Thursday, April 12, 2018

New knees, freedom & movie surprises {Thankful Thursday #172}

This week I am Thankful For:
(Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts - just ignore)

296 / Watching Ernie
I was so glad to have a day off of work to watch Ernie. He really wasn't doing well the first few days after his neuter surgery & I was glad to keep an eye on him & to call the vet for info & to stay on top of things.

299 / Dad's surgery went well
He's been waiting so long for the knee replacement surgery & I'm so glad everything went well & that part is behind him.... healing all ahead.

300 / Empty Waiting room
This hospital - we've been in it a few times with all of dad's surgeries - & I know how crowded it can be.  But when we got there, of course, it was 6:30am - but they are still usually busy - it was only me  my dad!!! & then while dad was in the surgery, there were 2 other people in the WHOLE AREA!  I had one little area totally to myself the whole 4 hours I waited out there.  I even turned the TV to the station I wanted & knitted the morning away.... the best of a waiting room situation as I've ever had!

301 / Pop in Hello!
It's always nice to know there are nurses in the hospital you know... & it was so sweet that when I posted a picture of my dad in the waiting area, one of the nurses saw it & came in to say hello.  She actually is the wife of someone who works closely with Ricky .... & she is just precious. I was actually going to be her wedding photographer but there was a scheduling clash so I wasn't able to - but loved she still took the time to come in & say hi to me & check on who my dad's doctors was & assure us it was all going to be good. We even saw her in recovery too. #smallworld

307 / My Brother
He's been so helpful with my parents in all of this taking my mom some dinner, taking care of my dad's horses & organizing transportation for my dad getting to the rehab center. He's just really done so much lately & I'm so grateful for every single thing he's adding onto his already busy schedule.

308 / Knee highs
My mom totally came through for me when I told her I needed to get some knee highs for my new shoes I just got... but I havent bought knee highs in forever ... & she pulls out a box she just bought & gave to me.  I was so happy to not have to go to the store :)  It's the little things

310 / Lunch with coworker
I love that I have a Work Sister to go to lunch with  (I told her I take her under my wing like a daughter (she's 29) but I told her I'm better with being her big sister - haha) But she's always up to try new places & there's a little bistro that I've been wanting to try & she was all for it - & it was AMAZING!!!! A great new place to go to at work for a get away.

Greek Wrap!!!

313 / Friday Starbucks tradition
This is the 2nd Friday in a row that me & Meagan walked down for a morning coffee. I hope this is a new Friday tradition.

316 / Dad moved to rehab
It was a little bit of a mess to find him transportation for a wheelchair so he wouldnt have to bend his knee - but my brother got it all figured out & dad got there safe & sound.

320 / Later sunsets
Just that... & beautiful ones too!

326 / Ernie FREE!!!
Friday night, we took the cone off & let him get totally back to the business of being a full time puppy. Cue all the running & playing. My goodness... he was so happy. He played with Harvey for hours & when Harvey tired out, he was so funny watching running around the yard, sitting & watching & chasing birds & just rolling in the grass. He truly was one happy little boy. 

he's in one of those weird stages where his ears are sitting funny on his head :)
I love that... these funny little growth stages

322 / MSM Girl time
Love always spending time with my girls! & especially glad that my high school leader that serves with me was able to make it. She has such a busy life herself & it seems like she couldnt hardly ever make all our other times we get together... so I loved having her with us especially because she leaves for college soon & we're going to miss her so much!!!

323 / Paid movie!
OK - how precious & adorable is this?  When our new youth pastor found out we were going to see the movie, I Can Only Imagine, he said he wanted to treat our group to it.  He was saying how he loved our group was connecting & he wanted to just let the girls know how much he & the church care about them & care about them being together watching such a good movie that has such a good meaning.... so the girls didnt know this & when we got to the theater, here comes our youth Pastor Chandler. Bless his heart! He was actually teaching in the high school class but ran over to the movie theater in between the message & the end & came in & surprised the girls by paying for all of our way.  They were so speechless at the surprise... & then thrilled they had extra money for the concession stand ;) haha... PREACH!

Our incredible new Youth Pastor

What is something good from your week?


  1. What a great group if man girls you have and so cool that the pastor supports your outtings

    I love that huge frappe! Is that in front of the starbucks?

  2. Aw, so glad that both Ernie and your dad are recovering well. Yay!
    That wrap looks so delicious.
    I loved I Can Only Imagine. Sooo beautiful. How sweet that he paid for you all. Wow, he's a handsome fella too! Shh, don't tell Jerry lol! Bet all the girls like him! Hahaha.

  3. I am so glad Ernie is all better now and your Dad is on the road to recovery. It's a great feeling when siblings can help each other out in times of need. That sunset is beautiful and they are one of my favorite things of spring and summer. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. Empty waiting rooms, I had that experience yesterday, made me happy, happy, happy. So good to hear your Dad's knee surgery went well, that is great.

  5. Those middle school girls are so blessed to have you as a leader, and what an awesome youth pastor! Have a great Thursday!

  6. I am gla that your dad's surgery went well. Your lunch looks delicious! I love seeing sweet pictures of your girls :) Sounds like you have such a great group!

  7. Now that is a really cool youth pastor!! So happy for your dad that his surgery is over and I hope he is recovering quickly and will be home soon. Love that pretty.

    I'll try to make a thank you post tonight. It will give me a chance to try out my new computer.

    Have a great day.

  8. Lots of great stuff - so nice when all kids can chip in to help parents. Nurses are the best too!

    I'm glad Ernie is back to normal.

  9. I will be interested to know how your dad's rehab is progressing. I'm facing knee replacement too (maybe before the year is out). Your ministry with the middle school girls is so amazing!

  10. You have much to be thankful for thank you for sharing. I believe I'm going to link up and share thankfulness too.

  11. So glad everything went well for your dad!! Hope he is back to normal soon!

  12. I'm glad your dads surgery went well. Whew! And Ernie! He almost looks like he's smiling! :)

  13. That's great that the surgery went well!

  14. Yay for successful surgeries, quick recoveries, good rehab, and helpful family!! Glad your dad and Ernie are both bouncing back quickly!!
    What a sweet heart your new youth pastor has!!! That was a wonderful surprise! He's a cutie, too! haha! I bet the girls like giggling about that from time to time. Haha!

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