Tuesday, September 07, 2021

One Sentence a Day {August 2021}


Another month behind us... 31 sentences to wrap it all up!

1 - Sun / I was so proud of myself for figuring out a computer problem & fixing it myself #tookHOURS #PullingOutMyHair

2 - Mon / Mask Mandates are back in effect at work #sogladIamBackIntheOffice #eyeroll

3 - Tues / First day of school in our area & my twin nieces are JUNIORS in high school. #unbelievable

4 - Wed / Covid is breaking out everywhere again, including my mom's rehab center & the rates are just soaring up on a crazy trend. #peoplestillrefusingthatvaccinethough

5 - Thurs /  Mom got to come home after a little over a month #homesweethome #catssohappy

6 - Fri / Stopped to pick up dinner to go & had to wait, which left me spending all my money at Hobby Lobby #treatyoself #allthestickers

7 - Sat / Went to pick up cupcakes to take to our 'new' neighbors to return the favor from 20 years ago #circleofneighborlife

8 - Sun / I just needed a day to do nothing & relax #missionaccomplished

9 - Mon / YUCK BLAH & UGH is the perfect description of my Monday #appropriate

10 - Tues / Left for work to get down to the end of my road & my crown popped off making me just turn around & go back to home to work from my computer there. #dentalvisitintheafternoon #missworkingfromhome

11 - Wed / Pretty ticked off when I'm told not to tell anyone that I still have lung capacity issues since I had COVID because it "makes me sound dumb" & "long term effects arent true" #saywhat? #LongHaulersisLegit 

12 - Thurs / I'm pretty sure my mom's cat hates me now after having to round her up & take her to vet. #notherfavoritenow 

13 - Fri / Sticker shopping & picking up pizza is the best way to start a Friday #TGIF

14 - Sat / Why am I waking up on a Saturday at 5:15am? #NOTFAIR

15 - Sun / I love when I finish a book on a weekend #WhoDunIt?

16 - Mon / Got my credit card statement & reality check on how much I spend on stickers is legit #treatyoself

17 - Tues / So you're telling me vaccinated people may have to get ANOTHER shot while people still refuse to get ONE? #dontknowhowtofeelaboutthis

18 - Wed / I gotta start getting back on liquid iron or something because I'm living in a lightheaded & dizzy world. #gonnapassout

19 - Thurs / Finally got my oil changed now that I'm driving to work again & actually putting miles back on my car #oneyearofsavingmiles

20 - Fri / Stopped at the library on my way home because my card needing renewing & of course, came out with 3 books checked out. #haventcheckedoutbooksinforever

21 - Sat / Reminder I'm old when I pull a back muscle from doing actually absolutely NOTHING #THEPAIN

22 - Sun / Just basically stayed in bed on a heating pad for my back because I'm 105 years old #mybodyisanyway

23 - Mon / ... ANDDDD we have another grandson with Covid #VaccineFDAapprovedtoday #DOYOURPART

24 - Tues / I love watching Glow Up on Netflix but I dont understand the judges who like the ugliest make up designs #DingDongmyButt

25 - Wed / 3rd grandson going for his Covid test now #thisiscrazy 

26 - Thurs / I nearly blacked out at work & truly felt so horrible all day long #Scarystuff #NotCovid #JustGetMeInBed

27 - Fri /  I was so happy to have a day off work & had a friend come over for some front porch conversations #SharingtheBookLove

28 - Sat / A relaxing reading day #muchneeded

29 - Sun /  Took my mom & we ventured to a new little grocery store the next town over & it was just so cute & gave me old school vibes #HadThatSmell #LikeFreezerBurn

30 - Mon  /  Happy my hematologist got me in to take my blood to check all my levels after having some rough days of feeling bad #IMayHaveToDoMoreInfusions #CRYING

31 - Tues / .... ANDDDD my results are back & they're the second lowest ever. #GREAAATTTTTTT

Tell me some things that stood out in your August!

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