Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Knitting WHERE?

OK - I'm only sharing this to put a smile on everyone's face - but it is in fact a TRUE story - which makes it even more embarassing!

Yesterday was my yearly exam at my doctor's office & of course, I take my knitting with me to pass the time in the waiting room. I get called back into the room, change into the robe they provide, hop up on the table & continue knitting while I'm waiting for the doctor. When she comes in, her eyes immediately go to the cute little hat that is being created & her questions start about the stitches, the yarn, the needles - a knitting conversation started! We get through the exam & then she asks me if I could give her a refresher course on knitting. SURE! - always up to share the joy of the needles! "Wait, my nurse wanted to learn this too" - call her in & another nurse also wants to learn - invite her as well! I'm showing them the stitches & how it works on double pointed needles (which looks more complicated than it is) & they are being sucked in the magical world of knitting! I give them places to go find the neatest yarns, the best needles I recommend, all the tips I can think of. A great time sharing my "knitting knowledge" - & then I realize - I'm still in my exam robe - sitting in a room full of strangers naked - teaching knitting!!!! My bum is sticking out the whole time - you know those flimsy little robes are like toliet paper! ..........Anything for the art of knitting & sharing it with others!
I challenge anyone to tell me they've knitted in a more akward situation in their life!


  1. I crochet, but I've always wanted to learn to knit. Have you thought about offering a class at church? I'd sign up!!!

  2. Someone else mentioned having classes at church. I do know there are at least 5 other women who are good knitters in the church too - I always said we need to have a "knitting club" so we could hang out, knit, & chat - there's nothing better than sitting & knitting & talking with other people! Fall & winter is a great time for that when it gets cool - we'll have to look into that!!!

  3. Ok, you have me rolling on the floor - almost. That is tooooooo funny!!! You have me beat on that one, that's for sure. Aren't you glad I was able to bring something like that into your life? hehe.

  4. Okay.... just so you didn't forget and pack your yarn and needles and walk OUT of the room still in the TP Gown!!!! And I hope that you charged THEM for the lesson to offset the cost of your exam...just a little something to think about!!!!!

  5. Ok, that one gave me a good laugh!!

  6. Knitting Club it is! I crochet as well, but I'd like to try my hand at knitting (at least when work dies down)

  7. I am thoroughly amused and not a bit surprised! Way to spread the knitting love!


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