Friday, September 03, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Frother

I need to get a new one of these to take to work now that we're back in the office.
I love mine & was using it every day while home... a few times a day...
would be nice to get some frothy coffee at work - where you need comfort more than ever.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Look at this phone case!!!
They're sold out but I need to get on the waiting list for when they get more.
They have so many different Disney Princess designs too!!!

Favorite Outlet

I need this for behind my coffee bar - it slides sideways so the plugs arent sticking straight into the back of the table.  Or, you CAN switch it to face forward if you need it to!

Favorite Microphone

In case you missed it, Hubby got a little karoke machine (uses it to play his music) but he loves the microphone on it & makes sure to use it when he needs my attnetion.
Well, I feel like this could give me some equal playing power!

We actually got this for someone for a gift one year & they LOVED it.
Plus, I've seen it on Real Housewives of Potomac - LOL

Favorite Dog Toy

My boys would LOVE this!!!! 
Launch those babies far!!! Wear that puppy OUT!

Favorite Earrings

Favorite Powder

Because ... that name! LOL
But seriously - the reviews on this are great!
If you sweat a lot during the summer & get that yucky burn... or even for runners!
I know in my running days, I would have totally snagged this up!
This has over 18,000 reviews so how am I just now hearing about this???

Favorite Bedding

I just think this would be cute to have on the bed for the Holidays.
Give that Buffalo Plaid look - add some holiday pillows, it'd be a cute way to make your bedroom a holiday place too.  For under $30.00 for the duvet & shams - its a cheap holiday investment

Favorite Funnies

... when I find out a reason I feel so bad is my blood levels...
But that also means I'm going to have to go through infusions again

... me basically every time I get on Facebook & see posts people obviously never check to see if its legit


... me at 4:00pm today

Happy weekend Y'all!

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