Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

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What We're Eating This Week
I've been craving cheese pizza this week
... dont ask me why...
Cravings have no reason or purpose, right?

What I'm Reminiscing About
It's one year ago this week that my first emergency surgery happened.
I can't believe it's been a year & I'm STILL in pain.
So aggravating & frustrating... but I can still remember every bit of this like yesterday. Maybe because the pain is a great reminder.
... & I remember my daddy being there with me at the hospital too in the ER & after my surgery... but wasn't there 5 weeks later at my 2nd emergency surgery.
All that just shows - live for today - ENJOY today - you never know what tomorrow holds.

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My dad took this picture & was so excited to share it because I always am the one taking pics of him after his surgeries ... man, little did we know that we only had 2 more weeks with him :( 

What I'm Loving
I just got some of these silicone face scrubbers from the Dollar Store.. OH MY GOSH - they are fantastic!!! I love the way they clean my skin. When I rinse off the soap after lathering up, my skin feels so smooth & clean.
I gotta get more of these.

What We've Been Up To
So April was about doing a lot with our Emmaus community - which is a Christian group of people that have been on a specific retreat ... but I had 2 of my Framily that went on their 'walks' & it was exciting to see God work in cool ways through that.
... Also, we had mom's hospital stay...
.. & April is back to HSM Home Groups on Wednesdays
... & the beginning of allergy season kicking in full force
& of course, EASTER

What I'm Dreading
We're just days away from the one year anniversary of my daddy's passing.
It's been making the memories flood back... not like they ever are too far away...
But just dreading the day... but also a little thankful to get it behind it.
Like reaching that "one year mark" really changes anything....
or makes it any easier...
but it does feel like an accomplishment of some sort

What I'm Working On
Cleaning out my closet.
Transitioning from winter to Spring/summer clothes... its gonna be a chore.
Where's Marie Kondo when you need her?

What I'm Excited About
Finally!!! After 5 years... FIVE YEARS!!!... Steven Curtis Chapman is in concert in Louisville.
Ironically, on the 1 year anniversary of my daddy's passing... I truly believe my dad planned that to make the day easier for me....
But I got tickets literally the MINUTE tickets went on sale - so yep, once again, Mr. Chapman will be seeing my face right there in the front singing right along with him.

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What I'm Watching / Reading
I just binged through The Imposters 2nd season - loved it just as much as the first season!!!

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Also just finished Sabrina on Netflix... not sure how I feel about it - its SUPER dark & I'm not sure I care for it... glad that it didnt end the season on a total dark note - but UGH..

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& just started Lucifer. My dad loved that show so much & I've been enjoying the first season.. almost through

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Also started Legacies ... being a huge Vampire Diaries & The Originals fan, I'm glad this came to Netflix. I could never remember when it was on till more than half way through the season.

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What I'm Listening To
Not for the easily offended - that's for sure... As most comedians are.
So inappropriate most of the times
... but man, Sometimes I catch myself laughing way too hard.
Amy stopping to puke mid-podcast due to her pregnancy is also a fun little bonus... UGH
I just love comedians though.  People that can laugh at life in its hardest times & find humor in the worst of situations?  I love those kind of people.

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What I'm Wearing
Some April looks this month
... I'm proud of myself for even remembering to take pics...

What I'm doing this Weekend
I dont think I have plans - but that usually turns around by Thursday or Friday.
I know its a big race day around here - & Nashville (GO JULIE GO!!!) & would actually like to run down & cheer on the runners.

& of course, Sunday is our HSM group - always love Sunday

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I'm taking 2 days off in May - the anniversary of my daddy's passing & the day after - just to take some ME time... & actually go back to the doctor about my pain (BOO) but I'm just looking forward to a day off work. I havent had a day off since I came back from my surgery in December.

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