Monday, March 13, 2017

The weekend that confirms I'm old...

Before we get started... can we acknowledge the fact that Beauty & the Beast starts this week?????


I get teary eyed & hyperventilate. Seriously.

& what's driving me nuts? I have to wait a little bit to see it.

It's actually starting in theaters on THURSDAY... THURSDAYYYYYY!!!! & Ricky cant go on a work night to see it....

& we cant go on Friday night because I have a 10K on Saturday & I need to get in bed fairly early & again, Ricky will be in bed by 7:30... & then Saturday, we have the race & then a birthday party we are going to.

I'm totally going to go on Sunday to see it - going with my youth girls... I think there's like 9-13 of us going.

But I want to see it with Ricky first.... so I think we're going to try & squeeze it in sometime on Saturday in between the race & the party.  I'm still trying to talk him into going on Thursday.  But he said he'll be too tired to enjoy it... which tells me he secretly loves the movie as much as I do ;) ... dont tell. We'll keep that secret between us.

Image result for beauty and the beast wink gif
Kind of an accurate picture of us trying to figure out the time to go to the movie!!!!

Anyways - ITS THIS WEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm totally fangirling....

So back to the weekend.

Friday started off with a busy bang.  I stopped by to fuel up with some Starbucks - much needed - because we had a MSM hangout.  These things start at 8pm.  START at 8pm.  I'm usually in PJ's & cozy with knitting & in fuzzy socks at that point of a night.  & yes, I'm old.

One for me. one for Ricky.
... do you think the straw hole in his gave it away that I tried it?... oops.

But this night, I'm living it up with some middle school kids hanging out at church.  I loved some of my girls from my small group showed up.  They are the funniest girl... they way they talk. One of my favorite lines from the night when one girls said, "He needs to get on Craigslist & find some standards to live by"... where do they come up with this stuff? I wasnt that clever in 7th grade.

I got home & debated watching The Vampire Diaries.  It was the series finale. This is it - its over. No more.  Cue the feels.  But I wanted to be able to enjoy it & not be tired so I went to bed.

Or if you want to call it bed.  Bruno was up so many times throughout the night. & my back was hurting (did I mention I'm old?) & I couldn't get comfortable. So I think I slept maybe 4 hours. Dang it.  I hate when I cant take advantage of sleep on the weekends.

But I got up before the sun & ended up watching The Vampire Diaries finale... & totally got weepy over it.  Yes, I say all the time I'm a crying person - over every emotion.  But the finale was REALLLLY well done.  So good that I ended up watching it again to take it all in.  If anyone watches the show & watched the finale... let's talk. I need someone to talk about all the amazing things in the ending of it all.

Image result for vampire diaries finale
OH Salvatore brothers... what will I do without you?

I spent some of my morning working on my hand lettering & doing my bible study memory verse for the week.  I love having these papers with my verses on them just to keep to look back on to remind me of the study.

Then, I finally had to give in & do my long run.  Except I threw in the towel on doing it outside. It was in the low 30's & the 'real feel' was like in the 20's.  I just couldnt.  Not for 8 miles. So I headed down to my treadmill to really test out if it's fixed.

Whew... it held out the entire run.
& I got through more of The Crown.. one more episode to go.

I'm so dreading that up next is 9 miles... God help me

The rest of the day, I just felt spent... with no sleep happening the night before - I was lazy. Knitting & crocheting & just loving on our little blind boy.

& I was in bed & asleep by 8:30pm.  Yep... once again... old. But I figured with the time change, it made sense to go to bed early.  Which I know it doesn't really matter what I do - it'll still kick me in the butt for the whole week loosing an hour's sleep.

Sunday had me running to Panera to pick up some bagels for my JOYster's Bible study (I've claimed JOYsters for my JOY SISTERS... clever, huh?) & then headed over for our MSM group.  To which the girls laughed at me when I thanked God in prayers that this is the week that Beauty & the Beast comes out.  I keep it real in prayers.  Really real.

But then headed right over after church for JOYsters...

Someone else is excited about Beauty & the Beast coming out
(side note... her mommy says she always says to anyone that gets angry, "YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR TEMPER" like the movie where they yell at the Beast... this girl gets me)

I stopped to pick up some dinner for Ricky & I on the way home & then about 5:30, got settled in to finally slow down.  Just in time for a new week to kick in.


Can you tell I'm excited???

How was your weekend?

Cold & snowy?

Excited about Beauty & the Beast?


  1. I stopped watching VD when their mother came and it was a new cast. What happened to the Salvatore brothers?

  2. I didn't realize that it was already this week for Beauty and the Beast! I'm cautiously optimistic but think I'm going to wait for reviews before seeing it just in case it's not that good. The cold was insane this weekend, the treadmill sounds like a smart idea :)

  3. I hope we get to see B&TB Friday! We shall see! :) I can't wait to watch this season of TVD. I'll be sad that it's over too. Glad you had a great weekend! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. It's your week girl!! B&B how exciting...G and I were talking about when we would see it as well!! Hope you have a great start to the week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Your hand lettering is sooo good! I can't even begin to imagine how excited you are it's finally Beauty & the Beast week- I can't wait to hear your thoughts after you see it!

