Tuesday, December 06, 2016

One Sentence a Day - November 2016 Edition

Before we get started, I have to say (& knock on wood as I say it) this may be the first post in the longest time where a dentist trip didn't happen... & all my teeth stayed in.  From that right there, November was a GREAT MONTH! ;)
So let's look really quick at how the month went, one sentence at a time... & a lot of pictures.

1.  Got a phone call from my doctor's office that did nothing but ruin my night by worrying.

2.  Had to go back for another mammogram & was told I'm good for 6 months... whatever that means.

3.  Worked out for the first time in over a week.... & that hurt.

4.  Got to leave work 2 hours early which felt like a lifetime.

5.  Could NOT have asked for a more perfect day for a perfect wedding for a perfect couple.

6.  Post Wedding Photographer Hangover which means I'm dehydrated from no water or food the day before.

7.  Dealing with a mouse running loose in our office at work.

8.  I don't think I've ever stayed up so late in my life to watch election results!

Image result for donald trump election night

9.  I took the night off from editing & ended up falling asleep at 9pm!!!!

10.  Had to cover my roses for the first time of the year to protect from frost.

11.  The quietest day in the office when everyone took off except for me.

12.  I spend the evening with my 7th grade girls painting pottery & laughing & getting to know each other better.

Me trying to look cool enough to hang with 7th grade girls ;)
13.  Loved talking about God stuff with my MSM girls & then my JOY Sisters.

14.  Feel so bad for my friend Nathalie who fell & broke her ankle.

15.  Still spending my nights editing away!

16. Super Moon has me living life with a migraine.

17.  I just honestly cant get enough of this warm weather

18.  Ready to get out of work & enjoy some time away from work, celebrating with a trip to Starbucks


19.  Got to enjoy spending the evening with my nieces again seeing Trolls.

Image result for trolls movie

20.  Started some real Christmas shopping.... Lord help me.

21.  On a mission to finish up the wedding pics of my last wedding. #accomplished

22.  Hair day for the holidays!


23.  Got my house all Christmas'ed up!!!


24.  Enjoyed Thanksgiving & reminded of all the things to be thankful for.

25.  After shopping all day, it felt like 6pm was more like 11pm #exhausted


26. Spend most of the morning tackling wrapping.

27.  We didn't have MSM for the day so was able to go hear a friend preach at his church & then headed out for a special engagement session.

28.  Back to work after vacation is the WORST!!!

29.  So sad to see the news about Gatlinburg & the Smoky Mountains being on fire.

30.  The kitchen counter is so covered in wrapping stuff, we made due with grilled cheeses on paper plates in our lap. #reallife

So what was the best thing about your November?
Are you so ready for the LAST MONTH OF 2016?!?!?!?


  1. I love how you do this for the entire month- what a fun snapshot! Your tree looks gorgeous- love all the bits of red!

  2. I love the one sentence review for each day! And congrats on no teeth problems this past month!

  3. I find it interesting that you wrap Christmas gifts in your kitchen. I have my stuff in a spare room and I would like to say I put it away when i'm done using it each time but I am still waiting on a few gifts to arrive and each day I say "they'll be here any day now. No sense in cleaning up yet..lol"

  4. No dentist?! Yes, I'd say your November was pretty good right there. And I love your pic of being cool enough to hang with the girls.. it's too cute! Love your hat and glasses.

  5. not a bad month--esp since no dentist trips were involved--*knocks on wood and toothbrush for good measure*

  6. Do you have a specific sentence a day journal that you use? A friend of mine has one she bought at the bookstore that spans five years and she's already on year two. Last year for Christmas she got me the companion book to it with a question for each day of the year and space to answer the question for 5 years. It's become part of my daily routine and it's going to be so cool to look back on!

  7. wasn't Trolls so good!?! I love it and cried when they were trapped in that big pot :(

  8. Yay for no dentist! Yikes on the mouse. I'm not sure I could have dealt with that. We had mice in the office a couple years ago and I remember they put out a bunch of traps that I tried to avoid looking at as much as possible.

  9. Yay no teeth issues! Crazy about the mouse in your office! Yikes! Hope he got out ok!
    I love your holiday hair! So gorgeous!

  10. Ahhh so happy you didn't have to go to the dentist at all!! You totally look cool enough to hang out with 7th graders. LOVE your beanie and pigtails!!! (I just glanced up at the comments and saw that Steph said basically the exact same things as me. Hahaha!)

  11. YAY for no teeth issues in November! Fingers crossed it holds through December. Love your Christmas tree. It almost makes me want to put one up, but then I remember Max. He would destroy within seconds! LOL!

  12. So happy for you that you didn't need the dentist. Sounds like most of the rest of your November was good too. Finally got my tree up yesterday. Yay!

  13. back to work after vacation really is the worst! and now i want grilled cheese. yum!

  14. Every month I'm blown away that you do this.. love it!

  15. I love these, fall off the wagon in November, but I'm back on for December! :) Yay for no teeth issues, looked like a great month!

  16. You are so good at this!! I always enjoy your one-sentence days.

  17. November was such a crazy month. Sounds like an overall good one for you! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. I love the one sentence per day posts. It recaps the best and worst moments of the month!


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