Wednesday, December 14, 2016

That's it.... I want to move to the middle of nowhere....

So maybe Wednesdays need to start becoming my day for a Wacky Story time... Wacky Wednesday... hmmm...

Goodness knows there's enough WACKY in my world. WACKY WORLD WEDNESDAYS!!!

I gotta stop. I know me. I can go on & on &on with this line of thinking.


Why am I not in advertising?

... anyways...

Some of you saw my post the other day on Facebook about what happened to Ricky.

Image result for People From Stealing Packages Doorsteps
Not my picture... but its sad that most of my life lately can be represented by ABC News screenshots

& it involved yet ANOTHER UPS situation. 

Is UPS a jinx to us?  Cursed in some sort of way?
... nah - the UPS man brings us all our goodies & everything from Amazon so he's alright in my book.

On Monday, Ricky got off half a day because he worked on Saturday.  Now, he usually likes to save his half day & take it on Friday when half days really count for something important & special making a weekend an extra 4 hours longer. YES!  THE BEST!.... but with him not feeling well, he threw the towel & said he was taking it on Monday & going home & going to bed.  Poor guy.

When Ricky surrenders to sickness, you know the end is near. He never does that. I've seen the man go to work with a fever of 103.  Yes, he's the person other coworkers hate because that line of thinking is like saying "Germs are meant for everyone"... but he's also the type of guy that hates to call in sick & leave his work for anyone else.  Its a lose lose situation.  But just shows he has good intentions.

Image result for Funny Sick

So he's at home, shivering with cold chills & he hears Harvey Dent barking.  He ran upstairs to see the UPS truck... that good ole UPS truck... pulling out of the driveway.

 It looks a lot different when you see it in daylight & you're not chasing it.

He went to get a drink & something to snack on when he heard Harvey Dent barking again... & some ruckus on the porch.

He looks out & see's a man standing right on the steps of our porch.  SAY WHAT?

Ricky opened the door & the guy, who had on a baseball cap, pulled it down to shield his face & he started walking towards his truck.... really fast....

Ricky said the guy lifted his hand to sort of wave to him but didn't look towards Ricky at all... & once he got in his beaten down white pick up truck, he GUNNED IT.
Even tearing through our yard to get on the move!

What is the deal with vehicles pulling out of our driveway like the world is ending?

Image result for why gif

Ricky said he stood there a minute totally confused on what was happening... & then he said it was like it clicked & he yelled, "HEY!!!"... realizing the guy was trying to take our packages the UPS guy just dropped off.

I blame his fever for the slow response.

But how freaking scary is that?

Someone even said it was a good thing this guy didn't have a weapon on him when Ricky came out & caught him standing there. 

I never even thought of that... & then I was even more freaked out

Image result for I'm Freaking Out Man gif

Want to know what's even crazier.... it is WONT STOP WACKY WORLD WEDNESDAY after all...
There was a package on our porch that I didn't even order.

Yep... WACKY!!!
But it was charged to me.

Back it up... last week, I am looking at my email & see an order was placed online at a store for over $200.  & the order was placed at like 2 am... I was so confused what that was.
& then I looked up what the order was.

The biggest part of the order?  A 7 piece King Size Comforter set.

We don't even own a king size bed.
& the colors? ... nothing that even goes in our house.

I called Ricky at work asking him if he all of a sudden was tired of me talking about HGTV &  how cute Chip & Joanna Gaines was & he turned into Mr. Interior Designer himself & ordered some home goods for a bed we don't have & a color that wouldn't fit it. He assured me interior design is not on his list of goals in this world.  Wasn't him that placed the order.

I called the store & they told me they would look into it...

but here we are now.  A package I didn't order, but was charged to me... coming to my porch & a man showing up to pick that & maybe the other packages up.

Image result for what is happening gif


Is it just a coincidence that this happened when that package I didn't order was being delivered?

Is this guy going around & following the UPS truck - because he was at our front porch no less than the few minutes it took for the UPS guy to turn around & drive out....

All I know is I'm ready to hole up.  Put the bars down around my house.  Get off the grid.  Turn off all electricity.  Stop online ordering.

.... ok... we all know I'm still going to order from Amazon.  Let's be real. 

But I'm going to have it delivered now to some hole in the ground I'm going to start digging tomorrow!

...If you need me, I'm heading to my new home soon....

Image result for middle of nowhere funny

Think UPS delivers here?


  1. I live on the top floor of my building--no one goes up there, lol--but still had a package stolen once. Everything goes to the office now, but still. So scary that people are that desperate for money that they will steal! And then the online fraud! Crazy.

  2. WTF?! poor ricky in his fever-induced haze was probably all "what....who....what?" when he saw that guy standing there on your porch.

    it always worries me when deliveries happen and we know they're just sitting there on our porch for greedy thieves to take!

  3. 1) let's see this comforter.

    2) that's scary that the thief not only had your credit card but also your mailing address. I really wonder if he was there to pick up that package because he knew what it was.

    Last year I heard a story going around that UPS drivers were calling their friends everytime they dropped off a smart phone (or other electronics) at someone's house, and then the friend would come steal it.

    There for a while I got to know my UPS driver. He would even leave little bones on the packages for our dogs.

