Friday, July 27, 2007

Animal Senses

I'm sure you heard of this story yesterday if you had any sort of media - it was on the news, on the radio, on "Regis & Kelly" -everywhere was a story about this cat that lives in a nursing home that seems to know when someone is going to pass away. Apparently, this cat will go into a room, curl up with someone & within the day, that person passes away. It has happened over 24 times so its not like it was a fluke of some sort. Now, the ongoing joke was, when the nursing home residents saw this cat come up to them, they just had a heart attack because they were scared to death.

The news of this didn't surprise me in the least! Have you noticed animals & their sense of things we dont see? I've told the story many times about how Steph's cat, Hercules would not leave her side. This cat is just like any other cat - he will ALLOW you to pet him on his terms, not just the kind to hang out & enjoy company. When Steph was in her final weeks, this cat got on her bed & wouldnt leave! Even with all the visitors coming over, he would never leave Steph's side - when normally if a visitor would come over, Hercules was gone only to be seen once the home was filled with the "normal" people. At one point, when it was time for Steph's medicine, her bedroom door opened & out came Herc as a reminder for the medicine doses - how the door opened for him? I dont know - we just cracked up wondering how he managed that one! When someone would put him out & shut the door, Hercules would cry out until he could get back up & curl up in a ball at Steph's feet.

The day Steph passed away, Hercules was on that bed - & the minute she left this world, Hercules got up, walked out of the room & went back to his bed. He had that sense to him like, "My job here is done". While we waited for the coroner to come, Hercules never even got back on the bed - he knew she was no longer there. Isn't that crazy how they sense things?

For those of you that have pets, dont you see that they notice when you aren't feeling well, or even when you're sad? I was home sick from work last Friday, & one of the things that made me feel a little bit better - I got to lay on the bed & was surrounded by my four dogs who can sense something's wrong & just want to snuggle as a way to make me feel better - it works!

One part of their sense that drives me nuts though - whenever I am home alone, they seem to look down the hallway & bark like someone is standing there. Why dont they do that when Ricky's home? I think they sense it aggrivates me & that's just a tad revenge for not giving the treats they prefer! (hehe)

What do they see - what do they feel - how do they sense these things? I guess I just chaulk it up to another one of God's wonderful creations!


  1. I'm with you. Animals are amazing. They have an intelligence beyond what we can comprehend. I'm not saying they are smarter than us, just more "aware". They have heightened senses on things that we don't. Isn't it cool that God blessed us with such fascinating creatures to observe?

  2. yeah my chicken are prety cool to watch also I know that sounds crazy but if you just watch them you can tell they are smart and that they have an order of hierarchy among them.

  3. Yep......animals are awesome. I just absolutely love to watch my cats. They are all four so different in so many ways, and that makes them all so special.

    Also, when my step dad's first wife died, they had three Airdale's and none of them ever slept in the bed, and the first night she was no longer there, Foxy, the one that Pop was closest to, got up in the bed with him. It was like she knew that Elmona was not coming back, and she wanted to be there for him to comfort him. It is amazing!

  4. I totally agree with you that Stephanie's cat certainly could sense "something" much as the cat you talked about in the nursing home. I believe that Stephanie's cat could sense (and possibly even see something humans can't see). If we truly are existing in a parallel universe (between this world and he next) then perhaps Hercules could sense/see the angels that we know most surely surrounded and occupied Stephanie's bedroom. The cat knew the presence he saw or felt was there to guide, protect and comfort Stephanie. We know whatever he sensed did not cause him alarm or worry.

    Also, remember the mystery cat that came to Jack outside the window after Stephanie passed? Why did it come, and from where did it come and where did it go?
    Lois Eberle

  5. I have a close friend who is going through some emotional trauma and she says that whenever she is at her worst her kitty, Mona, lays next to her and purrs.

    All of this has been reminding me of how much I wish I had a pet.


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