Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday... yes... thank you Jesus
I succumbed to the sinus infections that have been floating around.
Yes. I'm sick.
& I'm miserable.
I've been fighting it for a few days & it got the best of me Wednesday night.
My nose hurts from blowing
... why does Kleenex feel like its made from sandpaper after awhile?
I don't have time to be sick.
I have a 6 mile run I'm supposed to do tomorrow.
I don't do sick well

Tell me how sweet my husband is...
I couldn't find my 'cold kit'
which is a bag I keep in my bathroom that has nasal spray, nose strips, Vic's Vapor Rub - everything to help me sleep comfortably when I can't breath.
I couldn't find it last night.
I was freaking out.
So Ricky gets up at 10:30 & was going to drive down to our local Walgreens - which is 15 minutes away - & get me a new 'cold kit'
Now - the point here is that is so super sweet anyways - but we had Severe Thunderstorm WARNINGS going on with winds of 65 mph...
Or going out in horrible storms for...
I tried to hide his keys so he wouldn't go out in this weather.
& in the end, we searched my bathroom & found my kit so he didn't have to go
But come on, how sweet is that?
I can't believe Downton Abby's season finale is Sunday
Didn't it just come on?
What was this season?  Like 6 episodes?
Not cool at all!
I'm sure I will... Revenge will be back on Sundays :)
I'm excited for Scandal to come back though.
Give me more Olivia Pope & her crazy momma
... just no more teeth pulling please...
So I'm late to this party but I'm already into season 3 of The Walking Dead.
The only bad thing about watching it late?
When I get to episodes were huge things happen & some of my favorite people die, I've got no one to turn to...
no freaking out on social media where everyone else is suffering with you.
this scene... I needed someone to scream with me...
I love Daryl...
but is it me or does his voice not seem to match his persona?
Don't get me wrong.
In a zombie apocalypse, I want him on my side
...weird voice & all...
Anyone stay up & watch the Women's Figure Skating last night?
I get so nervous watching them...
I saw afterwards Michelle Kwan reporting on it.
Have you seen her lately?
So funny to see her into a grown woman
She seems to have her act together too...
Good to see
yes... toast...
I won't go into detail, but let's just say Ricky had to inspect my toast because he thought mine looked a little bit more 'toastier' then his..
with me saying, "Are you really comparing toast burns?"
yes... problems of the world, right in my own kitchen.
Fun of the Day
My birthday is extrememly popular
Its December 30th
Everyone is probably thinking like my parents did
... have that baby before the end of the year...
Tax write off!
How common is your birthday?
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Your hubby definitely sounds like a 'keeper' :)

    I agree, Downton Abbey has gone by too quickly! Although I must say, this hasn't been one of my favorite seasons.

  2. I think that birthday graph is SO INTERESTING! My birthday, March 23rd is not that common :) Even though I know what's going to happen in the Olympic coverage most evenings I still get so nervous watching...especially on events where people can fall...which is most of the winter events it seems like! I'm sad/excited for the season finale of DA. It goes so fast!! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. aww that's so sweet that he went out in that storm to get you a cold kit!!! :)

    p.s. love Olaf and his melting for quote!!

    it was cool to see the common birthday thing!! :) mine is August 23 and it's pretty common! i guess we now also know that 9 months prior is common for something else! lol

  4. What a wonderful husband and next time he wants to compare toast burns you should let him win.

  5. Michelle Kwan is so beautiful! I loved to watch her skate.

  6. Seriously...not ready for Downton to be over!! And I'm behind too because I just started watching Scandal...pretty good, but sometimes they are all over the place and I get confused (but that's just me ;) Walking Dead is on my list next! I'm assuming you finished Breaking Bad...what did you think about the ending?

    We're hooked on Falling Skies with Noah Wylie (I think it comes back on in June...really good even though it is about aliens...ha!)

    Your hubby is a sweet! Oh, and we compare how much butter is on the popcorn here ;)

    Hope you feel better this weekend! (and hope you feel good enough to do your race!)

  7. Your husband sounds very considerate. I am not happy, either, that Downton is almost over, but this season has been a tad slower than others. I was going to stop watching The Walking Dead, but I am watching season 4 as it happens. Sigh. And yes, Daryl is fantastic.

  8. I have to ask: were you whining about your sinuses?? 'Cause I'm thinking Ricky was willing to go out in the storm just so you'd be quiet! ;) (JK!!!)
    Is Sunday REALLY the last episode? Yay for Scandal and Revenge! CH watched Walking Dead for a couple of seasons; I just couldn't get into it. Orange is the New Black should start back up soon on Netflix; AND Vikings starts back up next month on History Channel!

  9. I love that he was going to go get the stuff to make you a new cold kit... so stinking adorable. :)

  10. Sorry you're sick! I haven't been sick yet this year (expect for breaking a foot and a then a toe a few moths later).

    But my husband would do the same kind of thing. I needed something one night when I thought I was getting sick, and though he was already in his jammies, he said he was going to get dressed to go get it (the weather was cold). He insisted, I insisted I'd be okay, and after almost an argument, he decided not to go!

    Can't believe Downton is Almost over. How is that a "season"? My husband is loving Netflix streaming, he watched two seasons of House of Cards in a week.

  11. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I can only stand to use the Puffs Plus Lotion kleenex, everything else gets too rough when you're using it a ton with a cold! Your husband does sound VERY sweet!

  12. I love all your funny!!!!
    Your husband is so sweet!
    I succumbed to sickness too and it stinks!I hear such great things about Downtown Abby. I really need to get on board with that.
    My husband watched The Walking Dead for a week straight until he caught up. I never got into it, but I do kind of listen in every-so-often. He loves to live tweet so I understand you not being able to cry out when someone gets eaten.

  13. Hmmm....looking at all those births in September, I guess we all know what the people were doing in January when they weren't having babies. O.o

  14. What??? Wait!!! Downton Abby's last episode is already here!!! How can that be, it just came back on the air. Dang.

    But I'm happy to have Scandal back too-- I'm a big Fitz and Olivia fan.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments. Happy weekend.

  15. Hope you're feeling better! I love his commitment to your kit but I'm glad he didn't have to fight the elements.

    I love the Office and I don't do sick well either so I feel you!
    Wishing you health!

  16. Love that September is so popular for birth dates.. you can tell we love to celebrate NYE! And I can't believe the end of Downton Abbey is already here! We totally fell behind.. I don't think we've seen the last 3 episodes, oops. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  17. February is not a popular month for babies, but in my office it's VERY popular. Out of the 80 people in our office, there are 11 birthdays in February. We were trying to figure out what was so special about 9 months prior to February!


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