Thursday, March 23, 2017

Acting like a fool, my Toy Story heart & STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN LOVES ME!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! ......{Thankful Thursday #117}

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This week I am Thankful for:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

OK.  2 things people should know about me in this world by now. 1. Beauty & the Beast ultimate fan (you know this) & 2. Steven Curtis Chapman ultimate fan. I have loved the guy FOREVERRRRRR.  & I have tried every birthday to try & get a shout out from him on Twitter or Instagram. I mean, I'm at every concert he's done around here. I've watched his kids grow up in these concerts & on all the social medias. When his kids started getting married, I felt like they were my own kids ... & when their daughter died unexpectedly, I was heartbroken with them.  I got to go to a meet & greet one time but I think security was tight because I couldnt get too close to him.  They must have been warned about me.  I always say that when he's in town & does concerts here, he has to see that screaming red head girl in the first few rows that wont sit down & is jumping up & down & waving the whole time.  But anyways - I happen to pull up Instagram the other day & saw something... & sat & stared because it couldnt possibly be true.... but there it was in front of me. STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN LIKED MY INSTAGRAM POST!!!!!... I purchased his new book & of course hashtagged it #stevencurtischapmanbiggestfan - duh... but it's really his IG account - that saw my picture & liked it. Believe me, I would know.  & HE FINALLY LIKED SOMETHING OF MINE.  I know most people are like, no big deal. To me?  It's a big deal. It made my day.  It may have even brought a tear to my eye.  That's how much of a deal it is to me.  ... so yeah, we're kinda like best friends at this point ;)

211 / Sweet friends.
I went to  a restaurant the other day at lunch & noticed 2 ladies just taking such good care of their friend. I didnt pay too much attention at first because my nose was stuck in a book (Belle shout out there!) & then looked up & noticed that the girl had on a cap... & no hair. & I realized that this place is right next to the chemo center in Louisville.  Then I saw the 3 of them praying before they ate... & I just wanted to go over & hug them all.  It made me so miss my friend Steph & made me miss her so... but it made me so thankful for the time I got to spend with her & the blessing she was in my life.

212 / Saw my blog buddy in person!!!!
I love when I get to see people's faces in real life & that happened last Friday when I went to pick up my race packet for my 10K.  I was walking out & looked up at the same time a lady walking towards me looked up & we were both ready to scream. There was my blog buddy Elizabeth who I just had to grab & hug!!!!  I had to get back to work from lunch so couldnt stay & talk long ... & laughed when she emailed me & said she thought for sure she'd run into me first at Starbucks or Target (true that!)... but so glad to see that sweet lady's face in person.

214 / Had a great 10k
I did way better than I expected. Still embarrassing slow for some... but great for me. What can I say?  I'm getting content in my slowness.  I finish - always the goal - ALWAYS.

215 / BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many times can I bring this up?  Oh, so many more times, I'm sure! ;)
But I just cant believe it finally came out & I saw it... I just waited for so long... it's kind of surreal for it to be over.  But it was everything I hoped it would be & more.

216 / Perfect seat for 2
When Ricky & I went to the movie, the theater was packed.. but there were 2 seats available just sort of sitting on their own & they were perfect for us. It let us talk to each other through the movie & not bother any one & my singing along or making commentaries throughout didnt disturb someone else.  I couldnt have had better seats for my first viewing.

217 / Feeling like a kid
Yep... I left the movie & told Ricky I had to have the soundtrack. I mean, there's new Beauty & the Beast songs I needed to learn STAT (which BTW, have been playing so much in my car since Saturday, I've got them down now)... but I saw this little Cogsworth & had to have him. Is he the cutest littlest Cogsworth you've ever seen? & on the shelf was only this Lumiere left.... OK... this is where my Toy Story heart kicked in because I felt bad leaving Lumiere there by himself so had to buy him too & bring them both home.  Yes, I'm a 45 year old woman feeling bad for toys. But I'm so happy to have them. They make me smile.

218 / Late night phone call.
My phone ringing at 11:30pm makes me hold my breath. No one calls late for good news.  Except this time. My cell phone rang & Ricky grabbed it because he thought the same thing I did... & then I hear a voice that said, "Is Rebecca there? This is "so & so" from her small group"... some of the girls that were going out for our MSM girls day were spending the night with each other & had some ideas & thoughts about our day together.  They were CRACKING me up with the things they were coming up with.  They even dressed up in beautiful dresses & did their hair for the event & trying to talk me into doing the same. How cute is that?  ... the next day they were like, "did we call too late?"... no my sweet girls - you call me whenever you need to.

