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Show Us Your Books {Sept 2021}


Sorry I'm still sort of MIA - I'm still on the hunt for a new computer. 
Luckily, I update my Book list as I read so I had this post ready to go...

Still hoping to be back to blogging regularly soon!

Not a Happy Family
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A wealthy couple is brutally murdered & the 3 kids that are set to inherit millions were the last to see them at a Easter dinner - did one of the kids do it?

I dont usually do mystery books but this one really held my attention.  I was guessing up to the end & kept switching my thoughts all the way through. In the end, it was a fun ride into a twisted & damaged family.

The epilogue is a must read to wrap up the story if you pick this one up.

This book has short chapters & different sections in each chapter - when things are broken up in short segments, it just makes it easy for me to read - holds more of my attention.  

Glad I chose this as my Book of the Month pick for August

"... now she thinks about the family taint - the streak of psychopathy that has run through the Merton family.  She wonders if it lurks hidden inside one of them"

The Girl in the Mirror
DNF / Didnt like it

Quick Summary: Twin Sisters Iris & Summer look identical on the outside but totally different on the inside. When Summer needs Iris's help on a yacht trip, only Iris gets off - but she takes on the role of Summer to step into her life. 

I just couldnt.  This book just felt GROSS to me. I got through 25% & was like NOPE. 

From the get go, you just how demented Iris is for her hate of her sister , how jealous she is of her, how badly she wants her sisters husband & then there's a will thrown in from their dad that states his full millions of dollars will go to the first person who gives an heir. Iris's goal in life, as a young pre-teen is now to have a baby, no cares for her family - greed all the way.

When it got to the point where there was talk of a step sister getting pimped out to get married as soon as she hit 18 so she could get pregnant & get the money, I was like, I'm out. 

It may be a twisty good book in the end, but I was just so grossed out by characters & the plot of the story.   Stuck to my 100 pages rule - if I'm not into by then, its gone... I'm good with passing on this one.

>>> No quote because EW! <<<<

Side note - I went & found a podcast that talked about the book so I could hear how it all played out. I think I would have been so confused at the end & it was still EW!

So We Meet Again
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  Jess Kim gets unexpectedly laid off her job & moves home only to find her childhood nemesis Daniel is also home. Can Jess work with her past enemy to use their business skills to create a new career path?

I stumbled upon this at the library - it was totally in the wrong place so I felt like it was a sign I was supposed to pick it up.

It was a cute & easy read.  Started off really strong, making me really laugh out loud & enjoying the characters.  

I thought the frenemy store line was cute - but it took too much of a "business speak" route that i didnt care for in a cute rom-com & then it just felt unreal a little bit. I mean, who posts one video & all of a sudden gets all these business deals laying out in their lap?  

All that aside - it's just a cute little read. Not a MUST read - but a good book to sit out & just pass the time well enough.

“Because love wasn’t shown only with the acts of cooking and feeding. Love was also about not giving up on the other person.”

Tell me what you're reading this month

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