Thursday, December 01, 2016

Support, a lot of food & perfect photo sessions {Thankful Thursday #100}

100!!! I can't believe I've been doing a link up of this for 100 posts!!
I have loved looking for things to be grateful for every day...
I have loved reading about the things that makes others thankful as well.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has linked up with me in the past & hope to see more in the future.
Perspective is everything....
Excited to continue on for another 100

This week I am Thankful for:
{The numbers are for my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore them}

1028 / Christmas decorations are up!  I love when my living room is decorated for Christmas. Its the only time of the year I make intentional time to sit in my living room & just relax.

I've had this Santa key since Ricky & I got married... love hanging this on my door
Santa's gotta get in someway, right?

1029 / Good tea. I found this at Target & love Pure Leaf tea so much.  & now love these tea bags. They have those silk bags that you find on a higher end tea & the taste is DELICIOUS. It was the first time I pulled out my tea kettle & used in a long time. Cold weather heading back?  This will be a usual happening. Thanks Target.


1030 / Turkey Trot 5k.  I haven't ran in the longest & this was one of my best runs I've done in awhile!

1031 / Great Thanksgiving with family! Loved playing games after eating. I always have & always will be a game girl.

My nieces dog watching us all with a close eye... someone is bound to drop some food soon

1033 / Last day of vacation & slept till 9am.  Heaven.

1034 / Ricky off early on Black Friday. I was so glad we met up & got to stores around 11. We got a lot of the deals we were wanting too.

1035 / Potato candy.  I talked about this Monday. LOVE this stuff.  So grateful my sister in law sent me some. I miss eating this yumminess.  I am now craving it.  I need to go to Pinterest & learn to make it for myself instead of relying on others to make it.  But that's probably opening Pandora's box if I learn to make it myself & can have it any time.

1038 / Sunshine.  It was so gloomy for 3 days in a row so when the sun shines after that grey hangs over me, I just love to go stand outside & let the sun hit my face.  I say I'm solar powered & people think I'm joking... I'm totally not. I NEED sunlight to function.

1040 / Seeing a friend preach.  I have to be at church every Sunday for youth ministry but was so thankful that it worked out the one Sunday we don't have youth since Thanksgiving is slow & they make it a family Sunday, my friend was preaching at his church.  Ricky & I just think the world of him & his family.  It was such a blessing to visit his church.

1041 / Chasity is a trooper.  Bless her heart.  She wasn't feeling the best but wasn't about to miss her sister's engagement pictures & didn't want to get anyone sick, so she showed up prepared.

Only Chasity can make feeling bad look cute

1042 / Fall colors so late in the year.  We're at December... & we still have a few trees with amazing color. So took advantage of it for this photo session ... this AMAZING photo session. I so cant wait for this couple to see their pictures!!!

Side note... look at her engagement ring...
So her!!!! 

1043 / Found new restaurant.  I've seen this new place called Topp't when we're out & didn't know what it was.  Ricky isn't one to try new places but I had to rush after church to get to the photo session so we needed some place fast to eat so gave this a try. We now have a new favorite place. You top your own pizza or salad however you want.  & its delicious! I cant wait to go back & try different topping combos. I got the wheat crust & it was amazing too!


1046 / Sold 9 things on Etsy. NINE. THINGS!!!! I am so grateful to everyone who purchased things - especially those that purchased solely to support me & my little store.  It truly is a blessing to have people who cheer you on.  & you know what that means - the sale of these things gave me a good excuse to explain to Ricky I NEED more yarn.
What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I LOVE Christmas decorations. I can't wait to drive around and see Christmas lights. :)

    By the way, I'm addicted to that Disney game!! haha

  2. i LOVE decorating the tree! one of my fav things each year is pulling out the ornaments and seeing all the ones that kayla can totally tell the ones she made from when she was little (they're awful LOL) and then as the years go on, they get better and better.

  3. Wow, those Fall colors in that engagement photo are amazing! It really is nice to have those colors sticking around a bit longer. And congrats on those Etsy sales!

  4. Hooray on your Etsy sales!! You have so many cute things there. It doesn't get that cold in Florida, though. I don't even have a decent coat anymore (other than a lite jacket). Your photography is so amazing! You have a great eye, Rebecca Jo. I enjoyed reading all you are thankful for this past week!

  5. Congrats on your Etsy sales and reaching 100 Thankful Thursdays!! That pizza place sounds amazing.

  6. I want to hope that you got a few new customers on Etsy due to the newspaper article I mentioned you in!!! (if not, that's okay, i'll still

    That engagement pic is absolutely stunning!!!

    It has rained here for two days (but that's OK cus we need rain) but other than that it has still been warm and beautiful! Makes me want to get new furniture on my front porch. I have 2 rocking chairs now but want something I can get comfortable on and curl up with a light blanket when it's cold I know most people probably don't sit on their porch as much as I do!

  7. Great engagement picture and I love the Fall colors. It's crazy that you still have such vibrant colors this late in the season. Your pizza also looks amazing! I am a meat eater (sorry!) but I prefer vegetarian pizzas, hands down, and I want to lick the screen, which is kind of gross. :D You've made me curious about potato candy. I've never heard of it before but it sounds intriguing.

  8. I wish I could leave my Christmas tree up all year long! HA. I agree, there is nothing better than sitting in the living room relaxing in front of the tree!

  9. Those fall colors are gorgeous!!! I for one am super happy about Christmas decorations. They make things so cozy every evening. I am not sure I know what potato candy is?

    I love your tea mug, too!
    I'm a fan of dreary, cold weather, so I can't say I'm too pleased about the warm temps hanging around, but I am glad they make someone happy! :)

  11. I would like to try that restaurant. Like, right now.

    My favorite coffee right now is the vanilla creme brulee from Target. I could drink 3424 cups a day. But as I enjoy sleep, I am working on having hot tea in the afternoons instead. We found a cinnamon apple spice that is AMAZING. Yay for hot drinks!

  12. That is awesome. Congrats on that. I think those pizzas look great and the potato candy has me very intrigued. And yay for selling 9 things on Etsy. That is amazing!!!!

  13. Oooh fun! Wow 100 posts! That's awesome! I will have to try to linkup someday! I love that you do it! :) What on earth is potato candy?!?! I also love games!! We have tons of board game nights! What games do you guys like? Um...! Amazing about your Etsy sales! I 100,000X hope that the yellow scarf got purchased for me... because I pinned it to my wish list. If not... I'm still glad that you sold so many things! Wooooot! :) those photos are gorgeous, and black diamonds are lovely! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. Yay for nine things! :) And want to come decorate my house, I'm hosting a Christmas decorations link up on Tuesday and my house looks like a tornado ripped through it...and then threw up Christmas boxes...haha!

  15. A lovely list of things to be thankful for. I just went through our decorations and sorted out some things to give our daughter...a Santa key was one of them. :)

  16. I need to go to Pinterest and find out what potato candy is!! That engagement photo is beautiful and I have never seen a black diamond before!!!

  17. Potato candy?!? I've never heard of it!! So I went to Pinterest and there it was! Every post bragged about how great it is, but I'm still not convinced. Potatoes, as candy?? Hmmm... :)

  18. Nine things sold on etsy?!?! That's phenomenal!
    That tree in the photo with the girl and her black diamond ring. That tree is crazy beautiful. We've sold a handful of black diamond rings, and they always go to someone who is set on being different. I love that spunk!


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