219 / Serving in church TIMES TWO
You all know I love serving in middle school ministry  (MSM if you ever wondered what that meant when I talk about it)... but it was so fun Sunday when they had us go to a different area of church to serve & we ended up with 4 yr olds.  I had the best time singing & dancing.  I think because I'm not afraid to act like a fool, these 7th graders werent afraid either.  I am never too cool to act like a fool - NEVER!  We all had the best time.  We now are talking about all serving in a service for Easter together as a small group.  How cool is that?

220 / Caden's First Birthday
So glad to celebrate our little grand buddy's first birthday.  I think we just blinked & a year went by.

I love Big Sis keeping an eye on that cake

221 / New faces on our outing
I so loved on our MSM Girls Day out - I had 2 new faces that dont typically join us.  One especially - she is so quiet & keeps to herself so much... & I just love this girl. She has the sweetest & kindest heart. All the other girls even talk about how kind she is... she's just very much to herself. So I was THRILLLLLLED beyond words when she said she was going to go with us.  & as per her personality, she was quiet the whole time. I tried to get her to talk some - but its just who she is.  I'm hoping she will continue to do some more events with us.

... I'm going to add one special moment of our MSM girls day out... we were right in this picture above talking about things & the girls asked me about my family & about me being a grandmother.  They couldnt get how I could be a grandmother at their mother's age & I went on to explain how I have step daughters but never had children of my own... to which they all immediately replied "We're your kids, OK?"... I may have had to walk away for a second because it got REALLY MISTY in there after that sweet comment!!!

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222 / FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made it through Winter. Yes - Hallelujah - Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

Tell me something good about your week!

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  1. That's a bummer that you went to a SCC meet n greet but never got close enough to "meet" him. Hopefully there will be a next time!
    Your MSM girls seem SO sweet! I want to be in your group. Technically I'm in Middle a teacher).

  2. speaking of beauty and the beast, kayla's school book order came in and she ordered the B&TB chapter book that came with a necklace (the jar with the flower in it). i immediately thought of you LOL

  3. Congratulations on your 10k and yay for Stephan Curtis Chapman liking your photo- that is always so exciting. And I'm sooo glad Beauty & the Beast lived up to all of your expectations!

  4. This is an adorable Thankful Thursdays post! I feel like you had such a good week! My mom's cousin was JUST declared cancer free after a few months of intense chemo. Your story reminded me of her :)
    I feel like I need that soundtrack, too. I seriously loved Dan Steven's song!
    It sounds like your MSM girls are just too sugary sweet! What a wonderful thing to say (and feel)!

  5. I loved this post this week. I could just feel the joy you had for each thing!! Is SCC's book good? I love your post on your girls. I still remember the couple that mentored me during those years, they had a huge impact on my life!!!

    And as far as making it through winter.....ugh, check out my FB post today. no bueno.

  6. Your MSM girls sound like the best. Glad you are there with them and having so much fun together. What a great roll model.

    I believe I would have had to get Lumiere too in that situation. I posted a link to a blog post on my FB page about one mom's view of Beauty and the Beast. If you get a chance, you might want to read it. I think you would enjoy it.

  7. I always love your Thankful Thursday posts (well, I love all of your posts!). Your ministry with the middle school girls is so very special. They will remember your mentoring all their lives. Good stuff there!!

  8. I've had a few times where a celebrity or author I love responds to a tweet or likes an IG post and it's the best feeling in the world. I totally understand and respect your excitement.

  9. That is SO exciting that he liked your post!! Wow!! I listen to a local conservative talk radio show which I know is super nerdy and not everyone agrees, but my favorite host is on from 3-6. I listen on my drive home from work and then while I cook dinner. I follow the host on twitter and the first time he ever liked one of my tweets I FREAKED OUT. It was a big moment in my life lol!! And your middle school girls sound so sweet!

  10. So amazing that he liked your post! I love him too, but not nearly as much as you! :) Your girls sound so sweet, I love that you have that. So happy you finally got to see Beauty and the Beast and now I associate you with Beauty and the Beast and am just so happy for you.

  11. Sooooo since he likes your post that means your kind of a big deal. Lol! That's so fun you ran into a blog friend.

  12. Awww - it was great to finally meet you! :) And I would have totally gone overboard if SCC liked a post too. Finally (though it's not even been out a week) went to see Beauty and the Beast last night ... just loved it. And I'm ready to see it again. :)

  13. I totally get the SCC liking your Instagram post thing. You know I'm a big Toby Keith fan. I commented on his Facebook page when the song Made in America came out and he "Liked" and replied to my comment. I know it was him because whoever it is that usually does the posting and stuff let everyone know she put her initials after her comments and when it was Toby, he'd put a "T". Well, there was that big ol' T on my comment.

  14. That is so cool to see the women praying over lunch and one had just came from chemo. I have a friend battling cancer right now so this made me think of her. So thankful to have her in my life. And finding the perfect seats at Beauty and the Beast is a total score. Lots to be thankful for this week.


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