Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Prime Purchases

 I'm joining in with Tanya for this month's Prime Purchases

... which - I'm going to have to put a limit on here because we aint got the rest of 2023 to post things. SO MANY BOXES! SO MANY ORDERS....

SO let's just do the past week's orders. (its bad ya'll)
I always said I can do this as a WEEKLY post. ... &I just may

But here's the latest buys

Salt & Pepper Shakers

I literally cried when my pepper shaker broke. The ones I used to have, they had a press in button on the side & 1/4 cup of the seasoning would come out the bottom. It was perfect for cooking. I cant find them anywhere.
But I found these & they have some good big holes to get the salt & pepper out. I hate those little fine holes where you have to shake forever to get any sort of flavor out.

Vitamin C Serum

Does this work? I dont know... but it feels good on my face & I feel like its doing something.
I am the WORST person to take skin care advice from, but I know that Vitamin C is good for the skin & body - so why not!  

Hobonichi Weekly Planner Cover

I actually got a beautiful blue color - looks like they're sold out of - but this fits my little pocket planner perfect to protect it in my purse. It has slots inside for credit cards if you wanted to use it as a wallet - or stickers, how I use it. Its real leather & feel like BUTTAH in your hands.

Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Hello frozen shoulder & bicep Tendonitis & every other body ache in my existence.
We actually have another one of these too - but Ricky wanted one too. He wanted it for basically something to help keep him warm. LOL - that works. 
But it does fit so nice & cozy around the neck. 
You can flatten it out too & use it like on your stomach or on your leg.

Oversize Hoodie

How have I never gotten one of these yet in my life?
This is the most comfortable thing to wear on cold days! ... & we know I dont get cold with hot flashes - but I like wearing it like this person - with shorts or leggings underneath - it doesnt get too warm for me - but it just the perfect thing to snuggle in while reading a book or watching a movie... or take a dog outside in the freezing nights.
I love in the middle - it has a pocket to hold your cell phone - I got a big kick out of it -but now, that pocket is my best friend.

Posting this - I just saw there is a 50% coupon for this!!!! SO it would be under $13.00! 
OK - I'm ordering another one!!!! LOL

Zebra Fountain Pen Disposable

This just feels so cool to write with.
Makes me feel like I should write by lamp light, & warm up wax to seal up a letter before handing off to a courier on horse to deliver.

Cardigan Sweater

I like trying sweaters from Amazon to see if I like them before ordering different colors.
I LOVE this sweater. I love the sweaters are long & give a gathered look at the bottom, or you can roll up.  Its not too heavy - will work in Spring & Fall so well too. 
As a knitter, I always love patterns in sweaters too - this is really nice.
I'm totally ordering me another color or two in this!

Dog Frisbee

If you could ONLY know how many frisbees we go through in our house.
Ozzie & Ernie always fight over the frisbee when one or the other catches it. The tug of war takes it toll on these way faster than it should... its a frisbee to catch - not a rope to tug on.
But our boys love to catch these things. & finding just the perfect one is a journey we're always on.

This one is comparable to the ones we always get at Tractor Supply - we'll see how long it lasts.

I'll draw the line here.... May do another post next week of more purchases

What's your favorite buy you've gotten from Amazon lately?

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