Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesdsay

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What we're eating this week...
Anything we can find ... scavengers...
]My cabinets are bare & I haven't had time to make it to the grocery so we're living on what we can find right now.  So a lot of take out... & grilled cheese.
Nothing wrong with grilled cheese in the winter.

What I'm reminiscing about....
The holidays are always good for thinking of memories of Christmas's past
& how the year has gone.
I, for one, am THRILLED this year is over.
I don't think its been that great of one for many people.
Kudos to you if you were treated well in 2016

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Exactly how I feel about 2016

What I'm loving....
Today is the first day of winter!!
... don't get me wrong - I HATE WINTER!!!
But know what winter means?
We start turning the time back again.
We GAIN one minute of sunlight every day now

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What we've been up to...
Trying to recover.
I think Ricky & I both have been trying to get over this CRUD.
Everyone that has had this says it lasts 3 weeks
... so yeah, that's pretty much all of my December.

What I'm dreading...
Looking at the final amount of money spent on Christmas

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What I'm working on....
Working on more messy bun hats.
These seem to be all the rage.
Not too hard to make either - just finding the time.
I'm going to have a few different colors coming up soon in my Etsy store.

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What I'm watching/reading...
I have been in a reading slump lately.
& TV is all on winter breaks (such a pain....)
So I'm trying to get back on my Gilmore Girl marathons... finish up Season 2.

I am on a mission though - I am DYING to see the VH1 Christmas Carol rendition with
Vanessa Williams!! Anyone else remember this?

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I just want to see it again!  I'll have to see if Netflix can make my Christmas with that wish

What I'm listening to...

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I just found out that Runner's World has a podcast
& I've been loving listening to it.
Full of good tips, great inspiration
... the interview with Lance Armstrong's wife was wonderful if you want to check it out & her take on picking up running after her divorce.

What I'm wearing...
... tighter pants...

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What I'm doing this weekend...
Well DUH!!!
& even more? It's the HUBS BIRTHDAY!!!!
So a weekend full of celebrating.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I'm so excited to get back on track with my eating & working out.
& the running training schedule is already planned out & waiting to get tackled down.
I have just felt bad lately & I believe its because my diet has basically been like Santa Clause & I haven't been working out.
I'm ready to feel good again... & shed this added holiday pounds.
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What else is new...
I'm counting down to my birthday... can't believe I'll be 45 in just 9 days.
WOW... just WOW!!!

Favorite 2016 memory....
Well, that's hard to pick just one, isn't it?
If I had to pick, I'll pick being able to be there when my Grand Buddy #2 was born.
... its not every day you get to witness a birth...
A pretty special moment, huh?

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  1. That is definitely a great 2016 moment. Births are amazing! Still boggles me, the amazing science and miracle of it. Grilled cheese sounds perfect. Yes yes yes to gaining sunlight. Darkness at 4 or 5 pm is not fun. My pants are all toooo tight.. admittedly due to baby, but still I haven't worn anything but leggings in months!

  2. What a great memory from 2016. I will admit that I thought 2016 was a fabulous year for me (besides the health issue with Baylee but hey, she's still here so that makes it wonderful).
    Happy early birthday to you and Ricky! I hope you two can find some time to celebrate during the midst of all the holiday stuff!

  3. what a beautiful birth picture!

    do you crochet or knit? or both? that is a great hat. i wish i could knit but i could never get the tension right (always too tight which ended up with me throwing it across the room).

  4. I'm ready to say goodbye to 2016, as well. Running wise it treated me well. But - I'm just ready for 2017. But first I'm ready for the holidays! And I got a B in Math this semester :) SO I finally get to celebrate & relax!!!

    Ciara @

  5. I'll be happy to see 2016 leave. 2017 is going to be filled with changes for us so we'll have to see how it goes... haha! I hope you guys kick that crud to the curb in 3 days- not weeks! That's no way to spend the holidays OR your birthdays!

  6. I am so ready for 2016 to be over. Easily the most heartbreaking, hurtful year of my life.

  7. I am 45!! It's good girl, it's all good but I won't lie, 45 has been the hardest age wise in my 40s but there still are days that I feel like I'm 20! 2017 will be great for you, I just know it!!

  8. Glad I'm not the only one who has essentially started considering Grilled Cheese a food group all in it's own! I keep reminding myself that the days are going to start to get longer now, which helps me cope with the idea of winter, because I really hate winter!

  9. I literally cannot remember the last time I had a grilled cheese, which now that I think about it, sounds like such a crime against humanity. Think I'll have to change that in the next few weeks. I've never been a huge tomato soup fan, but someone told me that adding some whole milk or whipping cream to a big jar of our homemade pasta sauce would make DELICIOUS homemade tomato soup, and I'm betting they're right. So, I'll probably send a prayer up for my stomach & then do it!

  10. Oh my gosh... I feel ya on the tight pants... yikes. :P We are definitely also scavenging for food! We had a "snow storm" last weekend and so I stocked up a bit and then worked on cooking a lot... so now I'm all like... "how many things can I make from these items...?" LOL Takeout.. yep that too! Happy birthday Ricky! Hope you both beat the cold! :) Can't wait for 2017. I'm such a nutty goal person. HA XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. We are also scavenging this week. I did manage to pull it together and make some soup last night.

  12. Happy birthday in advance to you and Ricky! Wow, what a celebration packed time of year. I hear you on the lack of food shopping - I've been scraping my pantry for too long... It's amazing what I've made pass as a meal! Feels a bit Oliver Twist though which is not conducive to Christmas spirit.

    I'm very ready for 2017. Let's go!

  13. Haha. I am wearing tighter pants too. I have been eating sweets and so much food this month. I hope you guys start to feel better soon!! I have been loving soups lately. Tonight we are doing grilled cheese and tomato soup. So classic. Nothing is wrong with grilled cheese!

  14. That is exactly my feeling about today being the first day of winter too! Spring is coming! If we had any bread right now I would totally be having grilled cheese for dinner-- sounds delicious!

  15. Wow those birth pictures are incredible! What an amazing experience to be a part of!

  16. I live grilled cheese sandwiches. Had 1 last week in fact. I'll be glad for 2016 to end too. Hoping 2017 will be better.

  17. This is a fun meme! I enjoyed reading your answers!! Wishing Ricky a happy birthday and both of you a very merry Christmas!!

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  19. I'm seeing those super cute bun / pony hats everywhere. The only time I wish I had my long hair back!

  20. 2016 has been a rough year for us! I hope 2017 is better.

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