Monday, March 06, 2023

Winds... then hail, floods & darkness... what's next

 It really was an unbelievable week in our neck of the woods.  I had jokingly posted what the next plague was going to be.... but really, its not too funny anymore.

You know the winds that ripped through our area last Monday knocking down my mom's tree.  We also found about 20% of her shingles on the roof of her garage has blown off too...of course.

Then Wednesday, we ended up having a storm roll through that brought so much hail - it was CRAZY! I have never in my years of living ever seen hail like that before. The SOUND of it too... it was chilling. Sounded like our house was being under attack.  It was just binging off the roof & hitting the windows so hard, I thought the glass would break.  

Look at this...

You can see white everywhere. Look out in the yard, it looks like snow!

I took Zoe to go potty about an hour later & there was STILL ice piles laying every where.  I'm glad my car was in the garage - all I have to say about that.

Friday morning, we woke up to our back yard basically flooded.  Sure.  I need a back yard pool installed by Mother Nature.

I work from home on Fridays & only 45 minutes into work, our wifi went down due to the storms & guess what - more winds!  I ended up packing up my stuff & heading into the office.  I was about half way there & got notice that the wifi was back up, but I figured it was going to be a rough day, so I went ahead & went into the office.

It was like a ghost town there. Our schools were actually canceled due to the winds & storms coming in. I didnt even know that till a coworker told me. 

Being on the 28th floor in the middle of all day storms & winds gusting at 50-60 mph... that was a new experience. 

I got a call from Ricky to tell me our electricity finally popped out around 2:30... & that's all she wrote on that.

Luckily, me being a reader, I have a nightlight that goes around my neck so I had a book that I had just started so I was good to go.  

Plus, Ricky had rigged up some sort of battery for a tool into a little antenna TV.  We ended up holing up in my library & watched the 20/20 special on the Murdaugh trial - which... did anyone watch all of that crazy mess?  Its all so tragic & sad... & just crazy!... but the TV is like a little 7 inch tv.  Our vision was strained FOR SURE....but it was nice to have a little bit of "normalcy" with the TV on during the night.

The bad thing was the temperature. It got down to 32degrees & our house never got below 60, but it just felt bone cold.  I think it didnt help that we have Zoe who goes out every 3 hours through the night. So we'd go outside & where you could usually run inside & warm up, it just wasn't happening this time. It was throwing another sweatshirt on & another blanket after each pee run.

When we woke up & it was still off, I was bummed. I had big hopes that we'd be up & running when my eyes opened.  Nope.... at least I watched the sun come up & opened the windows to get all the warmth in.

Five layers of tops, a scarf around my neck... but the SUN shinning on my face

We headed out to get breakfast... & I told Ricky, I'm needing coffee NOW! It was funny though because a local coffee shop, their line was wrapped around the building & out to the road. I wasn't alone in my need of caffeine.

But driving down the highway, it looked like a tornado had ripped through everywhere. I cant even begin to tell you how many trees - HUGE trees- we saw down. & the limbs & branches... it was just jaw dropping.  There ended up being over 9,000 people out just in our area that uses the electric company we have.  

We were in the 784 outage area

While we were out for breakfast, my brother text me & told me they just got up... & I called my mom & hers had come on earlier - YAHOO... we were all up & running by the afternoon.  PRAISE THE LORD! When our power came on, Ricky & I literally ran to each other & hugged & screamed like we had won the lottery.  True story.  You really never know the things you take for granted sometimes.

The rest of the day, it was just charging up everything again & just relaxing...finally! A sunny day!

Not too much dramatics for the last part of the weekend...a lot of cleaning up.  I'm just over all the weather trauma.  & I'm seeing that the country is getting plummeted with snow & winter storms...its just nuts.

I guess its why they say March comes in roaring like a lion, goes out like a lamb. I've heard enough ROARING for awhile thankyouverymuch.   We'll be back down to normal temps, which means freezing nights- I hope we dont lose all our budding flowers that have popped up.  As long as its calm though, I'll be happy.

SIDE NOTE - a lot of Louisville is still down with power... so giving a big HUG to everyone going on day 3 of no power!!!

How was your weekend?

Do anything fun - or did you relax?

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