Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday... thank goodness... I'm in desperate need for some sleep... but that comes tomorrow... lets not get ahead of ourselves .... time to FRAG!!!
Tomorrow should be fun!  I'm meeting up with some friends from high school... yep, 20 years since I've seen these people in person.  Looking forward to some girl time & just catching up!  My year book has gone MIA in my parents house too & one of the ladies is going to be bringing her yearbook for me to really go down memory lane... oh 20 years, where did you go?
Calling all smart computer people - which I am not one.  Question... I usually am only using my laptop for things that deal with pictures... & when I go to email or to edit or open any file, the "picture" file was always there - or I should say, the last file I opened was always the one that was there when I'd go to "open" a new file.... Now, my new laptop, its defaulting to "My Computer" EVERY time... driving me insane... because I go to email pictures & I have to go through ALL the files to find the picture I want to email... And then I go to email someone else the same picture & I have to go through the same process all over again (I hope I'm making sense) ...  so, can anyone tell me how to make it stop defaulting back to the beginning when I open a file? 
Did you all see the VMA awards?  I told Ricky I can tell I'm getting old... most of the people, I'm like, "Who's that?" - Honestly, the only person I knew in the "New Artist of the year" category was Justin Beiber! And I only know that Kim Kardasian has a weird obsession with him... But I have to say, my favorite performance was Taylor Swift.  I'm not a big over the top fan of hers - do like some of her songs - but she just looked BEAUTIFUL... so vintage... & I loved that song.  Even though I do stick to what I believe - she HAD to be lip synching... she's not a good "live" performer... no matters, I still enjoyed her.... very classy the way she handled this year & the big Kanye scandal... very classy...

Dancing with the Stars starts Monday!!!!!!!  Do you all even know how excited I am?  And yes, the blogging recap will return... I thought I'd get away from it, but its in my blood.  Ricky wont talk about the show with me so I have to turn to my bloggy world & talk all things fringe & glitter, crazy Bruno language & of course, "The Hoff"...

Aren't these the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen? As a knitter, I think I want these for my birthday... Looks easy to make in the "yarn" part - but what do you think they used for the Knitting Needles?  I cant figure out the "stick" part?  And that tip?  Looks like an upside down butterscotch chip, doesnt it?  What would you use for this look?

Hold you breath... today, we are now in 2-digit numbers for the Christmas countdown... 99 days until the big day... I got a little dizzy & faint feeling when I saw that...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Hummingbird feeder ... I so have to take a picture of our ghetto, red-neck hummingbird feeder!!!  We've had hummingbirds hanging around our house lately.  Sunday, I was sitting out reading when a bird came up & was like 2 feet from my face... I was freaking out - never seen a hummingbird that close!  So I was telling Ricky about it & he said, "We have a feeder - let me get it" - its a nice feeder but I think something happened to it sitting in the garage for so long - like parts missing... There was nothing to hang it from... leave it to Mr. Think He's Handy...It is now held up by some sort of pipe cleaner thingie & DUCT TAPE!!! & its hanging from some sort of wire hanger contraption....I'm not even lying!  I asked Ricky - seriously?  We're going to keep a duct tape hummingbird feeder on our front porch?  I have a feeling this feeder will be the sort of many spats to come...


Speaking of Ricky... we've never ate Sushi but I saw this & had to laugh!  KISS - in sushi!  What a world we live in... now if only I could find Steven Curtis Chapman in sushi as well? 

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. I don't even like sushi, but that last picture makes it look so good!

    Hope you get caught up on your sleep tomorrow!

    Have a great weekend traveling down memory lane :)

  2. 99 Days are you serious?!! Wow time really does fly!

    Those cupcake are cute! To me the sticks look like golf tee. I could be wrong but that's what they look like to me!!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Ok I take that back! I clicked on the picture and realize those sticks are probably edible therefore probably NOT golf tees!!


  4. I'm pretty sure they're butterscotch chips on pretzel sticks. Maybe they put icing on the pretzel sticks to make it match?

    The sushi is hilarious! I love "fake" sushi (California rolls). Hmmm - might need to get that for lunch now...

  5. First... YAY SYTYCD

    Second ... you can get Pringle's Stix... they would be the right color... and edible... and use a butterscotch bit for the tip... and I would MAKE those for your birthday if you say pretty please!!!!

    Third... Tell Mr. Handy Manny to take DOWN the hummingbird feeder... it is time for the little darlings to move on.. technically the feeder goes up when you first see them in the spring and should go down mid to late September so they will migrate... otherwise they will freeze their little wings off!!!!

    Have FUN tomorrow...

  6. I think that the knitting needles on the cupcakes are prezels with a dab of icing with a butterscotch or peanut butter chip pushed into it. Don't you think?

    And yes! If you lived closer, I'd take you up on the DIY!! :)

  7. Duct tape - the answer for everything, is it not. My dad actually asked why the oil leak couldn't be patched up with a little duct tape. Everytime he says it, mean stop and stare. You know they are thinking, "Hmmm ... why not?"

  8. When I saw the cupcakes, I though they might be made of pretzels?

    Visiting from FF.

  9. Oh, girl…. that made this sushi lover laugh, haha!!!! :)

  10. I would never have guessed that sushi was Kiss if you hadn't said anything.

    99 DAYS til Christmas?! HELP!!!!!

  11. Oh, I think the needles are made from stick pretzels and upside down chocolate chips. That's my guess anyway.

  12. My "hummy" birds have gone to be replaced with wasps. I had to pull my feeder. At least mine is a pretty one, no duct tape, yet!

    Hugs & love,

  13. Have fun at your reunion with high school friends! I think the sticks on the knitting needle are something like sour punch straws with a butterscotch chip on top turned upside down or the tip cut off.

  14. Girl, I cannot WAIT for DWTS!!!!! I'll betcha Bruno will be ogling David Hasselhoff. It will be a match made in heaven!


    Regarding the file/picture thing. All software packages have a default file location that you set up in the preferences or options. Try taking a look there. Maybe it will help?

  15. Those knitting needles in the cupcakes look like nails, but I'm sure they aren't.

    Wouldn't want to see any bird that close up! Must say, duct tape works wonders.

    Have a great weekend!

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

  16. I have so missed your blog...thanks for always making me smile!!

  17. Okay so this is like the funny Frag ever!!! I was trying so hard not to completely crack up with "The Spat of the Week". Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    LOVE the cupcakes and I agree with the pretzel people.

    DWTS.....makes me so happy!!! It will be way interesting to see this year.

    Oh hey, my cousin that lives in Looeyville texted me tonight and said she is coming in on Thursday and wants to go to her hometowns Fall Festival. Want to come? I'll see if she has room in her suitcase =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed Lord's day,

  18. We had our 25th HS reunion last year and I had so much fun seeing those folks. I was a true nobody in school and I organized the class reunion - I think that helped encourage more nobodies to want to come because we had a HUGE turnout.

    I hope you are having a great time meeting your old pals!!

    I wish I could help you with your computer trouble. I bet there's a 10 year old in your neighborhood that could help you lol

    Kristin - The Goat
    via Friday Fragments

  19. I don't even like sushi, but that last picture makes it look so good!Hope you get caught up on your sleep tomorrow!Have a great weekend traveling down memory lane :)


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