Wednesday, February 05, 2014


...because I need something to get my mind off of just being sad...

1.  Are we always responsible for our actions? Are there any exceptions?

2. Has anyone from your home town become famous?

Louisville has a few big time famous peeps... Diane Sawyer... Muhammad Ali...
& the latest craze?    Yep, the one & only Jennifer Lawrence.

She apparently comes home all the time to visit her family & people see her around town... I need to keep a nerf bow & arrow in my car if I ever see her & shoot her & then do the Hunger Games sign... drive away...

... & then do this laugh to incorporate TWO of her movies

3. January was National Slow Cooker month. Do you own a slow cooker/crock pot? Did you use it last month? What's a favorite dish you make using a slow cooker or crock pot?

I do have a crock pot & haven't used it in awhile.  Last time I used it, I made some sort of Pinto Bean dish & made corn bread to go along with it... Ricky just told me this weekend he wants me to make it again soon.

When I ate meat, I used to make our Thanksgiving Turkey breast in it... & it was perfection... But no more meat...

I've actually been looking for a good vegetarian/vegan slow cooker cook book - this makes me want to zip over to Amazon right now & order one.

4. How do you feel about private companies collecting data about you?

That about sums it up... I think they've always done it.  I don't have anything to hide... & I have caller ID to ignore sale calls :)

5. The Games of the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off with their opening ceremony this coming Friday...will you be watching?  Which Winter Olympic event would you most like to see in person? Have you ever been to Russia? Any desire to go, Olympics or otherwise?

I love the Olympics... which is weird because I watch no other sports during the year.  Something about rooting for USA...

I always did love to watch the ice skating competitions.  I'm from the days where it was down right dangerous to be an ice skater or your legs would get whacked... Sopranos ain't got nothing on ice skating...

A Tonya Harding Valentine.. just in time for February

Russia?  Nope- its over seas & longer then 3 hours to get there... no.  I have no desire to go.

6. Share a good or bad sports related memory from your childhood or teen years.

I wasn't very 'sporty'... except when I was kicking butt in Kung-Fu classes (got my black belt when I was 16 years old)

but I was pretty fierce at some street kick ball games!

... or pretty fierce at getting my FACE kicked with the ball...

7.  What's a must have song for you on a work out play list? If you don't work out, run, bike, swim, walk, or anything else that could be construed as 'exercise', then what's a song that at least motivates you to get up off the couch?

I'm a huge fan of all things Black Eyed Peas when it comes to working out...

One of my favorites also is Kanye West - probably the ONLY Kanye West song I enjoy... Stronger... I can get my pace good on that one..

Come on... those are perfect words for working out

& my new favorite?  Tied with two - but Mandisa's Overcomer is fantastic... & she did one of her songs in a re-mix called "Press on" - which is my life verse... so I totally dig that song.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

So I think I've watched every video on Facebook that they created for their 10th birthday... the little summary of your life in 1 minute...

I want them to take all of my pictures & statuses & do a longer video :)

Happy Birthday Facebook...


  1. I'm loving the Facebook videos. It was a nice thing for them to put together. Mandisa's 'My Deliverer' is another good one for a playlist.

    I am so hoping you run into Jennifer Lawrence : )

  2. Mandisa's Overcomer was my choice. I kinda like the FB videos. Fun stuff.

  3. I haven't watched any of the Facebook videos and I'm afraid to do it. Something tells me there is a sinister reason behind it. Maybe I've watched too much Person of Interest.

  4. I'm not sure why, but the Facebook video that was created just for me a little choked up and made me feel really (cough, cough) OLD! Ooh...I love just about anything by Mandissa! That girl has some pipes!

  5. I love Mandissa ... I think I could make a whole workout playlist from her songs! ;-)

    I've got nothing to hide either, but for me, it's the principle of the matter. ;-)

  6. I heart Mandissa!! She is AMAZING!!

    Brad Pitt is from a little bitty town about 10 miles from the little bitty town I went to school in. There were 26 in my graduating class, and probably 40-50 in Brad Pitt's I'd say. I've never seen him around these parts, but his brother Doug runs a non-profit in the area. He looks very much like Brad.

    Hugs ~~ dawn

  7. Your sense of humor is very much like my brother!

    I am watching every FB friends' video. I was wishing they had assigned different music to each one and at they had been longer. Love your little cartoons about it.

  8. Bahahahaha...Tanya Harding Valentine! Priceless.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Everyone is like "The FB videos are getting annoying" and I'm like "Why aren't they longer?"

  9. I just love Jennifer and just watched Silver Linings Playbook for the 10th time :) Well I will be joining you in your weirdness because I seldom watch sports but I love the Olympics!

  10. Haha I'm totally the same way when it comes to the government or companies stealing my info. My husband gets all worked up over it and is it bad that I could care less??

  11. Wow, a black belt at 16, that is great. I feel bad for anyone who messes with you! I find Diane Sawyer easy to watch.

  12. Oh my gosh I feel like I may need to move in with you now so I can be on the lookout for J. Law!!!!

  13. You just crack me up. I can so see you doing that to Jennifer Lawrence! I haven't read your other comments, but I would assume that Auburnchick would have some recommendations for you on vegetarian crockpottery!


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