Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free videos, letters & I am the Pudding Queen!!!!! ....Thankful Thursday #118

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... just ignore them}

223 / Bruno slept through the night!!!
It happened once this week. The first time in MONTHSSSSS.  I have to get up with him about every 2 to 3 hours every night. It's exhausting. I dont know what its like to sleep through an entire night anymore. So when I woke up one morning & checked to make sure Bruno was OK, I was so thankful for that one night of total sleep.

224 / #Lunchwithmylove
So its known around these parts that every Wednesday, Ricky & I have our lunch date. We always meet in the same place because he only gets 30 minutes for lunch - not enough time to go anywhere far from his work. But he had to stay late at work on Monday so on our lunch last week, he had some extra time... so we ventured out to one of our favorite places to eat.  It was a fun change of pace.

225 / Dogs getting along with our visitor.
I was so nervous about dog sitting my brother's dog but they've all been fast buddies. It's so funny because I can watch them all day long with our security cameras & in the morning, Charlie & my Harvey Dent will run in the back yard & follow each other around for an hour... & then its nap time... the entire day. Until someone gets home. The life of a dog... I'm a tad jealous.

Notice the pillow & blanket across the floor - that's Charlie's
I thought Harvey was going to destroy it... he got distracted from it - whew!
It's now picked up - Charlie obviously doesnt need it

226 / Letters for our mission friend.
One of our sweet girls in our bible study group left this week to go on her first mission trip.  Even more exciting - she's really new to the whole faith thing anyways - so talk about an exciting leap for her!  But I love that our group all wrote letters of encouragement for her on her trip.  I cant wait to hear how this trip changes her & what she gets to see & experience.

229 / No tooth pain.
In all the uncomfortableness of where my tooth broke & having ot have it removed, I am so thankful that there was no pain in that process. I have had some pain afterwards, but I'm also THANKFUL FOR PAIN PILLS. So there's that.

231 / Pudding from my loved ones.
Not being able to eat has really sucked.  But not really - no sucking allowed when you have a tooth removed.  (I gotta keep telling myself that when I go to grab a straw for every drink!!!)... but Ricky ran down to get my breakfast Sunday morning at the store - some fresh pudding. How sweet is that?

& then on Monday, I get a phone call from my momma that she made me a huge batch of homemade banana pudding.  OH MY GOSH - nothing like my momma's banana pudding.  & huge was an understatement. But do you know that I ate half of it for dinner on Monday & the rest on Tuesday.  A girl has got to survive somehow.

235 / Popsugar videos
I havent been able to run this week with this stupid mouth, so I have been so thankful for Popsugar work out videos.  You can find anything to suit your needs on there.  They really are good workouts - & FREE!!!!  If you need to stretch, or do something high impact, or something low impact, or even some toning - they've got a video for you. I just need to figure out a better way to watch them. Its tiny on my tablet & I dont know how to get it to my TV. I'm not good with technology.... can someone tell me how to do that easily - like if you explained it to a 5 year old. That's my level.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I don't know how much fun Baylee would be to watch on security video but I think watching 2 dogs all day long would be interesting!

  2. I sometimes wish I could see what our cats are up to when no one is home, but I imagine all they really do is sleep! I am thankful for the chance to link up on Thursdays to count my blessings - and they include you!!

  3. Oh my gosh! That's a huge thing of pudding!! :) So lucky! hehe I love banana cream pie. I'm allergic to bananas though. :( Also, I don't really like pudding, so any time I am on a soft diet I'm miserable. I only do like yogurt and jello... which I also do not love Jello. LOL Good lucK! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Ly's been getting up at night, too. She's only 6 and I know she can hold it all night, so I think it's just her winter cabin fever.
    Now I need a security camera to watch my dogs all day...
    I need to check out the free POPsugar videos!

  5. That's so sweet about the pudding! And I love that the dogs are getting along so well. How cool that you can watch them on the security camera :) It would be kind of cool to do that with my cats but then again, I'm pretty sure they just sleep all day.

  6. I am super thankful for Popsugar fitness as well!! They are the best! And homemade banana pudding???? Sounds wonderful!!!!!

  7. I keep hearing about the popsugar videos and am definitely going to check them out since i want to try and do more workouts at home. So sweet that Ricky and your mom have brought you pudding-- banana pudding is the best!

  8. My dog does a pretty good job most of the time sleeping through the night. It's me in our house that is up a couple times a night. Oh the joys! lol

  9. Workout stuff on YouTube is the best!

    Glad your tooth is feeling better.

  10. You and your husband are so adorable. I love that he gets you food and you meet for lunch every week.

  11. Oh my gosh, you really are the pudding queen! I love it! Jerry makes some phenomenal banana pudding with those chess men cookie... mmm!

    Love this positivity! I need to start linking up!


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