Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evan Almighty

What a fun night! We have a contest for the person who has the most attendance on Wednesday Night in our Jr. High Youth group. The prize - a movie & dinner of their choice with a friend. Jordan won & chose to bring along Kayla - & the night was set for fun! We went to Panara Bread, gobbled up & then headed to the movie to see Evan Almighty! We had a few minutes to spare before & saw the photo booth - who could resist? Fitting 5 of us in that little booth - it was definately a hilarious event to watch. The giggles were on after that. We got into the theater - and the five us of (the two girls, me, Cara & Meech) started talking & the giggling ensued. During the previews before the movies, the 5 of us were gut laughing while everyone else seemed very subdued. We were in the mood for fun!

If you havent seen "Evan Almighty" - I LOVED IT! I know it got bad reviews, but it had so many good lessons about Love, how God works in our lives, patience, Biblical references - I thought it was fantastic! Anything that can remind us that acts of random kindness are what changes the world a little at a time - how can that be bad? Add Steve Carrell & tons of animals - it was wonderful!

Add the company of my friends & two great girls that have so much personality - it was just a great night - one I needed! I am so blessed to know these jr high girls because I see so much in them that is the makings of great Christian women that will change the world & bless others with their love for the Lord - all the while - keeping that sense of humor that is needed to reach people personally.

Thanks girls for a wonderful night! Next stop - "Hairspray?"


  1. How cool! What a great night! Thanks for the fun & company! Hairspray or Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

  2. I would have loved to have been there with a video camera. I bet you guys were a hoot to watch!!!! Glad that you had fun...nothing better than an evening of laughter!!!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun...Mike and I have recently started spending some more one on one time with some of the teens, and are really enjoying it!


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