Friday, December 23, 2016

Because Jesus & my husband are my favorites!

I know I usually do a Friday Favorites every Friday....

but everything is thrown off kilter these last 2 weeks of the year - all in thanks to the busy-ness of the holidays

So I just wanted to take a hot minute here to do 2 things...

first, to wish my precious, sweet, adorable man, the love of my life - a Happy Birthday!!!
His birthday is actually tomorrow - he's a Christmas Eve baby!!!!

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I always try to keep part of Christmas Eve solely for his birthday... even though we do our family Christmas that evening - so it makes for a task.

I usually take him out to dinner/lunch wherever he wants for his day. 
That used to be really hard because everything closed early or wasn't even open on Christmas Eve not too long ago.  Now?  What's closed? - hardly anything.  So while its sad for workers, I am glad he gets a little normalcy now & gets a good choice of places to pick for his birthday dinner.

I love this man... 

My poor hubby... hoping he gets his hernia surgery done soon, but always nervous for surgery. I just want him to feel better. 😯❤ #VincentsRockSundays 06.02.16 #VincentsRockSundays:

So thankful for him every day of the year.  
Don't know what life would be like without him...

Happy Birthday to my love... I pray this next year gives you blessing beyond blessing & that God continues to use you in mighty ways in showing the love of Jesus to others. I love going through life with you.  Cheers to another year!  I love you!
& second, I want to wish everyone a BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!

Let's all remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior - came to earth to give us all an opportunity for eternal life with Him.  

What a precious gift we all received that first Christmas.

May you find quite moments to reflect on the day.
May you hear sounds of laughter with loved ones throughout Christmas.
May you wrap your arms around those in your life you appreciate every day.
May we all remember that this season is a perfect time to pray for Peace on Earth & good will towards man.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Rickey and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Rickey! (does he read your blog?)

    I hope you both have the merriest of Christmas and happiest of birthdays!

  3. Happy Birthday to your other half! And Merry Christmas to you both!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ricky & a very Merry Christmas to both of you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday wishes for your husband and happy Christmas Eve, Eve wishes too! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoys yourselves. - Tasha

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to your husband and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! xoxo

  7. Merry Christmas and happy (early) birthday to R! glad he's better!

  8. Merry Christmas to you, Rebecca Jo!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! And the happiest birthday to Ricky!! Enjoy your time together!

  9. Happy Birthday Ricky! And Merry Christmas to you Rebecca!

  10. Happy Birthday to Ricky! I have he had a nice celebration. Hope your Christmas was lovely too. Jesus is the reason for the season.....

  11. Happy birthday to Ricky! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!


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