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One Sentence a Day/February 2017 Edition

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Here we are... another month gone.  
This month has just felt so funny with things in bloom & warmer temps that we normally see till the end of Spring.  
Do we blame Trump for that? I know I'd blame Obama ;) JOKING... I'm all about laughing at political things.  All you can do, right?
Anyways - another month in the books... complete with allergies... 
in February. wow.

1.  Woke up looking pretty much like a zombie.

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2.  Still giving some evil looks with my bloody eye.

3.  Loved getting to hang out with 19 of the most amazing young ladies in my small group & a few hundred other middle schoolers at Believe 2017

4.  An action packed day at Believe & then getting to play at an athletic center & then topped it off with a CELEBRATION of the weekend at the church #longestdayever

5.  It was Super Bowl Sunday & I didnt watch one minute of the game but made sure to catch the Lady Gaga half time show.

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6.  I feel like the germs just wont stop taking everyone down when we have another coworker out with the stomach flu & 3 of our youth leaders from the weekend are now sick.

7.  My treadmill stuttered on me the day before giving me like a whiplash in my back & neck, which confirms once again I cant even walk without getting hurt.

8.  Watched the latest Jane the Virgin episode & had to rewind & watch the end 3 times because I couldnt believe what I just saw.

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9.  Actually saw blue skies & sunshine today in what feels like FOREVEEERRRR!!!

10.  Freaking out that the stomach bug is making yet ANOTHER round in the office so I'm basically living on hand sanitizer & spraying Lysol with every step I take.

11.  So thankful that so far in my half marathon training, all my long run days have been nice warm days to run outside.

12.  Kicked off our new Bible Study with our JOY group that is centered on JOY so we feel like this is a win win situation.

13.  Wasn't even sure my car was going to make it home with all the stuttering  & puttering.

14.  Came home to the best surprise from my hubby for Valentine's Day.

15.  Had to give in & take my car to the repair shop to get fixed when it barely made it home from work.

16.  Spent the first part of my day so miserably car sick after sitting in traffic for an hour & a half.

17.  Fingers crossed my car is fixed after picking it up from the shop.

18.  6 miles in the books.

19.  Got to ride with Ricky to church which seems like a rarity most Sundays.

20.  Went to a funeral & was so impressed with how behaved Isaac & Luke were & the young men they are becoming.

21.  Have not cried that hard at a TV show in the longest time but This is Us made me do that chest heaving sob cry.

Thank you Papa Pearson

22.  Had such a rough run & my body felt like I was 99 years old, had me questioning all the races I have laying ahead.

23.  Drove home with the windows down &opened up all the windows in the house for the evening, soaking up every bit of this warm weather I can.

24.  After Jane the Virgin earlier this month, & then This is Us earlier in the week, & watching Nashville, I'm just giving up on all the main characters on tv shows.

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25.  7 miles in the brutal cold winds made me feel like a tough chic

26.  A busy day with church, bible Study, a Target trip, & then finally home to watch some Walking Dead while finishing up some knitting #notmyoscars

27.  Our grumpy old man, Bruno, isn't feeling the best so we loaded him up for some special park time where he just got to enjoy the ride.

28.  Watching the news to prepare for spring storms with chances of tornadoes like its still not winter.

So tell me the highlight of your February!!!!

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  1. I am so done with dramatic ends on tv! My eyes can't take the crying, haha. Seriously though!! They have been pulling out the stops with everyone dying. But I pretty much cry at This Is Us every week, haha. I'm hoping March will be more fun and less sad!

  2. Oh man, I don't watch This is Us, Nashville or Jane the Virgin, They're all on my list of things to watch, just haven't gotten to them. But this makes me happy I'm not watching them all now because I'm not sure I could have handled that much emotion all in one month! I love that blue headband you have on in the photo between 26 and 27, it's such a pretty color :)

  3. Aww your poor eye!! Good thing it didn't last too long!

  4. Aww I love that Bruno gets a lovely ride around the park. I hope he is feeling better.

    February was a great month for me, great weather, great runs, got some work done on our house, and positive news from Baylee's doctor! What more could I ask for? Although I'm still broken up about Nashville.

  5. I don't even watch Jane the Virgin or Nashville but I do watch This is Us and seriously, and I think they trying to force us into therapy or something. So many emotions! Too much death! March came in with sunshine and that, at least, puts a smile on my face!

  6. This is Us made me cry so hard that I gave myself an asthma attack. It was so utterly heartbreaking. I knew it was coming but still, it hit my like a ton of bricks and stayed with me for the next few days. Hope you eye is doing better. You poor thing. If that was me, I wouldn't have left the house. I'm so vain about leaving the house with no makeup on, it's not even funny.

  7. It's so sad that Bruno isn't feeling well. Hope he's better soon.

  8. I'm avoiding This is Us. I watched the first few and just can't take it on top of real life. LOL

  9. OMG NO - I'm a bunch of episodes behind on Jane the Virgin! I think the last episode I saw was #9. Now I have to rush home and try to watch. I love that show!

    I've been watching This is Us, but am an episode or two behind on that two. But I hear it was a real tearjerker.

  10. Bless your heart with that eye! Also, you seriously have the cutest workout clothes- where do you get those pants from?

  11. I was definitely shocked with the Jane The Virgin twist and boo for starting the month out with your eye, but I'm glad that's done!

  12. I hope the warmer weather is helping Bruno out... I'm glad it's let you run outside a bit and refilled your Vitamin-D-pitcher! Especially since your treadmill is on the fritz!
    *Sigh* I'm still hoping for at least one more snowy day before the weather gets soggy and mushy with Spring.

  13. Everyone gives me crap about not watching This Is Us but I cannot give a show that kind of emotional investment. It's why I passed on Parenthood, too. Maybe one day, on Netflix, but not today.

    The warmer weather is amazing but crazy!

    (Also, I love how you recap the months)

  14. Looking fierce in your training girl! Yep, a sobbing blubbering mess when Randall's dad died last week.

  15. Your running inspires me. You are such a stud! Seriously! I wish I had your same drive :)

  16. The highlight of my February? I got a job.
    I always enjoy reading these one sentence posts of yours. Maybe it's the voyeur in me. haha.

  17. Oh my goodness, zombies are real! I started watching Jane the Virgin, but forgot to record it and then haven't had time to catch up. The last thing I watched was the girlfriend stole the you know what and got herself pregnant...crazy! Link up with us tomorrow for sentence a day. Hope you don't get sick!

  18. Sounds like a great month overall! :) Jane the Virgin. I haven't watched this season yet (I'll binge it later) but my friend said there was a crazy episode. I haven't caught up with This Is Us either. Can't do "live" TV watching anymore. But goodness do I love Milo. Also, still cannot get over your vday celebration! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. Great job on the half marathon training! I so admire people who run in the cold...

    This is Us is such a good show!

  20. I so jealous of all your training. I love to dance but running so not my thing.

    I so never watch Jane the Virgin I may have to now with that review.


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