Thursday, March 09, 2017

Lights, bagels & when I force my way into a family.....Thankful Thursday #115

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - so just ignore}

174 / Spare Lights.
We had a really bad storm the other morning coming into work & while I was getting ready, the lights went out in the house.  Well, my husband is a flashlight freak... that's a great Superhero name for him. Flashlight Freak!!!... anyways, his collection of  flashlights paid off for me.  See all the light in my kitchen?  Those are all from motion detector lights & a lantern I was carrying around.  It worked out well for a stormy morning!

Side note - someone PLEASSSEEEEE tell me what kind of floor would look good with these cabinets!!!
I want new floors!

175 / Safe.
Tornadoes were apparently hitting fairly close - close enough anyways - & we were all safe.  I ended up not leaving work until they passed & then ended up getting stuck in HORRID traffic so I was about 2 hours late for work that day.  Apparently, everyone else had issues too. One of our coworkers didnt make it in till noon. I told her at that point, I'd say forget it & call it a day.

174 / Treadmill Repair.
Glad to pay a little bit of money to have someone come look at my Milly & get her all fixed up & tuned up.  Especially after looking at the cost of new treadmills - YIKESSSSSS. My Milly is only about 5 years old & I'm basically the only person who uses it. The repairman even said it has a lot of years still left on it.

177 / Parking for 5k.
We always - ALWAYS - have problems parking for races. I swear, I dont care what time we leave, we're always barely pushing it in time & always struggling to find a spot.  But this time, even though we were still pushing it, we were able to get in a lot that was close to the race & only cost $5.00. Other places were charged like $10 & $15... to which Ricky had to make a comment how expensive running can be.  #truthbomb

181 / Willow Tree Nativity.
I talked about this on Monday... but so happy to get the set on clearance at Family Christian.  I had another blog friend email me & tell me she went to her local store & got one too for 60% off.  If you ever wanted one - now is the time!

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182 / A night with my MSM Girls.
I cant tell you how thankful I am for the group of girls I ended up with in Middle school ministry. They are just the best. & they truly had my stomach hurting from laughing.  & we had some really good in depth conversations too, which is exactly what I want - these relationships to grow where they know I am there to listen... & laugh with!

184 / Mango Sherbet.
Yesssss!!! The girls wanted to go for ice cream late in the evening. I'm not a big fan of ice cream but knew Graeters has an AMAZING Mango sherbet. If you are ever there - get it. Its delicious....I'm now craving another one.

185 / Bruno.
Yesterdays post says it all... my poor little bouncy boy.

189 / First Session of the year.
With 2 of some of my favorite people.  It's so funny because every year, they do a Christmas picture with their family - I love their whole family... like LOVE them.  So for the past few years, I take their Christmas photo & photoshop me & Chasity in it because every time I see them, we always say we want to be an official family member... & they told us we could be :) haha... I use a picture that was taken at their son's wedding & crop me & Chasity right in the middle of their family.  I told this couple from the weekend I hope they didnt mind that I do that & its all because I love them. They told me that they look forward to it & this last years pic,& they even made sure to leave space for me to crop me & Chasity in it.  HAHA... this has become the best Christmas tradition ever for me.

Original Pic

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2015 Picture

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2016 Picture
Cant wait for 2017 picture!!!

192 / Free Bagels at Panera.
I love the reward program at Panera. I love any place that gives me free stuff for visiting them a lot.
This month at Panera, I get a free bagel EVERY DAY!  This is like the 2nd time I've gotten that reward in the past 6 months.  We'll stop by & get it & just keep it to warm up for later.  Ricky is now officially hooked on the cinnamon crunch bagels... he didnt believe me that it was the best at first. He's a believer now.

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Tell me something good that's going on in your world!!!

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  1. OMG those pictures are great, you can't even tell they are photoshoped. Was the original?

    My husband is a flashlight freak too!

  2. hahahah! i do that sometimes (photshop myself into the pic) when i see pics of people and i'm like AND WHERE WAS I WHEN THIS WAS TAKEN (probably drinking) LOL

  3. I love ❤️ that Willow Tree Nativity. It's gorgeous!

  4. a free bagel every day sounds amazing!! As does $5 parking!

  5. I have always loved my willow tree nativity. Can you shop them on-line? we don't have a store here but I would love the stars to add to mine!

    I think you should go for a wood/laminate. We put it in our house and I LOVE it...looks beautiful like wood, SO durable and easy to clean!!!

  6. Love the photoshop pics! :) I agree with Ricky - running is not cheap. It's not just shoes anymore. The socks, the running attire (no cotton!), the race entries, the Icy Hot, the Advil, and the parking to get to races ... it adds up! I'm thankful for a ginormous amount of sunlight coming through the windows today, some 70 degree temps this afternoon, and a change in the weekend forecast that removed the 12-18 inches of snow someone dared to say we were having (just cold, no snow ... for now).

  7. Free bagels! Sign me up.

    I would do a large tile plain tile floor in the kitchen. Easy to maintain and not too expensive to put in.

  8. I want that Willow Tree Nativity! I'm going to look for it!

  9. LOL! I love the photoshopped pictures. Hilarious! :D I love Panera but there is not one remotely close to me at all, which is both a good and bad thing. And I'm 99% sure that I have not had a cinnamon crunch bagel but they sound sooooooo good! Your Willow Tree Nativity set is beautiful! When I moved from Minneapolis to LA, one of my coworkers gave me one holding a cat and it's one of the few knick knacks that I display. Love it so much!

  10. That nativity scene is so awesome!!! I would love it!

  11. Your new Nativity is beautiful. Beautiful. We love Panera! My freebee is usually a pastry and I always get a chocolate croissant. To die for. The bagel does sound good! Love & hugs!!

  12. Those cropped Christmas pictures crack me up! I'm glad you guys were safe in the storms! And I'm very grateful that bouncy Bruno is ok, too!!
    Annnnnd now I want ice cream. Lol

  13. We've been having severe weather too. The middle of the state had tornadoes that ended up being wildfires. Scary!! : / I love that nativity! And you got it onsale. Woots! I feel like our panera rewards are few and far between, but we also have not been going a lot. Woohoo for lots of flashlights! :) Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. That ice cream looks really good. Tornadoes are soooo scary and I am so glad that they didn't hit your area. So glad you got the treadmill fixed finally!

  15. I think a dark stone pattern would look great with those cabinets.


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