Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits, & old bones {Thankful Thursday #216}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Bruno's new bed
Our poor little blind guy... I can't believe we are getting closer to 19 than when he turned 18.... he's only 4 months from turning 19.  AMAZING!!!! His little body is so fragile now & we got him a new bed that he LOVES.  It's so funny because when we let him walk for awhile & we lay him in his bed, he literally goes from wide awake, to sleeping in like seconds! & you can see him just relax in it.  We gotta make sure his little body has padding for those ole bones.

Survived work day
I have had the worst case of nausea lately & I thought for a sure a few days the past week, I wasn't going to make it through the day. I LOATHE being nauseated... but I survived all week long. Whew!

Spotify in car
I love that now we have unlimited service with Verizon, I'm cranking Spotify in my car all the time - which is a good thing because I feel like I'm constantly in my car - its basically my 2nd home - with work being #1 - home, comes in 3rd - how sad is that? ... but a playlist with no commercials?  Makes all the driving SO MUCH BETTER. Especially with it being the weather where you can ride with the windows down.  Let me crank up those 80's songs that make me remember what it was like being a teenager!

Sunlight to HSM
SO last time we had HSM home groups, it was dark by the time we got to our host home.  With the time change now, its all sunny & Bright when we pull in the drive way at 7pm.  I love that so much!!!

Host home
I've mentioned this before - but our host home for our HSM home groups is just the best.  They have taken such good care of us this past year ... we're going into our last 3 weeks of home group for the year.  They have just made it so lovely .... & YUMMY! There has always been such a variety of snacks & drinks & just made us all feel comfortable in their home.  We have to come up with some cute way to thank our hosts.... any ideas creative people?

Packed up success
Whew! It was a challenge - but we got our office all packed up when we left on Friday.  Felt so weird to walk away from my spot & know that's the last time I'll be sitting there.  Sad really.  I'm loosing my window spot when we come back down.... BOO!!!! ... so we'll be thankful for one thing at a time - & glad the packing up went well.

Made it home safe from ER
I thought my eyes were going to just shut & I was going to fall asleep when I was driving at 2am Friday night/ Saturday morning when my mom finally got admitted & settled in her room.  I never feel like I live further out in the country than on these sorts of late drives home. So glad I made it home safely.....

Finally got a "LOW" BP for mom
... yes, that's considered LOW for her...

& how cute is this - I walk in around 2:15am & Ricky is sitting in the kitchen putting his shoes on. He had text me & I didnt hear it (driving when you're a zombie, you dont hear DINGS) - so he was getting ready to drive down to the hospital to make sure me & my mom were OK.  Ahhhh...

Workout on Saturday
I literally have not worked out on a Saturday in months... MONTHSSSSSS... it felt good to get in a quick workout before I headed back up to the hospital. I thought it may perk me up ... which it did... for a hot minute anyways.

HSM back
We're back from Spring Break... & we're in the final stretch.  Just 6 or 7 more gatherings & then we're out for the summer.... & my girls will be SOPHOMORES.  I dont even want to think about it. When they become Seniors & its our final HSM together & they leave for college - I'm going to need some perking up.

Joining in group
We have one girl that has always come to our group, but sort of stayed to herself & never really been involved with all the things we do, chat about, text about, meet up for... & she has been talking more & more... & then I get a text from her. She got my number from one of the staff members & she text me saying she really wants to get more involved & she really appreciates our group & wants to really be all in with it. Y'all - I got choked up reading her text. So excited for her.... & excited for our group to just love on her & have another incredible young lady to do life with one another.

Honestly, I always say that God created special people to be nurses.   & every time we're in a hospital, I'll say it over & over again. We met some of the nicest nurses while mom was in the hospital.  Ones that took such good care of her & made sure she was comfortable.  It's such a tough job - all these 12 hour shifts. One nurse even works in a pediatric office during the day & works in the ER at night. I can't even imagine.  God bless all the nurses!

What are you Thankful for this past week?

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