Monday, December 04, 2023

Weekend Highlights


Happy December!!!!

 I know technically Friday was December, but I totally dropped the blogging ball last week & missed posting anything.  Plus, it may be a little bit of denial thinking we're in the final year of 2023! How can it be?!

The countdown is on!

On the flip side - we're also on a good countdown ... Only 17 more days before the time turns & we start GAINING a minute of sunlight. This is how much I despise the darkness of winter. I CLING to the hope of more light. Even if its a sliver amount. & we're only a few weeks away from it. Which means, we have a few more weeks to endure the darkest moments of the year.  ... We got this!

What are some highlights of the weekend....

* Friday, I was so happy to work from home. I technically get 2 days a week to WFH but its the crazy time of year for our department & with a lot of vacation days getting in by all the coworkers, it was just easier to be in the office.  But I really just needed a break from the office & get an extra bit of sleep.  When I woke up & saw the foggy, rainy weather, I was even more glad I worked from home.  It was just a dreary nasty day the entire day.  I'm so glad I didnt have to get out in it.

* Dinner on dreary nights... grilled cheese & tomato soup. Classic every time.

*Advent calendars begin!!!! ... I normally get a sticker Advent calendar where I can get more planner stickers ... because I can never get enough planner stickers.  But this year, I chose to do one that me & Ricky can do together.  Plus, I'll admit - the Instagram ads got me.  It kept popping up in my feed & then I found out my friend Nathalie was doing one too... an Advent puzzle!!! Isnt that so cool?

Here is the LINK to the one we got....

There's so many designs.  & each & every day, you open a box & work the pieces. The next day, the pieces continue on to the portion you just finished.  & on the last day, VIOLA - a 1000 piece puzzle complete!  Its really neat too because the back side has the number on it to correspond to the box that the pieces need to go in so when you take it apart, you can put it back in the correct way to do again! Or trade with someone - or pass on.  Just a few days of doing this & we're loving it. It only takes a few minutes to put the pieces together but its just exciting to see the puzzle grow..... its not that hard if you wanted to order one & start a little late. You could even work it up to the New Year! That'd be fun too!

* More shopping...We're doing Secret Santa at work this year & I wanted to make sure I got everything done for that.  Well, at least everything. I have one other thing to get but I know what I'm getting - its just picking it up.  Success. I love marking things off my Christmas To-Do List, which hangs over my head & gives me oodles of anxiety.

* Holiday Book.... I finished my first book in December. & this is just the cutest read. Super fast - barely at 200 pages - & gives the most Hallmark feels you're ever going to want. If you see it at your library or in the store, its a great easy read to get you in the mood of Holiday miracles & community.


*Plumbing Wake up Call. ... Sunday, I woke up at 5:30am to hear Ricky freaking out in the kitchen.  Hearing things being tossed, lots of commotion - what in the world!!!!  I go in to see a wet Zoe laying on a soak & wet towel, everything from under our sink tossed everywhere - & basically, a little lake all over the kitchen floor.  oh mercy me! .... Zoe had ANOTHER accident (this is her 3rd in 2 weeks) & Ricky had tried to give her a bath to clean her up.  Apparently, while putting in the stopper, you have to press REALLY hard to get it to stick... & we guess that pushing hard pushed the pipe out of place under the sink - so basically, we had a water feature for free in our home. 

 It was an easy fix but a lot of hassle for clean up.  Lots of towels, a few paper towel rows & a confused old girl who was like, SORRRRYYYY!!!!!  Needless to say, we have to get the diapers on her at night & when we go to work.  I bought them but have put off on putting them on her because she's not going to be happy, but we also dont want her slipping & sliding in a mess while we're not there either.  Getting old aint fun if you're human or have fur.

* Speaking of old... we went to do the horses & I got to love on my mom's cat. Mom says she's not doing well.  You know how kids are though, when I'm over, she comes up to me like she's feeling fine just to slight my mom. LOL! ... but she has lost a lot of weight lately & she's getting up there in kitty-years too.  She still love a good butt rub & loves to MEOW whenever you stop by.  

* ALL THE HOLIDAY SHOWS! ... I feel like whenever we stopped for a minute, we watched a new Holiday show. Or at least I did. Ricky is one of those people that watch the first half & then falls asleep & then watches the rest of it later on his own.... men.

 Have you seen the new one on Netflix with the Freaky Friday vibe but with the whole family? I honestly laughed so hard at parts of this & just think that Jennifer Garner is just in that category of THE CUTEST EVER!!!!!  Her & Reese Witherspoon.  Can we best best friends please? Super cute! & perfect for the whole family to watch together!!!!

We also watched The Naughty Nine on Disney+ ... again, a perfect movie to watch with all the family.  I love a good sibling connection movie too - which both of these are.

& we got through the first season of The Santa Clauses. I dont know how we missed last year in this because it is SO GOOD! Especially if you love The Santa Clause movies.  Those movies have a special place in my heart since we saw the FIRST movie the same day we got engaged... so I just love the warm fuzzies it gives me watching these.  This series is A-DOR-ABLE! Love seeing some of the original cast still on & looking fantastic.  I cant wait to start watching Season 2 now!

How was your weekend?

Have you had any Holiday events yet?

What's the best Holiday book or movie you've read or watched this year?

Tell me you love Jennifer Garner too!

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