Thursday, September 02, 2021

Thankful Thursday #324


Joining with the precious Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  So thankful to have these ladies join in with me - It's been such a highlight to check in with each of them & have encouragement with them & prayers lifted for one another. They really are just a light in my week.  Be sure to stop by their blog & check out their latest blessings.

This week I am Thankful for:

Ozzie not broken
This dog.... he's always into something & tearing something up. Well, this past weekend, he nearly tore HIMSELF up.  I was outside reading & the dogs were running to the fence to watch the neighbors dogs & I had my head down & then look up & see Ozzie sitting in front of me holding his paw up.  I thought he was just begging... & nope. He started crying. He couldnt walk - couldnt straighten his leg. Hopping on 3 legs. When he laid down, he couldnt straighten it & just kept licking it.  My poor baby.  We called around to vets & of course, nothing was available - but our vet did work us in the next morning at 10am.  ... Ozzie was kenneled up for the night, making him a VERY unhappy puppy - but he just couldn't get comfortable.

Hubby ended up making a kenneled area with pillows in the bedroom so he could be near us - & luckily, the next morning, he was able to straighten it out.  In the end, it isn't broken!  just sprained... & we kenneled him up for a little bit longer... & now, he's back into tearing everything up again. Life is back to normal. Whew! I'll take chewed up things over a broken puppy!

Day off work
Working from home, I just never really took a lot of days off.  I mean, how hard is it to walk down a hall & sit in your back bedroom to work? Now that I'm back in the office, give me ALL the days off. I got to take 2 days making a long weekend & it felt glorious! Looking forward to getting in more days the rest of the year.

Blood Check
I am so thankful my hematologist office got me in same day, the day I was off, to get my blood checked. Got the results back & as expected... I'm bottomed out. The 2nd lowest its ever been for both hemoglobin & ferritin. Yepppp.... I think infusions are back in my future. Dang it.

Fall Spurting Up!!!
I see it everywhere!!! Decorations coming out - all the beautiful fall things for sale in stores. Just makes me happy! ... we even have pumpkins/gourds growing through the fence of our neighbors. I keep going back & checking these little pumpkins - they make me smile. My dad was such a fan of pumpkin & gourd painting - I know he would have loved watching these things grow & seeing if he could snag them up to do some art on them.  I would love to pick these myself & do some hand lettering on them for some fall decoration. Its been fun watching them grow too - I go back & have taken pictures of them since they were buds. Hubby asks me why am I taking pictures of pumpkins? I dont know... I feel like they're under my care - LOL.

Book Clearing
I am so excited to clear my shelves... & rest assured - I'm making room for more books - LOL. I am loving my Book of the Month books - how uniformed they are. They'll look so beautiful on my shelf together. I want to color coordinate them too.

& I'm still of course keeping my all time favorite books. My Harry Potter & Anne of Green Gable series arent going anywhere.  

But its been so fun for me to share my books with friends who are book lovers as well. Glad my books are going into good hands.  It's even brought some good visits from friends, giving me a chance to catch up & chat. 

I'm really wanting to get my coffee room all ready for the cooler weather so I can sit in there & be cozy & read all winter long.  I'm on my way!

Tell me something good from your week!

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