Monday, December 23, 2019

The weekend a fish made our whole holiday....

This is it... the big week... the whole she'bang.

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Well, not really - We have 3 weekends of Christmas that lay ahead...But the world gets to celebrate this week. Pretty exciting stuff!!!

I'm sure even if you are one of those people that have everything wrapped up & ready to go (who are you by the way????) I'm sure you still felt the pressure of all the last minute things.  That craziness that you feel like you've forgotten SOMETHING & you have to run out anyways & get some things taken care of.

Or maybe you got your celebrations started like we did.
We actually celebrated a lot... a fun weekend.

Friday - I celebrated being off work! YAHOOO!!!

It didnt turn out how I thought. I am not joking when I had no less than 20 things on a list of things I wanted/needed to do for the day.  But alas.  Fed Ex kept me a prisoner in my home.  I had a package coming that needed a signature so I was chained to my home. I had moments where I was frustrated & felt like my list was mocking me & laughing behind my back.  But honestly, I probably needed to be stuck in my home because I did not have one present wrapped before Friday. NOT ONE.  & by the end of the day when the Fed Ex came into the driveway at 3:59pm... I had 90% of my wrapping done & 4 loads of laundry washed/folded & put up.  So, sometimes we get what we need, not what we want.

When that package came though, that was it - ALL ENGINES IGNITED. I zoomed down the road & was on a mission to get everything taken care of.  & I did impressively well.  Even got my oil changed, got my car vacuumed & washed.... which I should use the word "wash" in a broad idea here because it still looked HORRIBLE.  Streaks of soap running down it. That was a waste of $20.00

Saturday, Ricky had to work so I was once again home alone.... but I had a lot to do. We had Ricky's family's Christmas & with him at work, I had to make sure all the gifts that were going to that home were ready to go, get things organized & most importantly, I had to go take care of the horses.   I had just gotten my nails done & wanted cute hair for the day so here I am driving down the road with rollers in my hair & moving hay & cleaning stalls with rollers in my hair.  My life y'all....

We once again did Jammies for the Vincent get together.  I really do love being super comfy.

... do you know I didnt take one picture of us together this year?  NOT ONE.  I usually get pictures of Ricky & his siblings if anything... NOTHING this year.  I took it. Even remembered my tripod this year because I typically forget that & have to use my brother in laws.  It all stayed tucked into the corner of the family room. DANG IT.

That's what you get when you're TOO comfy - your brain shuts down.

My Sister in law just is so gracious in all the food she makes & just making us all feel at home in her gorgeous home.

Ricky & I are all about bringing games.   Others can do food & gorgeous decorations - I am about bringing fun &laughter.  Again - my life y'all

We were playing that game where you cant hear what people are saying & you have to read lips.

The highlight of the night... we played that game 5 Seconds... & when the question was Name 3 Rappers & it came to my brother in law who is probably in his early 60's... we all thought, oh, yeah, he's not getting this. When he spit out Ice-T, Tupac & Snoop Dog - I thought we all were going to fall out of our chairs laughing!!!!

I also lost my mind a little bit when Ricky got the question - Name 3 Gender Neutral Names... & he said Jo & no joke... this is embarassing... I literally said, "Who would name a girl Jo?".... & as it ccame out of my mouth, I was like, WAAAIIITTTTTTT . ... Yeah, Rebecca Jo.  Didnt even cross my mind.

I told you - it was like my brain just was on pause for most of the day.
Maybe I inhaled too much barn dust?

I ended up getting a $25.00 Starbucks gift card for our white elephant exchange... & I think it just fit my pj's anyways....

& my Mother in Law set me UPPPP with all the hand sanitzers.  I am set for awhile... maybe till the end of January :) #coldandfluseason

& a unicorn pug sanitizer holder that lights up!!!

So.... this is the CRAZIEST THING!!!  While we were at my SIL - Ricky & I were talking about "The Fish"... OK - The fish story.  I'll make it super fast.

At our last church, my Heart Church as I call it - about 16 years ago, there used to be a Christmas party for the whole church  - Granted, its a little country church... but there was a white elephant exchange where this big fish pillow came in & everyone cracked up about it.  Then the next year, someone brought it back for the gift exchange again. .. & again... &again....

Then about 8 or 9 years ago, I guess one of the parents gave their kiddo this fish to bring to the youth Christmas party.  Ricky & I always enforced to all the kids who wanted it - it came with stipulations - it HAD to be brought back to the next year Christmas party. At this point, it was just a tradition that had to be carried on.  & the kids did it. They brought it back... every few years, Ricky & I would make sure to win it or trade off for it at the end of the night so we could get it & make sure we could bring it back.

So my last youth party at that church was about 5 years ago (CRAZY!!!) & the fish was given away ... & Ricky & I couldnt remember who got it. Where did it end up?

We were LITERALLY talking about this at my SIL....

So tell me HOW NUTSO BIZZARO CRAZY that when we got home ... there was a package on the front porch - wrapped & pretty....

& when I saw that tag - I looked at Ricky & he looked at me & we just stared at each other for about 30 seconds when we both were like THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lo & behold... there he was...

We have no idea who dropped it off - who had it - where it came from... but we cracked up so much about it & I'm just glad to know its safe.

Also, the crazy thing, this just came up in mine & Ricky's Timehop a few days ago where he has the picture with this fish... we have like 3 different pictures through the years with him with it... so funny!!!

Here's one from 2012

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

I'll have to pass it off to Ryan so he can use it for future GCC youth parties.... but man, this made our Holiday so fun!!!

Sunday, we had more awesomness ahead.

It was our buddy's birthday.  Ryan.
He now teaches the youth at GCC & since we consider him family, & I didnt have HSM for the day, we snuck & surprised him by going & bringing snacks & treats with cupcakes & cookies to his youth class so they could celebrate with him.

It was so nice being back at GCC & seeing old familar faces, as always. Love being there every time & getting so many warm hugs.

We went out to lunch with Ryan & Chasity afterwards & just enjoyed sitting & catching up & taking a break during this busy time.

Before I knew it, it was time to go let Baby in & man, it was just so warm & beautiful & lovely, she didnt want any part of going to bed.  Like a typical 2 year old.  Which I just now remembered... WOW... she has been with us 2 years now.  My daddy got her in 2017 in December... & then he left us in May 2018 - he only got 5 months with her.  It's so funny that I kept telling her this weekend that her daddy would have just loved every single thing about her.  She's just the cutest & sweetest little fluff ball....

... & now, we're back to Monday.

A Monday that no one reallllly wants to work.

But I'm looking forward to the next 2 days off... & all the fun that lays ahead.

So - how was your weekend?

Are  you off today or working?  Off on Christmas Eve?

Are you getting the warm weather?

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