Thursday, April 04, 2019

Thankful Thursday #215

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This week I am Thankful For:

Soy sauce run
I was so upset when I went to make Chinese & everything was ready & just needed some soy sauce sprinkled on to give some flavor .... & found out I was out. DANG IT!  We could have survived without it.  But Ricky knew I was upset that I had gone through all the hassle to make this dinner & he ended up going down to the dollar store to see if they had any soy sauce... which indeed they did.  Dinner was delicious by the way.

Dollar Store
I know a lot of people get so upset about all the Dollar Stores going up in areas - but man, let me tell you - our little Dollar Store has been a life saver, as mentioned above.  If we need anything, we used to have to drive down to the closest store - which was about 15 minutes away one way.  So it was a minimum of 30 minutes for a trip... not convenient when you need something fast.  That Dollar Store that is 3 miles away - its been a the best thing that happened to our little town.  People around here call it the "Greenville Walmart" haha- that's how BIG we see our little store :)

Minnesota Friends
I 'met" Kelley way back in the beginning of blogging.  I've been blogging now for 12 years (WHAAATTTT????) & she was a great blogger & so personal & FUNNY... & now, she's a published author!!! HOLLA!!!  But I love we have stayed connected through the years even though she doesnt blog any more. Side note - I need all my old blogging friends to come back & pick it up again.  All things old come around again, right?  I NEED my old blogging friends.... thankful for Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date with life though....
OK - back to this post...
I came home & found a package on the front porch & saw her last name on the package & just smiled.  She totally surprised me with my Minnesota mug!!!!  Didnt have.... & had the sweetest hand written note in there letting me know that she was sending me this roll on oil to help me with my sleeping.  Between the steroids they had given me with the infusions... & just perimenopause wrecking havoc on the hormones, I'll try anything ... & am just grateful that she thought of me in this area.  So if you need me, I'm going to be rolling my whole body with this lavender oil every night :)

Double Star days
... especially when its on Wednesday when I typically make 2 ... maybe 3... trips to Starbucks.  I racked up the stars & my 5th reward on my card. Gotta use those babies!!!

Reading outside with Bruno
I can't tell you how happy my soul is to sit outside & read now there's more light & to see Bruno enjoying the warmer evenings too.

Old Navy Shorts
I have no shorts any more. I'm dreading summer weather with the skin bearing clothes ... & basically because none of mine fit any longer. #gottadosomethingaboutthis .... but I ordered some bermudas from Old Navy last week & am LOVING them! I've got to keep my eye out for a sale to snag up some more.

Got these gray ones & black ones... gotta go back & get another pair of the gray - LOVE THEM!

Started cleaning out library
I'ts a job that's going to take quite a while. My library has recently become our "hold all thing" room which has turned into a disaster area.  Well, I have a new project I want to work on in this room & want to take back control of it - so the mission has begun to get it cleaned out! YAHOO!!!

Cleaning out my library, I have found some things that got tucked in a pile... & I came across a set of pens that was in a basket from my HSM girls when I had one of my surgeries #ugh .... It was like finding a winning lottery ticket.  I opened these babies up & set in my bible study area so I can always use them & think of those precious girls.  & look how cute the pens are... AND they write like a dream!!!! So glad I found them & they didnt dry up.

Cuba Team
Our HSM group sent a team to Cuba during Spring Break & they got back safe & sound on Saturday.  So thankful for this team & their hearts to serve & bless others around the world spreading the name of Jesus!!

Awesome HSM girls
When they announced they were having this mission trip, they stressed how limited the space would be & I think it was only 6 students got to to - 3 boys, 3 girls.... & do you know that 2 of the girls were in my HMS group? We had been praying for them on their application filling out days & prayed about the acceptance of going & praying about raising funds & praying about passports being delayed with government shut downs... its been a prayful event for us all... & I was so beyond excited these 2 girls got to go & love on others in the name of Jesus.  I had to be there to welcome them back home.  God is going to use these girls for some MIGHTY things in their lives!!!

I love this moment when the girls saw us there

What are you Thankful for this week?

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