started my first day of parking in the attached garage at work. #nomorerainandsnowwalks

7. / Thurs - Finally got to try Bruno out in his new walker. #roundandroundhegoes #morelikeamerrygoround

8. / Fri - Who turned winter on? #highinthe30s

9. / Sat -  Loved seeing my sister in law & brother in law when they brought out their new "grand dog" to see us. #greatdane #lovebigdogs

10. / Sun -  Enjoying the last nice day before the cold & snow hits us. #UGH

11. / Mon - Veterans Day spent as a day off work & worked the entire day cleaning out my back room that had been come a "throw all" #thatwasexhausting #lovemyroomisfunctioningagain

12. / Tues - Taking one day off work kicked me in the butt catching up today #exhausted

13. / Wed - We're living for Disney+ in our house now #AvengersEndgameonrepeat

14. / Thurs - I knocked out super early & sound asleep in bed by 9:30pm #hibernatemode

15. / Fri - Spent my whole night watching Disney+ and wishing there were more episodes of Encore. #loveanythingBroadway

16. / Sat - Spent the day serving at our church's Daughter's Conference & ended up getting partnered up with my old high school friend, loving getting caught up on each other's lives. #wheredoesthetimego

17. / Sun - My whole year was made when Sophia went to HSM with me. #fingerscrossedshecomesback

18. / Mon -  I honestly have never been more mad at a show in my life than when James Van DerBeek & they eliminated him on the same day his wife is in the hospital having a miscarriage. #notfair #infuriated

19. / Tues -  The gray has been tamed for now.... #itsabattle

20. / Wed - We havent seen the sun in 3 days now & I'm feeling the energy drain because of it. #solarpowered

21. / Thurs - Felt like a kid in a candy store when I ran to Hobby Lobby to find so many Happy Planner sticker books on clearance for $5.00 #bringinthetruck #loaderup

22. / Fri - Library day & I made myself not go in & get more books because I have enough of my own on my shelves & I know reading will be hard anyways with the holidays. #IllBeBack

23. / Sat -  For King & Country concert where we were just as excited for the opening band, from our church #AwakenWorship

24. / Sun - The sun is finally out after a full week of gloom & cold & rain #ifonlyforoneday

25. / Mon - Dancing with the Stars finale just exhausted me this year. #HannahWins

26. / Tues - You know you're getting old when you hurt your ankle sitting at a desk doing nothing. #HOW #WHY

27. / Wed -  Work let us go at 3 pm for the long weekend!!! #feltsogood

28. / Thurs - Not the Thanksgiving I thought I was going to have. #allalone #meandmacandcheese

29. / Fri - Shopped till we dropped #myfeethurt

30. / Sat - Felt like the biggest answer to prayers when we got to see some family we haven't seen in quite a long time. #Neverstoppraying

How was your November?

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