Monday, July 23, 2007

Kicked in the butt!

What a week! VBS was fun, exhiliterating, full of fellowship, creative & tiring! I dont think I've been that busy in a long time - but it was wonderful spending time with all these kids. Seeing them excited about learning things about Christ - its all worth it.

On a personal level, it was such a reminder of how much I miss Stephanie! We have done the past few years VBS in crafts together. I know people dont understand how much I miss her - but then you dont understand how much a part of my life she was. Lately, I dont think I've missed her more. I was told it's OK to let everyone know how much I miss her & how bad it hurts me still - so thats why once again, I'm saying how sad life is without my friend! I try to keep a happy face on for everyone & not let them think its hurting as bad as it is - but yes, it still hurts - worse than ever.

I do have to say though, I am so thankful for my friends that I have with me now - the people who held my hands this week - who let me cry on their shoulder - the people who took me into private rooms & prayed with me - I am so blessed to have you all in my life! I had Stephanie's children working crafts with me & I had to smile thinking how proud she would be to see them step in her place! I saw Stephanie's husband working to help me prepare & offered his time. I saw my own bonus-daughter come a few nights to help (even when she professes to not even like to be around children) - life goes on I guess, even if we dont like the changes it throws at you. But I am blessed with new changes too - new friendships that are developing - people I can count on to say a prayer for me - people who put a smile on my face & make me laugh. I am so blessed.

So if you see me & I look a little sad - I'm just feeling that broken part of my heart again. But just say a quick prayer for me, give me a quick hug & know I'll be OK!


  1. Hugs and prayers always at the ready!!!! And you know what???? Steph was smiling down at you this past week seeing you carry on the "tradition".

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    Virtual Huggage!!

    Some of my fondest summer memories from my childhood were of VBS, I'm so glad you're helping these kids make memories, too.

  3. I've really enjoyed reading your entries. I can so relate to your VBS comment--kicked in the butt! I have a blog now as well and I've added you to my "Beach Bum" list.


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