Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A lot of Christmas & my 'best friends' {Project Life}

I am on photo session vacay right now through the holidays...
which means I get to take pictures of my own world & life.

I love when I get to do that.
So I've been doing a photo challenge for the month of December & decided to share some of my favorite pictures I've taken so far.

I know the rest of the year is going to be full of birthday pics (both mine & Ricky) & Christmas pics & family & friends & of course, Harvey Dent & gang...
so decided to post a few Project Life pics today...
I Enjoy....
Well, that was a no brainer, huh?
At first I was like, what can I take a picture of, I enjoy so much in life
... & then was holding this when I had that thought.
Right now, this is my background on my computer for the holidays.
It makes me happy
I know when they used the key word "Beauty" for a photo prompt - probably not thinking of this
... but when you love Beauty& the Beast as much as I do & you have a half dozen Belle's on your tree, well, what do you expect from me?
I am on a mission in 2017 to get my bookshelves organized.
& by organized, I mean playing the worlds best Tetris game & finding a way to squeeze in more books.
All the dead leaves. ... that gets stuck on Bruno every time he walks outside.
Joy Is....
... a quiet, calm, weekend morning with a cup of coffee, my dogs & a glow of a Christmas tree.
Doesn't get any better than this.
Mr. Lamb... you say it all in a simple way what Christmas is all about.
I love this little baby. He's one of my favorite pieces I added to our nativity set.
Bruno almost blends in with the bed.
He always likes to get under the Christmas tree every year & lay on the tree skirt
so this year I got the idea to bring this cozy comfy bed near the tree.
It's seemed to have worked on keeping Bruno content.  He just lays on it & watches the tree.
Isn't that adorable?
I love our little Disney Christmas tree.
Reminds me of the light up ones from the 70's that are making a comeback.
We got this when we first got married.  Only broke the top of it once but Superglue has held that star on ever since.
Every time a Pet Smart commercial comes on & they sing that line, "Ohhh - you're my best friend" by Queen, I always sing it to whichever dog is around me.  So when I saw this prompt, I knew I had to get a pic with one of my Best Friends.
(Isn't he the most handsome dog?)
What's your favorite Christmas decoration you have?
Do you still have leaves covering your yard?
Tell me something you enjoy....


  1. what a great photo! (well, all of them are great but I really like the coffee cup one). I can't believe it's so close to Christmas and then it'll be 2017!

  2. The Starbucks in front of the tree is stunning! And I love that little lamb celebrating Jesus's birthday! I enjoy seeing what other people are documenting this time of year. I've been watching Ali Edward's December Daily videos and I love her style. I have the tackiest Christmas tree ornament that I bought at a flea market table for 25 cents a few years ago. It's a baby, wearing a diaper and a Santa hat with a soother in its mouth sitting on a white horse. It's ridiculous and I love it. We have nothing but snow covering our yard!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I know you can't wait for the new Beauty & the Beast movie in March! Alise and I are excited about it, too! Enjoy your month of taking YOUR kind of pictures!

  4. Your Christmas decorations are the best. Your house looks so cozy! My bookshelf goal is to get a bigger house so I can squeeze in more bookshelves lol. This one bedroom apartment only holds one.

  5. LOVE that picture of you on the couch! And Starbucks should be knocking on your door to purchase that photo for sure! Dang!

    My parents tree was only up and with lights before their kitty found her way underneath it. Fortunately she doesn't climb anymore, lol. What is it with pets & trees?? Haha!

  6. BRUNO IS SO CUTE!!! And so is that lamb.

    If I had to pick a favorite decoration, it's my gingerbread house candle holder. I love that thing.

  7. What a fun challenge to participate in. I'd prolly use all the prompts to take pics of Baylee..haha

  8. I love these photos. I don't think I've ever asked...but what equipment do you use? You get such wonderful photos indoors in the low light :)

  9. I love all of the pictures! That Starbucks one is so dang artsy and I absolutely love that Belle ornament! Fun to see her in the winter clothes instead of her blue dress or yellow gown. :)

  10. I love these pictures! I enjoy fresh, crisp air. More late fall feels. It just feels so.. new to me! Like I'm ready to start anew.

  11. You always take the BEST pictures! Of course you have Belle, I always think of you when I see that commercial for the new movie. My favorite part of our decorations is our fancy tree, I'm so in love with it! No leaves for us, as we don't have any leaves to have, no trees :( I'm going to enjoy vacation starting tomorrow! Woo hoo!

  12. The glow of a Christmas tree makes EVERYTHING better. This is why I leave my tree up til February.
    Also, dog commercials totally make me cry.

  13. Ahhhhh I love your little ceramic tree!!!! My mom painted one in a pottery class when I was a baby back in the early 80's and she has put it out every year and I so wish I had one that looked like it! It's cool that their coming back. Maybe I can paint my own one year. Hers has the little holes where the colored birds go in and the light is in the inside of the tree. I just love it!! And I'm so with you on the glow from the Christmas tree being something magical!

  14. The live oak trees drop leaves all year long, so we ALWAYS have leaves on the ground. I love your photos and I think it's crazy that the ceramic trees are coming back! I've put at least three of them in garage sales over the years. Ha!

  15. I love seeing the snippets you share of all of your ornaments! I love the picture of you looking up at the tree with the pups in the photo too-- so many great shots!

  16. Love all the goodness that is going on in your life right now!

  17. All your photos are so good! You can tell you're a professional! :)

  18. Your bookshelf looks like my husbands! I don't think he can stick one more book on it, but somehow he always manages to. Can you believe I haven't put up a Christmas tree or even one decoration? I know, that's terrible!

  19. Love this! Your love for Beauty & the Beast knows no bounds. :P We do our (small) tree differently each year. The first year it was traditional red and gold. The second it was a vintage-y white and red, then white and gold and silver, then i think we didn't decorate at all! HHAHA This year it's blue, silver, and bronze. Very non-traditional but fun! I love your decorations! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  20. OK I want my lamb in my nativity scene to look like that!!

  21. Oh, your comment about the Tetris-bookshelves made me laugh (and I can TOTALLY relate). Basically, what I've had to do is just box up most of the books I've read all the way through and don't plan on referencing again soon (so, mostly fiction stuff)so that our bookshelves literally aren't breaking under the stress of so many books (which we've managed to do to a couple of bookshelves already...oops).

  22. Bruno and the Christmas tree...be still my heart! What a sweet moment!


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