Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Lounge Wear

This comes in a lot of colors too!

Favorite Small Bathroom Organizer

This is really cute.. .if you click on the pic, you can see the space inside of it - it can hold toilet paper, or some cleaner or soap or small washclothes.

Favorite Blazer

 I've been looking for some cute blazers.  They just make a basic outfit look so much better - classier.
I used to wear blazers like crazy in the 90's... glad to see them back!

Favorite Kitchen Chopper

I got one of these & forgot about having it...then I saw a video on YouTube of someone using one & I was like - HOLD UP - I HAVE THAT. 
It has been game changer for me. I'm forever cutting up an onion & some sort of pepper - or mushroom -basically every night. This makes it so nice to have it small & uniform shape.  
Plus, it takes out my aggression to slam slam SLAM it down!

Favorite Sweater Hack

The good ole Dickey's! LOL... Still makes me giggle like a middle school kid.
But man, these look better than the turtleneck ones they had back in the day... 

looking at you Cousin Eddie!

Seriously though... as someone who doesnt like the bulk under a shirt - nor like the heat of additional clothing (Thanks Menopause) - I really do like this idea.

Favorite Shoes

I'm going to need these for the warmer days ahead - even just to walk outside around the house or throw on to run to the store.

Favorite Make Up

I havent tried this yet, but I'm all about a smooth finish on this wrinkly face.
& I love Elf products because they're not costly to try things out!
I may have to give this a go.
Anyone try putty's ... do you like it?

Favorite Ice Maker

Am I late to this game knowing how this works?

You pour water in this, twist on the lid - that's it!
No more putting water in a tray & having to do a balance act, or make sure it lays totally flat so it doesnt spill.
This, you pour in, then when it freezes, just crunch the container to release it off the walls & pour the ice cups out!

& they're pretty! Pretty ice cubes scientifically make ice coffee better! FACTS

Favorite Funnies


Turn those clocks forward this weekend!

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