Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sharp turns...

I was on the treadmill last night watching The Bachelor...

which by the way, Juan Pablo is just coming off to me as a creep lately.  Those 'groans' he does when he talks to someone.  "mmmm... nice" ... is it me?  I just feel like he's a little fake.  Like the show is so legit with everyone being who they really are - right?

Sorry - I got side tracked there...

But I just kept thinking of last week. We had to leave right after The Bachelor came on last Monday to go to the vet... & that's when we got the news of Sydney having bone cancer.

Media preview
Sydney loves the snow... cools her off with that thick coat of hair

That night coming home was horrible.  We got no sleep.  We just sat up all night sort of numb.  Me, doing the worst thing anyone could ever do - getting on the internet & looking things up...

This is me.... completely

The next day was full of tears.  I literally cried all day long at work - couldn't stop it - couldn't control it. 

& here we are a week later.

Its a different feel.

yes, the sadness & frustration with the 'why's?' are still there, the anger of stupid cancer... but we've gotten in a new schedule.

Sydney get's carried outside now - no more doggie door for her.  She wouldn't be able to lift her good leg to get out the door - nor put her bad leg out to put her weight on it once it was out the other side...

We now have rugs literally from the kitchen door, all the way to the bedroom.  Our house is upside down.  No rugs that match, but a path that let's Sydney walk if she wants to limp her way from one room to the other without slipping on the linoleum or the hard wood.

New routines of medicine given to her when she eats & water given to her afterwards because the medicine makes her so thirsty.

And of course, extra hugs & kisses & love for our girl not knowing when things could get really bad... appreciating every day with her.

I was just thinking about it last night how life works... & it happens over & over.

We get news of something life changing - it could be anything.  Fired from your job, an unexpected bill coming in the mail, news from the doctor about your health
... its things that make your life take a hard sharp turn.

Life is never a straight path, but we can tend to be able to handle 'curvy' - right? 

But the turns...

That's where things change to a different direction.  A road you never thought you'd go down.

But its funny because what happens?  We adapt...

No matter what the situation is - we find a new way, new routines.

Doesn't mean that new road is easy, fun, or anything you'd choose or want to do again.  But we're not in control of it.  We just learn to adapt.

I truly believe its the support & prayers of family & friends... & of course, prayers for strength that help you adapt... get you through...

until the next sharp turn happens

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed,
a stronghold in times of trouble.
Those who know your name will trust in you,
for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
~Psalm 9:9


  1. Where would we be without our hope in the Lord.. So sad about Syd...It just hurts my heart for animals to be sick..they cannot tell us what they need.. I so admire that your family is working hard to makes things easy for Syd.. We just never know what life may bring but God is always there...Praying.. Blessings~

  2. I swear I was nodding reading this whole post. It's the truth for sure. After my mom passed away, I thought life would never get back to "normal" but turns out there is no such thing as normal. We adapt to whatever life throws our way and come up with a new "normal". Praying for you all! And yeah, Juan Pablo sucks. I'm ready for the next season already!

  3. Good reminder for us all! At least we know, no matter which way the road turns, Jesus is always with us.

  4. Oh, poor puppy. He's not in pain, is he? How much time do you have left?

    This season's bachelor is super boring, and I agree that Juan Pablo is super sleazy, and gets worse every episode!


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