Thursday, April 26, 2018

BOD, escape artist & creamer equals love {Thankful Thursday #174}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

350 / Coffee Creamer
I didnt know Ricky had picked me up some coffee creamer on his way home till the next morning when I opened the fridge & saw 2 glorious bottles waiting for me in there.  That's love.

351 / Beachbody On Demand
I've kept hearing about this but the TV I work out with didnt have access to it.  We ended up having to get new Roku sticks to get Direct TV Now so I took the old one & put it on the TV downstairs & now, I've got access to all the workouts that BOD has to offer. I'm loving it! So much easier to pull up instead of loading a different disk every day (First world problems) & access to more workouts than I own anyways.

353 / Throat drops
It's allergy season around her & I cant take ANY sort of allergy medicine. I'll take a CHILD'S NON DROWSY allergy pill & still be knocked out for 24 hours. It's ridiculous how bad I am with medicine.  So my throat has felt horrible this week & I've been so thankful for any relief that is short lived with throat drops. I'll take what I can get.

354 / $100 Amazon card
Our last health insurance provider offered a plan where you go on & earn points to get gift cards.  In just a few months that I was using that insurance (November - March) I had earned $100.00 in gift cards & took my choice to get an Amazon card. Well, that baby is already used up but I'm glad I just got $100.00 of stuff for ZERO out of my own pocket.

358 / Lawn mowers work
Every year, that first time turning them on, we hold our breath. Usually, there's something that's stalling or causing issues.  So far, so good though on our mowers. (Knocking on wood)

359 / By the hospital
So glad dad was at the doctor's office for his knee & close to the hospital when he got faint & his blood pressure  bottomed out.

361 / Good neighbors
I always use this for myself all year long for our amazing neighbors - but this time, I've using it for my parent's neighbors.  When mom found out dad was going into ICU, she hated not being at the hospital to see what was going on.  Her neighbor that lives behind them came & picked her up & drove all the way to the hospital & walked her up to the ICU to make sure she was where she needed to be. How kind & thoughtful is that?  He was all dressed up too in a tie & nice shirt & pants - turns out he & his wife were going to a banquet & that still didnt stop him. She got a ride to that with other friends & he was going to meet them there. They are just the kindest people & I love they are near my parents.

367 / Hobby Lobby
I rarely get to Hobby Lobby now that I've changed jobs just because its not as convenient to get to one - so when dad's hospital was across the street from one, I had to run in! & then found ALL YARN was 30% off - a rare sale - I was all over it. I actually stopped in before I went to the hospital & stopped again on my way out just to make sure I got all the yarn I needed.

369  / Ernie safe
I mentioned this on Monday - but I still can't believe Ernie slid out from under the gate in our back yard. But SO THANKFUL Ricky was home when it happened. I was at church & Ricky was actually in his back garage.  & so thankful that Ernie ran back that way - he could have run to the front of the house & been gone & Ricky never even known. I cant even think about it.


  1. So glad Ernie is safe too!
    We've been putting a baby gate at our steps so Baylee don't go upstairs ( and potentially slip and fall) when we are not there.
    Well on Friday Scott came home for lunch and found the gate knocked over. Miss Baylee was upstairs a d she got stuck underneath the spare bedroom bed where she was hiding! Thank goodness Scott was there to save her!

    Yay for earning an Amazon gift card. And I love that first day when the grass gets mowed! I'm loving how great and green our yard looks! Summer is here!

  2. Lawn mowers that work are very important. I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about that this year, as we have a guy mowing our grass for us. He does such a good job and I'm very thankful for him.

    So glad Ernie was okay and didn't get to far. It terrifies me when our Lucy gets loose. She has no fear of cars on the road and I'm so afraid she'll dart out in front of one. Thankfully, it doesn't happen very often.

    Yarn sale at Hobby Lobby is definitely something to be thankful for, but as I told you earlier, I have to use what I have first, or at least most of it before I buy any more. (we'll see how long that lasts. lol )

    Wow! $100 Amazon gift card is amazing! Looking forward to hearing what you bought.

  3. Oh no, naughty Ernie! My brother's dogs have done that a few times and one of them is pretty plump! We have no idea how she made that happen - ha!
    A free $100 Amazon card?! That is a score! Way to go.

  4. I've been doing BOD since last September. I've been working out at home every morning. I love it!

  5. Oh man, that sucks about not being able to take allergy medicine :( I hope allergy season clear up quickly for you. And glad that Ernie's safe!

  6. I'm the same way, medicine just knocks me out, which is fine when I want to be knocked out (like at night instead of hacking away) but the during day, I'm just miserable. Hopefully you're on the mend and hopefully your father is too. It sounds like your parents have great neighbors and they can make such a huge difference. Glad Ernie is safe. That would have scared me too.

  7. These puppies!

    Hurrah for an Amazon gift card. That's awesome.

  8. That is so awesome you were able to earn an Amazon gift card!!! I want benefits like that darn it! My SIL uses BBOD and loves it. I keep toying with whether or not I would make it worth the money or not.

  9. Walter has slid under the gate before too. So glad Ricky was home. Way to go on earning $100 to amazon. My insurance used to have that too.

  10. That Ernie!! Good neighbors are golden! I always love reading your thankful lists!! Hugs!!

  11. Very good neighbors! That is truly special.Good to hear that Ernie is safe.
    The gift card sounds like a nice idea too.

  12. So glad Ernie was safe!

    We use the HomeAgain trackers in our dogs' chips, and that gives me a little peace of mind.

    I've been meaning to get to Hobby Lobby for weeks. Ugh.

  13. Praising God that Ernie is safe; it's so humbling and amazing how God takes care of our little animals, and it's just precious.

  14. Yeay for the BOD! And yarn sale! And wonderful neighbors near your parents!!
    I'm so glad Ernie is safe, too!!
    And now I'm sending prayers YOUR way, missy! Goodness gracious! I don't know what's going on with ya but we need to keep your family OUT of the hospital!


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