Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's up Wednesday - April 2018

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What We're Eating This Week

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I'm trying my hand this week at some gnocchi
with some mushrooms & a lemon sauce on it.
I'm trying from my Emeals list - so we'll see how it goes.

What I'm Reminiscing About
... when I used to be in shape.
Man... it doesnt take any time to loose every bit of strength & muscle tone & health, does it?
Especially when perimenopause has chased you down & you're counting down the months to menopause.  How unfair is it sometimes to be a woman?

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What I'm Loving

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I'm really struggling lately on getting protein & this is making it easier for me.
It's delicious!!! & has a good amount of protein in it.
I'm going to use this as a little after-workout protein boost.
Ricky likes it too - so needless to say, I bought TWO bottles for the week

What We've Been Up To
Teaching Ernie how to catch a frisbee.
It's so funny because he HAS to jump before he takes off for the frisbee - which totally makes him late to getting to it. We've now tried the method of doing a fake out throw so he'll jump first & then we throw it & he's ready to run.  Ernie is such a weirdo.

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What I'm Dreading
Not really dreaded, but anxious to see how it turns out....
Started a new blanket for my nieces.
It's driving me nuts because the colors are hideous. Green & yellow.
It almost killed me buying the yarn because I know this is going to be such a strange combo for me to work with
BUT... I get most school colors arent that pretty.
Mine was purple & gold after all - not really the best either.
My brother reminded me its a NFL team's color as well.
Who thought green & yellow was a good combo?  They need to be evaluated.
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What I'm Working On
Cleaning my front room (my library)
It always becomes our "hold all" room for the holidays & since we had Christmas all the way up to February, it's still got wrapping paper & boxes & all sorts of totes in there.
I want my room cleaned up so I can use it to sit in & read - or at least have my pretty library room back!!!

What I'm Excited About
Warmer weather!!!!
I think we're actually NOT supposed to get any SNOW this week.
Maybe?  Fingers crossed!!!

What I'm Watching / Reading
Since we just added Hulu to our mix, I'm catching up on The Mindy Project.
I forgot how funny this show is

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& I'm also going to catch up on Station 19

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What I'm Listening To
The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
I'm late to this party & making up for it.

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Though I have to say, I'm disappointed in the Soundtrack that the song "This is Me" isnt the one from the movie. It's a remix sort of tape. I want the original. UGH!

What I'm Wearing
...anything that fits at this point in my life....

What I'm doing this Weekend
It's going to be a fun & busy weekend.
1. I'm SUPPOSED to be running a half marathon - so I'm either going to pout about it & go in dential or I may go down with some signs & cheer on my friends that are doing it.
2. There's also a readathon happening on Saturday!!!
3. We're having a fun Joyster date out on Sunday - not sure what we're doing yet.
4. & I have a mini photo session for Mother's Day of a brother & sister.
Gonna be a go-go-go weekend

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
The big Royal wedding!!!!
Yes, I will be up at 4am waiting & watching every minute of it!!!
I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

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  1. I certainlt hope yoy dont get snow. We went from winter to summer. Where did spring go???

    Good luck with that half marathon this weekend. I didn't realize it was so soon.

    1. Oh PS our school colors were orange and black, so it's like it was Halloween all year round...haha

  2. Nope, being a woman is certainly not fun favorite is the hot flashes...not!!!

    I went to 2 different high schools and one of them had green and gold for their colors, the other was maroon and white. I didn't mind either. Good luck on the blanket.

    I was hoping to get in on this readathon, but don't know if I'll make it. We've got a birthday party to go to and also we'll be packing for our trip next week and getting ready for that. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

    Is Hulu worth the money. We've been talking about trying it, but so far we haven't. We defintely get our money's worth out of Netflix though.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  3. Yes! I forgot to mention the Royal Wedding, soooo excited! Go Ernie Go!!

  4. I miss cold brew coffee so much!! I love the Mindy Project but stopped watching when it moved over to hulu... womp womp! xo Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Oh, girl! Say no more about cleaning out a room! You can barely walk in my woman cave! And yes, it is so hard getting back to exercising once you've stopped. It's taken me two months to reach my goals/speeds, but at least I'm there! And you will, too!

  6. I didn't know Stok makes a protein brew - I'll have to look for it. I love their chocolate cold brew - so much so that I have to stop myself from chugging the whole bottle. :) My elementary school colors were green/yellow/white but I had red/white from middle school through college.

  7. It is grossly unfair that it takes ZERO effort to gain weight and lose muscle tone and SO MUCH EFFORT to lose a dang pound. I hear you and feel you as I'm in the same situation. My motivation to change has also been low, which doesn't help. Oh Ernie. Never change. My school colors were orange and black, which isn't a terrible combination but orange really doesn't look great on anyone. :D

  8. I remember when I used to be fit as well. No joke that it fades so quickly!!! Much faster than it comes back, that is for sure. So this protein it from a grocery store or did you have to special order it. I am not getting enough protein either.

  9. I've never been fit in my life. I wonder what it would feel like? I think I MIGHT join a gym near work once life settles down a little bit. We shall see.

    I got a smart plug for Christmas & finally decided to use it to turn the fan in the bedroom on and off. It's fabulous, when I have a hot flash, to just say, "Alexa! Smart plug on!" And then turn it off later when I get cold (I always do).

  10. That's so cool that you're making gnocchi! That seems pretty intimidating.

  11. I will definitely be watching the royal wedding, too <3 I remember watching the first one when I was in college :)
    I love The Mindy Project!
    Too funny about Ernie's quirky frisbee lessons!!! Haha!

  12. I enjoyed your list! My invite got lost too. I won't be up at 4:00 a.m. to watch. Did that for Diana's and that's enough for me. It was nice seeing William and Kate and the new baby.

  13. "What I'm wearing" Anything that fits. Yep.

    Yellow and blue are my current school colors and I agree.

  14. Oh I totally want that gnocchi. I can’t wait for the royal wedding either. It’s going to be so beautiful!


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