Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Visit in a Dream

Here we go with the topic of a dream again. This past weekend, I had my first dream of Steph. It's crazy because in my dream, she was there - I could feel her, I could see her, I could hear that laugh - it was amazing. I kept trying to tell her she had died but she just laughed at me & would ignore what I was saying. Finally I just got to the point where I stopped trying to tell her & I was just taking in every minute I had with her. Isn't it crazy how real dreams can be? Something stirred the 4 dogs sleeping in the bed & they all started a barking-fest at 4:00 am & woke me up. I was right in the middle of a conversation with Steph too & the barking shot me right out of it - OHHH man, I was so sad! I wanted to keep having conversations with Steph - & hear that laugh! Oh, how I miss that laugh! Ever have that feeling once you wake up where the dream felt so real? I guess I just wait until I get another visit in my dream from my friend.


  1. Hey, I am glad that you got a dream visit....I know it was precious!

  2. I'm so glad she visited you. You should feel so special :)


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