Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!
Hope you all celebrate somehow, someway.
Whether that be with a love, or doing something special for yourself...
Everyone deserves love today
...every day...
Here's hoping this is the last hurrah for winter.
Today, we're expecting snow
(Right at rush hour...grrreeeaaaattttt)
& then its going to be cold with snow flurries all weekend
....but next week?
50's & 60's!!!!!
Watch, the next week, we'll get another 12 inches of snow
So everyone give some big props to Julie!!!
She's kept baby William baking away & she's now further then she's ever been in any of her pregnancies.
Totally had to snag this picture from her Facebook 

Isn't that belly the cutest!!!
& this was a week ago!
Needless to say, she's a tad uncomfortable.
But if she makes it a few more days & hits 36 weeks, William could come home with mommy & daddy from the hospital.
Her first 2 - they had to stay behind in the NICU for awhile.
Come on William - be an overachiever!!!
What is it about the Olympics that makes me watch a sport I could care less about any other time of the year?
Why do I feel like the Olympic Skeleton competition isn't that hard?
I mean, I try NOT to do this every day coming out of my garage, down my driveway
OK - this helmet is the coolest! I need it when I go get the mail
Say a prayer for our Youth Kiddos from church.
They are headed up to Indy today for a youth conference
... its the first time I haven't been able to go & I'm kinda bummed about that.
There's just no way we could leave Sydney.
But pray for the kids as the weather is going to be bad on their drive up tonight.
I want to redo my one bedroom that I use for 'my room'
... it is stuffed with yarn (not so much anymore since I gave a TON away)
& camera equipment
& a desk
& Beauty & the Beast goodies
& computers
& a couch
& books
I need organization in there.
Searching Pinterest for ideas
... but its such a weird shape room...

this is me when I try to get organized

I keep having dreams of my teeth falling out
... that's so disturbing...

 I finished Breaking Bad

... & yep, have moved onto The Walking Dead

So far, every episode I watch, I'm white knuckling whatever is near me to hold

I don't know how I'm going to make it through all the seasons with all my hair in my head

& I'm just in the first few episodes of season one & have already asked Ricky a dozen times if certain people are still alive or if they're dead..
...then say, "Don't tell me"..
"Tell me"
"Don't tell me"


Spat of the Week

Did you miss this?... I actually forgot about it until a friend mentioned it.
Goodness knows we're never short spats so here we go..

The Hubs:  I'm so tired. You have no idea. I'm exhausted.
Me:  Go to sleep. (honestly said with sincerity)
Me:.... um... ok

A few minutes pass

The Hubs:  Did your back hurt running tonight?
Me:  Not too bad.  My knee hurt really bad though
Me:  Someone's grumpy when they're tired
Funny of the day:

Because Proper Punctuation Matters!!!
 grammar is needed
 Hope you all have a fantastic Friday
& a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Love that last picture...made me laugh out loud.

    Not looking forward to the snow today (although we aren't supposed to get as much as you), but I can't wait until next week! Flip flops, here I come! haha

  2. I am keeping hope alive by seeing the sun set later and later! But I just wish the sun was a bit warmer. I am going crazy with all of these wind-chill advisories (like -30/-40 below zero/ UGH).

    Then I 2 weeks I'll be in Florida. Ahhhh..... :)

  3. How did you watch the last season of Breaking Bad? We watched all of it through Netflix but they aren't releasing season 6 (the second half of season 5 I guess) until Feb 24th. I know it's not that long but we are dying over here! Jealous of your 50's/60's next week! We are getting up to 48 and it is going to feel tropical!

  4. I think we have a few more snow storms to get through before winter is finished with us. The groundhog saw his shadow.

  5. That Mikey and Minnie image is so cute! My husband would love it! We're big Disney fans!

  6. All your fragments sound like the ramblings in my head! Haha
    I loved Breaking Bad. I can't do the zombies though "/ my husband on the other hand, is hooked!!!

    Oh and yes, commas: very important :)

  7. I totally LOL at that last picture! YAY for Julie keeping that baby in her belly!!!

  8. Congrats to Julie -- keep up the good work. I struggled similarly and I understand. To bring home your baby is the greatest gift of all!

    Love the celebration dance - hoping you have great weather soon!

  9. Omg I nearly fell off my chair at that last picture. Unable to contain laughter!!! Lovely blog girl, hope we can follow each other via GFC :)

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Valentine's Day: Sophisticated and Sexy!

  10. I have a hate/love relationship with grammatical errors. Last week, a student's grandma posted on her Facebook page "Ready to eat mom!" instead of "Ready to eat, Mom!" beneath her granddaughter's photo.

    I hope the kids returned safely from their trip!

    I guess the Olympics bond us, globally. Plus, as you pointed out, the outfits are cool! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week :)

  11. Walking Dead is AWESOME! i hope you catch up fast so we can discuss it every week-- no one who I know in real life watches it!


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