  4. Oh my gosh that is really scary! Have you confirmed that no one has your CC information? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. WHAT THE HELL? It makes me think that guy DEFINITELY knew what that package was & even worse, was following the truck around if he was there so soon afterwards. This also reinforces why I answer the door holding a weapon most times. Mr. Sass thinks I'm nuts (sort of, his job does let him see all the nonsense out there) but there is no reason ANYONE should be knocking on our door or at our house. All the people that would be out there know they can just yell & we'll open the door, since the doorbell has been broken forever, but it's kind of nice. We also have delightfully nosy neighbors that are so close they would have seen that guys nose hairs & called the cops. I bet your long driveway gives them a sense of protection. Also, now I feel bad I mentioned that. 'Cause that would freak me out.

  6. WOW. That's insane. The first part of your story is irritating but the second half with the wrong order is CREEPY. I wouldn't be surprised if that guy DID order that stuff to your home and tracked it. Grr.... people who steal make me SO MAD. I WORK for my money and I give to charity, but I am NOT giving my stuff away free to your lazy butt! Time to put a beware of dog sign in your yard and an NRA sticker on the front door. Ha.

  7. I must say, you guys do have some interesting experiences. Scary!

  8. Oh my gosh, that is so scary! Bless your all's hearts, I would have freaked out. Of course (being the cop wife) I have to ask did you report it?

  9. I am SO paranoid about my packages being stolen! I have instructions in my UPS account to leave the package at the side door (which is inside a fence) but that doesn't matter if someone is casing the joint and sees the package dropped off there! That's one thing I miss about apartment living, is having my packages safe in the office! Our neighbors bought a brand new car a couple months ago and parked it on the curb in between our houses and the next morning it had been keyed alllll the way down BOTH sides. Our car was parked right next to it and nothing was done to it. So basically our neighbors kind of accused us of doing it. But they installed a camera and a super bright motion detector light so I'd like to think maybe that would help us too, but I kind of want to install those things for our house now!

    Also, I want to hear what they tell you about the comforter set! That is so bizarre.

  10. Yikes! Most delivery services around here won't leave stuff on your porch unless you have a little sticker in your window giving them permission to leave stuff without a signature. I once had to go on an epic quest for the sake of 2 scarves and a headband I bought from Forever 21. I think I spent more money in gas searching for the main deep than I did on the items!

  11. Oh my gosh that is CRAZY! I would flip out! I'm glad that he didn't get them, and I'm sure the comforter thing will get resolved. Oh my goodness. That's a lot of crazy. At our apartment complex they either go in a USPS box, or often to the office. Sometimes they set them outside the door.. but you can go in and change the setting so you have to go to the pickup store... which is probably wise if you live somewhere where this is apparently happening! OMG! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. We've had stuff taken off our stoop most Decembers. People are crazy. I'm all like hey, it's just a broom/paper towels. LOL

  13. I get days like this too where I'd just like to relocate to my own personal island, haha. People are strange! I hope the company who the packages belong to manage to figure out who charged and ordered those items to your house though; sounds like someone was trying to skip having to pay for them themselves - very naughty indeed. Hope normality resumes for you soon. I love the title Wacky Wednesday too! - Tasha

  14. WOWSERWOWZERS!!! As much as I love this time of year, it can create some scary scenes and when a pkg doesn't arrive when I think it should, I panic and assume someone stole it. I just wanna say the words Wacky Wednesday allllll day!!! ;-)

  15. UGH! Totally scary. What is with people these days?! It's the holidays & people are getting desperate. I'm so sorry this happened!

    PS: Go us in our spring training!

  16. Holy moley ... that's scary! I've been hearing a lot about online shopping scams and this sounds familiar -- someone hacks into your account (seems like Kohl's is the big one), orders stuff and charges it to you, then picks it up at your house OR has it delivered to an alternate address so you still get charged for it but never see it. Are you able to have things delivered to your work address? Or maybe to a family member who is home all day?

  17. That is SO scary! I'm so glad the man didn't have a weapon and Ricky didn't get hurt. Also, a store randomly charged you for something that wasn't yours and shipped it to you? That's really weird!

  18. That is some scary stuff. I'm glad Joe is home most days and can grab the packages as soon as they are delivered. Wow. Interesting about the new bed set. Keep us posted on that one. Geeeshhhh.

  19. What the what????? Whoa - that is some scary, scary stuff! Thank goodness for Harvey Dent and I'm glad Ricky is okay too. That's really weird about the comforter set and the timing of everything too. I live in an apartment so our building manager takes our packages for us. Sometimes it can be annoying because they aren't always the best about letting us know we have a package but I can't complain, given your recent UPS adventures.

  20. girl. Not okay. I am so sorry. Don't mess with my money or my packages, especially during Christmas. It's sickening to hear what people do :(

  21. Wow that is scary and not ok. What a creep that guy was for coming to your door. He was definitely there to take the package. Maybe they ordered it by stealing your card. Not cool and it makes me even more weirded out.

  22. Oh GIRL! we got hacked a week before we left for Hawaii! UGH! It took nearly a year to get all that straightened out! Sorry about your WACKY experience!

  23. People are CRAZY! I hope all your info is secured now!


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