Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hodgepode Day....

1.  What makes love last?

2. The Beatles made their U.S. debut fifty years ago this week. Are you a fan? If so, what's your favorite Beatles tune?

I enjoy some of their songs - not a die hard fan... but one of my favorite songs is "Yesterday" ...

I will say, I really did like the movie "Across the Universe" that is made with songs from the Beatles...  I'm a sap for anything musical when it comes to movies.

3. Valentine's Day-your thoughts? Do you celebrate in any way? Do anything special for the people you love? Expect anything special from the people who love you?

Yes, we celebrate.. however that looks.  It can be something as simple as a card, or chocolate...  I love sending little cards to my grandbabies & nieces...

I will say, Ricky did it up good last year.  He totally surprised me being home early, having our wedding song playing when I walked in, with roses on the counter, candy, new running shoes (speaking to my heart there) Disney Princess goodies - he did it up RIGHT...

After being together over 20 years & still surprises like that?  yeah - he is still a keeper.

 4. Steak or have to choose. Now that that's settled, how do you like it?

Unless its a veggie burger, then no - I refuse to choose... you can't make me.. you can't make me...

Don't make me go all Regina George on you about eating meat

5. The Hodgepodge lands on the birthdate (February 12th) of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Lincoln is quoted as saying, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test his character give him power."  Do you agree? Why or why not?

Totally agree... give someone control of something & watch & see how they handle it.  Make things worse or better for others?  A huge test of character.

It also makes me want to break out into the song from the 80's - I got the power by SNAP... if you don't know the song, you were no child of the 80's :)

6. Honest Abe's picture is on the US penny (1 cent coin) so I'm wondering...what do you do with your pennies (or your country's equivalent)? It's been suggested the US stop making the penny, and two bills have been proposed suggesting just that, but neither were approved.  What say you?

I actually keep about 5 pennies in my purse just in case I get a bill of like $1.01 ... I hate when I don't have a penny then... other wise it goes into my piggy bank. & yes, I literally have a piggy bank.  Pink & Argyle.  I call her Constance.  A hint to constantly put money in there :)

Depending on my mood, I can look at pennies either of these 2 ways:

7. Do you think pop culture deserves serious study?

If only I can get the job & get paid to study it...

I do anyways with all my internet reading & watching of Entertainment Tonight

8.  Insert your own random thought here-

I messed up today

I pulled out the wrong color Bare Minerals Powder - the medium color I usually wear in summer...

I didn't notice it until I was turning off the lights in the bathroom...

... & by 'tan' I mean I put on the wrong make up...

Screw it...

let's see if anyone says anything...


  1. That tanning lady is rather odd. :)

    What a sweet Valentine surprise last year. Now....will he try to top it this year? :)

  2. I'm stopping by from the Hodgepodge. I enjoyed your answers, and loved the little animated 'extras' at the end of each one! LOL

  3. I love Bare Minerals powder. I bet no one will even notice and you look nothing like the overtanned lady.
    Yes, I know the 80s song and remember blasting it well :)

  4. AHHHH.....the 80's. Remember them well. And that song, but had NO idea who sang it.

    I have a friend who uses Bare Minerals. I've never tried it, but she loves it. I love it that you have a warm weather and cold weather powders. TERRIFIC!!!

    Have a Super day friend ~~ dawn

  5. Oh, I'm sure no one will notice the darker powder :) I do the same thing with pennies in my purse - I hate it when I don't have one or two when I need them!

  6. Tanning Mom is SO scary! I had almost forgotten about her! Love what your husband did for Valentine's last year - so sweet! And I totally have a piggy bank for change, too :) That stuff can really add up after a while!

  7. Woah...that man of yours did it up right for Valentine's Day! Way to go, Ricky! Oh, my goodness...I'm sure you don't look anything like the Tanning Mom. She gives me the heebie jeebies! :)

  8. Ewwww ... I could have done without the Tanning Mom! ha!

    Good job, Ricky ... now will he try to top that this year?? ;-)

  9. Enjoyed meeting you today on Hodgepodge. Hubby and I are doing vegan right now. We didn't eat much meat before, but are hoping the plant proteins will help keep us more healthy. I would love to hear of some of your recipes.

  10. Of all those Valentine treats you were given I think your wedding song playing is just the absolute sweetest!

  11. Oh, my! Your random brought a smile to my face!!! When did you realize it was the wrong one?

  12. I like the sentiment on the "Love isn't" you shared.....
    Yesterday is a great song choice. Well then veggie burger it is, they can be pretty good! Oh no, sorry about the powder today :(

  13. I have so done that with Bare Minerals! It was especially fun when we went on vacation & I had the wrong one with me :)


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