  6. I'm so sad that I will be out of town with my love this weekend and won't be able to take my girls to see B&B opening weekend. But I PROMISED them the next weekend we were going! Also, have you seen the trailer for The Little Mermaid?? I am SO disappointed that it is not going to be like the animated version!! I mean, WHO DOES THAT?! Enjoy your Monday and Girlie, you are not OLD!

  7. Oh I didn't realize that the movie came out this week! So exciting. I cannot wait to see it. It looks so good!!

  8. I CAN'T WAIT FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!! I have to wait like a week or 2 to see it though. :(

  9. I am LOVING how connected you are with children at church; You are so fun Rebecca! :) And it sounds like you have some really fun outings planned this week.

  10. THIS WEEK!!! Tell that your sweet husband of yours that you must go see it on opening day!!!!

    Girl, your runs, you are so inspiring. 9 miles does sound rough, but yes, Jesus will be your strength!

  11. Scott was actually the one who asked ME to go see the movie. Secretly I think he's excited. We will be in NYC this weekend and don't plan to watch it while we are there so will probably wait till next weekend. Hey, did you hear that in Australia, kids under 16 are not allowed into this movie? I heard that on the radio the other day.

  12. You go girl! The sunshine yesterday was beautiful but the cold/wind kept me inside on the mill too. I hadn't realized it was Matthew Crowley (Downton Abbey) playing Beast. You should probably go see the movie on Thursday's first showing, and then again with Ricky, and then again with your middle-school group. I mean, consider it 'research' so you can tell them what parts to watch out for and which good parts are coming up next so they aren't running to the bathroom at a bad time! ;)

  13. Long hair don't care about Beauty in the Beast - but I think it's 'cause I've (gasp) never even seen the original Disney version. I know, I know. Sheltered childhood and such.

    It was a real feel of THREE when I started my long run on Saturday & it was absolutely miserable. I thought my toes were so frozen they were going to snap off. It hurt the first mile or so.

  14. I am super excited about Beauty and the Beast too!!! But TVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried at the end because I felt like they did the show justice. I got chills when Elaina came back and I am just so sad that the show is over. But now we can look forward to The Originals!!! You think that letter and money from Klaus was a hint that some of these characters might show up on that show this week?????? LETS TALK!!

  15. I'm sad that Vampire Diaries is over, but thankful that I'm still a whole season behind, so it won't really end for me till it's on Netflix lol. I can imagine that it was amazing though!

  16. I used to love the Vampire Diaries but I stopped watching many moons ago.

  17. Love your lettering. You do such a good job! I also love the picture of little Belle dancing. So adorable!! I can't even imagine 8 miles...however, I was pleased that I walked 3 of the 4 days that we were actually in Pigeon Forge. Hubby took me to Patriot Park and they have a really nice walking path that goes by the river for part of it. It was really nice. Hoping to up my length of walking so I can do a couple virtual and real walks soon.

  18. OMG I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast!! It is going to be the best week. Panera bagels this weekend sound so good - they have the best cream cheese ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  19. I don't watch Vampire Diaries but Bones and Grimm are both ending this season. It's hard when you start thinking about the characters as "friends" that you know from long acquaintance! LOL

  20. haha This week!! Finally. We've had our tickets booked since the start of Feb lol. It comes out on the Friday here so the US only gets a 1 day head start which is cool, usually it's longer I'm sure.
    We have to go Saturday as my town doesn't have a cinema, so we have to take a 60mile trip to one and my Mam works Fridays. Looking forward to it though :)

    Hope your 10k and other Saturday plans go well!

    Danielle xo

  21. Yay for this week! Such a bummer you're too busy to see it right away! I hope you are able to squeeze it in on Saturday!

  22. I can't wait to hear what you think of the movie when you finally get to see it. I know you've been waiting! I'm pretty excited too, but I think you're the most excited of anyone... I just love your enthusiasm! That Ricky sure is great... going to see it with you. So sweet!

    I'm in my 20s and I go to bed by 10 most nights. HA! Sleeping habits of the "old" are the best. :)

  23. THIS IS YOUR WEEK, LADY!!! I actually really want to see the movie, too. I'm curious to see how it all come together with Emma and Dan and all the object-characters :)
    I hate going to events after 8pm, lol. I'm in cozy socks on the couch by then, too. K played in a bar on Friday until 1am and then we had his birthday party on Saturday and it went from 4pm to 1:30am. UGH!! I am still a zombie. Ha.

  24. Ha! I was wondering what your reaction would be with the movie coming out! The hand lettering verse is absolutely gorgeous. You have so many talents. You could totally start a new Etsy shop and sell those. Or donate them to your church for a fundraiser. I have zero crafty/artsy in me, so things like this amaze me.

  25. I'm so so so excited for Beauty and the Beast! It was my favorite Disney movie of my childhood! Have a great week!

  26. I just saw a commercial for Beauty and the Beast and thought of you :)

  27. Another great weekend for you!! I have heard nothing but positive things about how good the finale was. They filmed it in GA but the only cast member I ever ran into was Elena's brother. I want those Salvatore brothers. I'll take either! ;)

  28. I am excited as you are for Beauty and the Beast. I am soooo glad that your treadmill is working properly. And 8 miles. Way to go. I need to get my butt in gear and start training. I haven't seen Vampire Diaries, but I heard it was good.

  29. Ha ha, I KNEW I could expect a blog post from you this week detailing your over-the-top excitement about Beauty & the Beast---just as I expect one next week detailing how very much you loved going to see it and your full thoughts and review :)


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